Boy Wonder Deflowered


By Flamingo Boy (







It was Friday afternoon and it was turning out to be the perfect start of a great weekend as Robin would have Wayne Manor all to himself.


Batman, in his guise of Bruce Wayne, had to leave Gotham City to attend a big business merger with a Japanese corporation. Such a merger would triple the value of Wayne Enterprise stocks and give every employee a well-deserved fat bonus. Normally, Bruce would leave such things to his Chief Executive Officer, Lucius Fox, but the impact of the deal, along Japanese protocol and tradition, dictated that the playboy billionaire be present for the initial signing of the contracts.


Aunt Harriet was taking a much-deserved weekend vacation to Myrtle Beach with her assortment of boring, but nice, old bitty friends she knew from high school. Alfred was in Albany taking part in a weekend bridge tournament with his old friend, Caruthers, who was also a gentleman’s gentlemen.


Dick Grayson planned to put all his crime-fighting to the side and just chill out all weekend… stay up late… watch all those “adult” shows on HBO and Showtime that Aunt Harriet and Bruce forbad him to watch. He was going to eat any junk food that he could get his hands on.


He was going to blow off all studying. Although he had a straight ‘A’ average and was already weeks ahead in his assignments, Bruce always made him hit the books… but this weekend he wasn’t even going to so much as glance at a Periodic Table of the Elements. He had no intention of going down to the Batcave or answering the red phone. Crime was extremely light over Gotham City for the last two months and it was very unlikely that the over-paid and useless Commissioner Gordon, and his equally inept ass-kissing lackey-toad, Chief O’Hara would be calling and whining over the slightest bit of trouble. The taxpayers were paying their salaries so it wouldn’t hurt those two boobs to earn their money for a change and let the traditional police force handle any problems.


The only glitch that could screw up Dick’s “weekend of slacking,” was that Catwoman was still at large. Fortunately, she was lying low for the last week and, with luck, she wouldn’t stir up trouble again until Batman was back on duty. Even if she did stick out her whiskers… so what? There was no urgency to bring her in right away. Unlike the psychotic Joker, Penguin, and Two-Face, she was pretty much a non-violent criminal and was only interesting in stealing rather than murder, terrorism, or random acts of destruction.


She also limited her thefts to the rich and greedy… the kind that had insurance on the stolen valuables and received a settlement that was almost always greater than the item in question... and both sides profited. She never victimized folks of upper-middle class income or below.


Batman also stressed to Robin not to pursue Catwoman by himself. Robin was told not to have anything to do with Catwoman until Batman returned. Robin was more than glad to comply with that request. The reason Robin obeyed the request wasn’t because he wanted to slack off for the weekend, but also that he had a close call with the feline-fatale on their last encounter.



Dick would have been content to keep his Robin costume in storage for the entire weekend but he had one civic commitment to make as the Boy Wonder on Friday afternoon and then the remainder of the weekend was all his.



The commitment was to speak at a sexual abstinence rally at Gotham Central Senior High School. This was his third appearance as Robin in the last month. He had spoken to teens in the past concerning driver safety and anti-drugs.



It had started a month ago when a Sunny Cloverfield, a senior, honor-roll student, captain of the majorette squad, and class president had contacted Bruce Wayne in hopes that he could contact his friend, Batman, to speak to her fellow students about saying ‘no’ to drugs. Batman contacted Miss Cloverfield and gave his sincerest regret that he could not attend as he had to go to Metropolis to help Superman because the Joker was causing some trouble over there. Not wanting to disappoint the conscientious young lady, he “volunteered” to have Robin go in his place rather than reschedule his own appearance.


At first, Robin was totally pissed that Batman had assigned him this duty without his previous consent, and the Boy Wonder thought it was more important to accompany Batman to Metropolis to help capture the Joker. Batman explained that their “civic” duties as “duly deputized officers of the law” were just as important as catching criminals. He also believed that teens would be more prone to listen to and appreciate the opinions from a fellow teen rather than an adult.



“Holy monotony, Batman,” Robin remembered saying. “It’s going to be a drag. I should help catch the Joker.”


“Now, now, old chum,” Batman chastised him in his well-meaning, but patronizing demeanor. “You need to get out more and socialize with people your own age. Remember, all crime-fighting, and no fun makes Robin a very dull boy.”


“You’re right, Batman,” Robin pretended to agree. He knew he could never win an argument with Dudley Do-right and today would be no exception. It was easier to keep the old dope happy and not waste any more time or precious oxygen having a debate with the narrow-mined, out-of-touch-with-reality, buffoon.


“That’s the spirit, Robin,” Batman gave his sidekick that ever-annoying slap on the shoulder. “It’ll be a hoot.”


“A hoot,” Robin thought. “Is he kidding? Holy out-of-style slang, Batman.”


But the cowled moron wouldn’t quit there. He had to add in one more useless and insulting remark. “Who knows, old chum. There might be some pretty girls there… but I’m sure you’ll appreciate that in a few more years.”



The more Robin thought about the past conversation as he got ready for his personal appearance, the more he got annoyed.


“Holy confounded arrogance, Batman. Now don’t get me wrong. You are the bravest, noble, caring, ingenious man and crime-fighter I’ve ever known and it’s been an honor to be your junior partner…but sometimes, Batman. You can be such a condescending prick.”


“I can’t believe you said that I would appreciate girls in a few more years. Get with the program, Batman. I’m sixteen now, not twelve. I’ve been interested in girls for the last three years. Okay… that one time when I caught Bruce Wayne giving a lip-lock to one of his multitude of debutant bimbos and I said, ‘Yuck, gross!’ … but for crying out loud… I was ten years old at the time! I’m not that same young boy you started out with. I’ve grown up a little bit since then.”


“Okay… I’m totally cool and practice your preaching about sexual abstinence… and that I shouldn’t have sex with a woman until after I’m married. I totally agree… after all, it’s my purity that gives me my strength to overcome evil despite the fact that I have no super-powers… but come on… I do like girls! I may not touch… but there’s certainly no harm in looking….”


Then Robin remembered the way that Catwoman looked at him during their last encounter… the lust, longing, and desire. She had him in her clutches… totally helpless… she said that she was going to deflower him and the Boy Wonder would be no more. It was through the skin of his teeth that he escaped his fate and kept his virtue. It was his own carelessness and arrogance that got him bound, gagged, helpless and at Catwoman’s total mercy. The thought of it scared Robin to no end and when he escaped, he swore that he would never let his arrogance get him into a similar situation.


That was why he always abided Batman’s stern advice after that, to take the proper safety measures and precautions. He always made sure to tell the Caped Crusader or Alfred where he was… always reporting in from time to time on his secured-line Bat-cell phone… making sure the two knew where he last was if he failed to report in.



Robin shook off that horrible memory and got to the business at hand.


When Batman first “suckered” Robin into the initial public speaking engagement, he thought that it would totally suck, but it turned out that every dark cloud had a silver lining… a lining named Sunny Cloverdale.


He thought the other teens would ignore or razz him while he spoke, but it turned out that he easily won over his audience and they cheered him on. It was Sunny that was responsible for that. She managed to pump up the crowd to support him and the cause he spoke of.


Robin smiled as he thought about her lovely blonde hair that she always wore in a pony-tail… her deep blue eyes that were the color of the ocean. She wasn’t like all the other girls. She was funny, charming, pretty, intelligent, and so darn perky and innocent. He really enjoyed talking to her after the rallies and they had become good friends in a very short time. As a matter of fact, the talks after the rally were the highlight of the event and pretty much the only reason why he tolerated the public appearances.


Robin really liked Sunny and he had a gut-feeling that she felt the same way about him.


She was simple and fun… the girl next door… and not like all the other girls that would hang and swoon all over him. He felt no pressure from Sunny. All she seemed to want from Robin was his respect and friendship… which Robin gladly reciprocated.



Dick had found a way to change into his Robin attire without having to step foot in the Batcave to retrieve one of his uniforms and without having to lug around a duffle bag.


Wearing only his “civilian” attire, young Dick Grayson called for a cab to pick him up at Wayne Manor and then drop him off a few blocks away from the school.


Making sure that he wasn’t followed, he made his way to a “safehouse” which was one of many of a series of empty apartment buildings strategically placed throughout Gotham City. He entered the secured building and headed toward the basement which contained spare Batman and Robin uniforms.


Dick undressed, hung up his clothes, and then put on his Robin costume. When he was finished with his business as Robin, he would simply return, change back to Dick Grayson and then call for another cab to take him home.



Making sure that no one saw him walk out of the building, Robin took a casual walk to the high school.


It was warm and sunny. The sky was blue and there hardly was a cloud in the sky.


It was a great day and the start of a great weekend.



Little did the Boy Wonder know that fate was going to throw him a major-league curve ball.






Robin never imagined that he would get an overwhelming response from the students. They actually gave him a standing ovation that lasted for over five minutes. He had never heard so many loud cheers in his life.


After the rally, Robin happily signed autographs and took photos with his adorning public.


When the crowd was starting to die down, he was able to slip away to talk to Sunny.



“Thanks for coming out again, Robin,” Sunny gave her million-dollar smile. “You don’t know how much his means to my fellow students.”


“Holy Woodstock, Sunny,” said Robin as he tried not to look conspicuous as he checked her out in her majorette uniform. “I can’t believe the large turnout.”


“What can I say, Robin? You are a very charismatic speaker.”


“Thanks,” Robin shuffled his feet. “Say… would you like to go to the Study Hall again? I mean… to talk like we did last time? That discussion that we had about the Fall of the Roman Empire was very interesting and in-depth. I’d very much like to continue where left off.”


“I’d like that too, Robin… but…” Sunny bit her lip. “Oh, beans… I’m really sorry… but my Mom told me to go straight home after the rally and not dawdle.”


“Oh, I see,” Robin lowered his head in disappointment.


“No, Robin,” Sunny insisted. “I’m not trying to blow you off… honest injin. I really like talking about history and math and other stuff with you… really! I swear on my father’s grave that my Mom really wants me to come straight home today.”


“You don’t have to swear on your father,” Robin insisted. “I totally believe you. Hey… Holy brain dead, Sunny… I didn’t know your father was dead. I’m so sorry to hear that. It wasn’t something long and lingering... like cancer?”


“No… just dropped dead in his office two years ago. It was a freak thing… genetic heart defeat. His aorta suddenly separated from his heart. It’s one of those things that can’t be detected in a routine medical examine unless you specifically look for it… kind of like that same thing that actor John Ritter had.”


“What a shame,” Robin said with genuine sincerity.


“Thank you, Robin. Thanks very kind and decent of you to say…. which is part of the reason that I have to go home instead of sticking around to talk to you like before. You see… ever since my dad died, my Mom has these occasional fits of over-protectiveness. I guess that’s her way of dealing with her grief when she thinks too much about my dad and starts to miss him. Fortunately, she gets over it and she comes back to normal… so these little episodes are only periodic… and I’m afraid that today falls under that period. It’s just best to play along and do what she wants. If I don’t… well… my sisters disobeyed her once and she took them out of public school and sent them to that horrible private school….”


“No need to explain,” Robin interrupted. “I totally understand. It’s refreshing to see a parent take so much trouble in their child’s welfare.’


“Thanks for being a trooper, Robin.” Then Sunny suddenly grabbed Robin’s arm. “Now don’t get me wrong… in all other respects… she really is a great mom and I just love her to pieces….”


“Of course, of course,” Robin took the disappointing news in stride. “Say, no more. Another time, perhaps?”


“Yes, of course,” Sunny was glad that Robin was taking it so well and he believed that she wasn’t trying to intentionally blow him off. “Absolutely. I look forward to it.”


“Well then, Ms. Cloverfield, until next time….” Robin took her hand, kissed it, and then bowed. “Fare thee well, kind young lady. Adieu! Adieu! Parting is such sweet sorrow.”


Sunny couldn’t bear the disappointed, lost puppy dog look in Robin’s eyes as he turned around and walked away. She looked at her hand where Robin kissed it and could still felt it tingle.


OOOOhhhhh, dear,” she groaned in equal disappointment. “Rats!” Then she kicked herself in the ass for not thinking of it before. “No… Robin… please… wait.”


Yesssss?” Robin spun around concealing his smirk.


“Holy Brain-fart, Robin,” Sunny laughed. “Like… duh! I am so stupid. How about walking me home, instead? We can talk then. My mom wouldn’t be upset about that…. I mean… this is… if you want to walk me home. It’s not far, I swear. It wouldn’t be too much trouble for you… would it?”


“No trouble at all, Sunny,” Robin smiled. “It would be on honor and a privilege. I was hoping you would ask me. I would have offered myself… but I was afraid that I might appear too pushy and forward.”


“I would never think that. Are you sure it’s okay? I hope this won’t keep you from any other important business that you might have.”


“Actually, as was planning on taking the weekend off after the rally… so my schedule is clear.”


“So you’re taking a vacation?”


“I’m all yours, Miss Sunny.”


“You better believe it, Boy Wonder… I mean… Oh, Marvie.”


“Can I carry your books?” Robin was too captivated with Sunny’s smile to have heard the first part of her last remark.


“Why… thank you, kind sa” Sunny answered in a mock Southern belle accent as she handed Robin her books.



It didn’t take long for the discussion of Roman History to take an odd turn.


“Robin, do you think I’m a geek because I study so much?”


“Absolutely, not. Knowledge is power, Sunny. It’s knowledge that will get ahead in life… not your pretty face.”


Yesssss! He thinks I’m pretty. “Do you think that I’m a geek because of the… other thing?”


“What other thing?”


“You know,” Sunny seemed to get a little awkward. She couldn’t believe that Robin was going to make her spell it out. “The rally we had today… about sexual abstinence. It wasn’t just a show for me. I really believe in it. I don’t plan to have sex until after I’m married.”


“Nothing wrong with that,” Robin answered without batting and eye. “That’s very honorable and commendable.”


“Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not a nun, either… and I’m not one of those fanatics that believes that sex is only for procreation. I plan to have a lot of sexual fun with my husband. I know I’m rattling off, but I just wanted to tell someone how I really felt above sex… someone who wouldn’t laugh at me. I feel like I can tell you anything, Robin.”


“I certainly wouldn’t laugh at you, Sunny. I totally agree. I’m not going to have sex until after I’m married, too. I not a monk, myself. I don’t plan on being Robin forever. Some day when I retire from crime fighting, I hope to find a nice girl. And speaking of taking a risk to be laughed at… I got you beat.”




Since Sunny stuck her neck out for him, Robin felt that he could do the same as he totally trusted Sunny. “There’s another reason why I remain chaste. Have you ever heard of Sir Galahad?”


“Oh, yes. I just love Arthurian Legends.”


“I believe that I am another incarnation of that knight. Batman is Sir Lancelot… and I’m Galahad. Only by remaining pure and true can I ever hope to prevail over evil. If I ever lose my virginity before marriage, then Robin is finished… kaput.”


“Kind of like cutting off Samson’s hair?”


“Something like that.”


“If I recall, Robin, dear,” Sunny gave him a teasing smile. “The last girl Samson told his secret to… it ended up in disaster.”


“I trust you, Sunny,” Robin answered without a doubt.


“You don’t have to worry. I swear on my father’s grave that I’ll never reveal your secrets.” Seeing that Robin was feeling awkward, she changed the subject. “What about kissing?”


“Huh? What about it?”


“I don’t have sex with boys but I still like to kiss them. I think kissing is very under-rated. It’s okay to kiss, isn’t it? I wouldn’t be considered a ‘loose girl’ for only kissing, would I? It’s okay to kiss… provided that everyone kept their clothes on and no touching below the shoulders… right?”


Robin rubbed his chin. “I don’t see any harm in that.”


“Do you like to kiss, Robin?”


“I don’t know. I’m afraid that I don’t have a lot of experience in that department either?”


“Really?” Sunny found that hard to believe. “I thought a nice boy like you would have had a lot of girlfriends by now.”


“No girlfriends,” Robin answered proudly. “Law, Order, and Justice are my mistresses… pardon the expression.”


“Oh, yeah,” Sunny dropped her head. “You wouldn’t have time to date with all your crime-fighting duties. That was a stupid thing to say. I’m sorry for being so forward.”


“I’m not offended. It’s just honest curiosity on your part.”


“Maybe you’re smart for not kissing girls. I almost got into trouble the last time I kissed.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well… a few weeks ago, a boy on the football team asked me out for a soda. He was very cute… and I thought he was nice. We took a walk in the park. It was such a romantic night, that I kissed him. We kissed for a few minutes… and then he started to reach under my sweater. He actually tried to fondle my breast! When I told him that I wasn’t that type of girl, he slapped me and I fell to the floor.”


“That fiend!” Robin shouted. “Hitting a girl! What a low life! What did you do?”


“When he tried to get on top of me, I kicked me in the balls and ran home as fast as I could. I learned that maneuver from your self-defense seminar.”


“You did the right thing, Sunny. You saw your opening, attacked, and got away. I always stress violence as a last resort, but that creep deserved it. I’m very proud that you were able to keep a cool head under such a stressful situation.”


“Cool head… my eye. I was scared out of my frickin’ mind. I never felt so vulnerable… and stupid. I wish I was smart like you… and who never allows himself to get into a situation like that.”


“You give me too much credit,” Robin needed to get something off his chest. “I had a very close call with a most dangerous villain only a month ago… coincidentally, it was on the day I gave my first seminar at your school and met you.”


“Which villain? Joker? Penguin? Mr. Freeze?”




“You’re pulling my leg, Robin. Isn’t she just a burglar? She doesn’t hurt people.”


“Normally, like a cat, she prefers to flee rather than fight… but if you force her hand, she will claw and bite you. I ought to know, she’s kicked my ass on more than one occasion.”


Catwoman. But she’s just a girl. So much for women being the weaker sex.”


“Women are not weak, Sunny. The only advantage that men have over women is greater upper body strength… but Catwoman uses speed and cunning to subdue her victims. That’s how she got the drop on me… and I was lucky to get away.”


Sunny was impressed by Robin’s honesty. “You are really one of a kind. All the boys I know would be too macho and arrogant to ever admit to being a virgin or that they were beaten by a woman.”


“What’s the sense in lying? I am a virgin and if I didn’t get away from Catwoman, Robin would be dead.”


Catwoman is not a murderer.”


“I was speaking figuratively….” The words were hard for Robin to utter. “It was the darkest day in my career….”


“Oh no, Robin… you don’t have to tell me about it….”


“No… I want to. I need to tell someone about it.”






Like I said, it was the day we first met and we had just parted from Study Hall after our discussion of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.


I was on my way home and making my way across the campus, when I spotted a familiar face in the crowd. It was Selina Kyle… Catwoman.


Catwoman was on our campus disguised as a civilian? For what purpose, Robin?


I have no clue… but at that time… I knew it was her. I pretended that I didn’t see through her disguise and I continued to walk and then ducked behind a corner. Then I tailed her from a safe distance.


I didn’t call Batman right away for backup because… well… in case I made a mistake… and if it wasn’t Catwoman… I would look like a total ass. I wanted to make absolutely sure it was her… and if I called, I would have been distracted those few precious seconds and might have lost sight of her. I needed to see where she was going first.


I followed her to an old abandon building and she went inside… obviously a new hideout of hers.


I should have called Batman right then and there for back-up… but I didn’t. I got too cocky and full of myself. I wanted to prove to my mentor that I could capture Catwoman by myself. After all… she’s only a girl.


I found out the hard way that she was more than ‘only a girl.’



I thought I played it so clever and safe by climbing up the side of the building and coming in through the roof instead of coming in the the front door.


I looked through the skylight and saw her examining some stolen jewels on a table… and with her back turned to me. It was so easy. All I had to do was fall through the glass and catch the feline crook totally by surprise.


Just before I was going to make my move, I felt something wrap around my ankles and pull them together… a bolo whip. A tug later and I was slammed face-first onto the floor. While I was stunned someone grabbed by arms, forced them behind my back and secured them in place with handcuffs.


“Hello, Boy Blunder,” I heard Catwoman say. “So nice of you to drop in to see me.”


Catwoman? But you said you saw her inside the building. How did she get to the roof so fast?


Well, Sunny, the “Catwoman” that I thought I saw was a decoy… one of her “kittens” in disguise. It was enough of a distraction for the real Catwoman to double-back and totally blind-side me. Somehow, she knew that I followed her. I couldn’t believe it. I was so careful when I tailed here. Holy overconfidence, Sunny!


“You’ve interfered in my business for the last time, Robin,” Catwoman said as I feebly struggled in my bonds. “I’m going to deal with you, once and for all.”


“Who wouldn’t dare kill me in cold blood,” I hoped that I sounded brave but I was scared out of my mind.


“I’m no murderer,” she protested. “I have another way to put you on ice… and a very fun way as well.”


“What are you going to do to me?”


Then she gave me that look… the same look she always gives Batman. The same look Batgirl would give to Batman when he wasn’t looking… and the same look Batgirl started giving me about a year ago. I didn’t know what that look meant at those times… but I was about to find out. Holy rude awakening, Sunny!


“I know your secret, bird boy,” she smiled at me like the cat that swallowed the canary. “I can perform a ritual which will make you ineffective as a crime-fighter, and overall general pain in the ass do-gooder.”


“What ritual?” I asked. “You’re not making sense. How can you stop me from crime-fighting without killing me?”


“I plan to deflower you,” she had a look of hunger in her eyes.


“What do you mean?” I had no clue what she was talking about. Up until then, I really didn’t know what the term ‘deflower’ meant and when she spoke again my heart sunk when I found out.


“I’m going to rape you, Boy Wonder!”


“Holy insanity, Catwoman!” I protested. “That’s the craziest idea you’ve ever come up with. You’re never going to get away with… mmmmmpppph!”


Before I could finish my sentence she put a ball-gag over my mouth.


She threw me over her shoulder and proceeded to carry me inside.


“You poor thing. All bound and helpless as she carried you into her lair. You must have been terrified.”


I sure was terrified… but not of what Catwoman was planning to do to me… but rather of my own thoughts.


“What do you mean, Robin?”


There was something about her bondage… the helplessness… I had a weird feeling in my loins… a feeling that I never felt before. To my shame… I was starting to get… excited… and that’s what scared me most because I didn’t know why. Then there was Catwoman’s taunting as she carried me deeper and deeper into her dark and twisted abode.


“I can feel your bulge, Robin,” she said. “You are the most well-endowed male that I have ever met. I’ve noticed that ever since you hit puberty two years ago. Batman has a good sized tool… but you put him to shame. The irony of it all… when I first met you when you were twelve, I thought you were nothing more than a pesky little twerp. Then you matured. I always admired your package every time I saw them protrude through that cute little green tunic of yours.”


“For years I tried to get Batman in my bed, but he was much too cunning and clever and always managed to escape my little sex traps. Then it finally dawned on me that I was setting my sights too high. If I can’t get the bat, then maybe I should acquire the easier target of his junior partner instead? I waited over two years for this, Robin. I wanted to do this sooner but I needed to find you without the Caped Crusader by your side… and I had to wait until you turned sixteen last month… the legal age of consent in this state. I may be kinky and sexually twisted and sexually demented… but I’m not a pedophile. Happy belated birthday, bird boy!”


When we reached her bedroom, she threw me on her bed. A wave of panic started to hit me and I started to struggle.


“Calm down, Robin,” Catwoman used her arms to pin my shoulders down. “I’m not going to hurt you. Stop struggling, damn it! You’re going to enjoy this… really! Do you know how many horny teenage boys would gladly change places with you in a heart beat? I’m going to take your gag off now. You can scream all you want. Nobody is going to hear you anyway.”


The second that she took my gag off and before I could object further to my situation, she starts kissing me… first with just her lips… and then she starts putting her tongue in my mouth. I got really afraid… because I was starting to like it.


Suddenly she stops and stands up. She takes off that belt of hers that she wears loosely on her hips and lets it drop to the floor. She starts to unzip the front part of her costume… just enough that I get a good view of her cleavage. That’s when the bulge in my pants got even bigger… and Catwoman was thrilled that I was on the verge of splitting my tunic open.


“I have a nice rack… don’t I?” she teased me. “I see that you like it. How about taking a closer look?”


The next thing I know, she grabs a firm hold of my hair in the back of my head and forces it in into her breast. She starts to make these soft moaning sounds… and I was starting to get dizzy. I was falling prey to her little seduction. I knew that I didn’t have a chance. I wanted her, Sunny. God help me.


Fortunately, by a quirk of fate, I had a timely interruption.



“Fluffy!” Catwoman gave an annoying hiss as one of her “kittens” walked in on us. “I told you that I didn’t want to be disturbed.”


“I-I’m so sorry, Catwoman,” the young girl… about your age, Sunny… nervously answered. “It’s very important. You just got an email and I think you better respond to it… ASAP!”


“It had better be!” Catwoman roughly threw me back on her bed and reluctantly followed Fluffy out of the room. “It had better be really important. If this turns out to be bullshit, I’m going to hang you from the rafters upside down and whip you with my cat-o-nine-tails.”


“Really?” the girl actually sounded delighted by the threat.


What the heck was with that?


“I mean…” she continued. “Yes… it is important.” Then she said something to Catwoman in a low voice that I couldn’t make out. Obviously, it was something that she couldn’t tell her mistress in front of me.


“I see….” Catwoman said in a serious concerned tone. “You are right. That was important. Good call, Fluffy. Email them back right now… and tell them that it’s a deal. Oh… wait… before you go… can I borrow that special knife of yourself?”


“Of course, Catwoman,” Fluffy said. “You’re not going to kill that scrumptious Robin are you?”


“No. I just need something to cut his clothes off.”


“How delicious. I think I have it in my purse. Any chance you can save a piece of him for me when you’re done?”


“Yeah… sure, Fluff. Just give me the damn knife.”


“Okay… damn… I could have sworn it was in my purse somewhere….”


“Come on! Hurry up!”


“Stop yelling at me, please,” I could hear Fluffy frantically rummaging through her purse. “I’m looking! I’m looking!”



That was all I needed to snap me out of her spell. As much as I wanted to succumb to my desire, I didn’t want to be humiliated… have my clothes cut from my body and she’d probably leave me in some place butt-naked for all of Gotham’s citizens to see me.


I didn’t want this… not like that! I want my first time to be romantic… soft lights… candles… music.


“It looked so hopeless for you, Robin. How on Earth to you ever escape?”


Well… I guess the Big Crime Fighter in the Sky was looking out for me that day. It seemed that in her rush to bind me helpless as well as being too distracted by her sexual desires… she overlooked the situation and made two mistakes. If she hadn’t made these mistakes, my goose would have been cooked for sure.


Her first mistake was using handcuffs instead of rope.


“I thought you said that handcuffs were harder to escape from than rope?”


Normally, rope is easier… but not in Catwoman’s case. Being trained as an escape artist by Batman, I know a few tricks where I can loosen the ropes and get to the knots to wriggle my hands free… but that doesn’t apply to Catwoman. Not only is she a master thief but a master of bondage as well… or is it mistress of bondage? Anyway… she really knows how to tie people up in those nice inescapable knots when using rope... and not even I can get free. The few times she’s tied me up in the past I have never be able to escape on my own… always through outside help… like someone else untying me or cutting me loose. Even if I could get to a sharp object, the ropes are so well-tied that I would end up cutting my wrists open long before I ever reached the ropes. Even Batman has trouble when Catwoman get him in ropes. He has to actually dislocate finger joints to slip through… and then pop them back.


“Ingenious… but gross.”


You got that right, Sunny. Unfortunately, I haven’t mastered that skill yet. I haven’t got the nerve to dislocate my own thumb on purpose just yet.”


“Okay… a good job with ropes and your totally screwed… right?”


That’s what I said.


“Then how are handcuffs different?”


Because handcuffs can be picked.


“Picked? With what? I’m sure that Catwoman wouldn’t leave anything like that lying around within your reach.”


Elementary, my dear, Sunny. That’s where her second mistake came in… a very common mistake that most other villains make when they get the drop on me and Batman… they forget to take off our utility belts. Funny… Catwoman never made that mistake before but she did that night… but like I said… the thought of seducing me must have greatly overcome her to the point where she got too excited and failed to pay attention to detail. I was so lucky… if she used rope, I would have still been screwed even with my belt.


I was able to reach in my belt and get to my bat-handcuff lock pick… just in the knick of time, too.



“Here it is,” I heard Fluffy say. “It fell between the lining.”


I was able to untie my feet. I still had a small dilemma…. I didn’t want to try to rush past Catwoman and Fluffy and make a break for it.”


“Why not?”


Call it old-fashioned, chauvinistic, and impractical… but that would mean that I would have to engage them… and I might have had to hit them. I don’t believe in hitting girls… and I make it a rule never to strike a woman… even a conniving witch like Catwoman. In all my career, I never did that and I didn’t want to start then. Also, to be honest with you, I didn’t want to risk getting re-captured, and then getting bound good and proper.


“I think it’s very sweet and honorable, Robin. That’s why Catwoman can beat you in a fight… because you won’t hit her back. How very noble. You would never really hit a girl under any circumstance?”


Never… even under the duress of my own certain death. I just can’t get myself to do it.


“Then how did you escape?”


Luckily, there was an open window. It was large enough for me to get through… but just barely. I was able to shoot out my grappling hook and swing away to freedom just as Catwoman ran into the room. Her hand just bushed against the back of my ankle as I swung away.


I still remember her words as I got away. It still brings shivers down my back.


“Damn you, Robin. You won’t get away again the next time you cross me. Son-of-a-bitch! I can’t believe I blew that! I’m so damn horny! Fluffy… tell Tony the Tiger to report to my chambers… on the double!”






“Holy buckets, Robin!” Sunny exclaimed. “What a narrow escape. You must have been really scared. I could never be so quick thinking if I were in the same situation. Thank you for being so honest and candid about your ordeal.”


“Why should I lie? I was scared, Sunny. Funny… I never spoke of the incident until now… not even to Batman. I feel like I can tell you anything.”


“She’s still at large. Aren’t you afraid that she might still come after you?”


“Not her M.O.” Robin said with confidence. “Catwoman is not a stalker. She’d rather plan a good heist with a high payoff than to pursue me… but if I try to come after her… that’s a different story. Trust me, Sunny. I learned my lesson not to underestimate her… I was so helpless… vulnerable… and I don’t want to feel that way ever again… and I plan never to get in the same situation again. If I do… I’ll just die from humiliation… First, I don’t plan to tackle her again unless Batman is at my side. If I see her alone again, I am definitely calling Batman and taking no action until he arrives at the scene. I also take precautions to check in and report my location from time to time when I’m alone.”


“How about micro-chips in your uniform… like they use for pets?”


“Don’t be fooled, Sunny. Those things are very ineffective and not worth the money. In the case of pets, they are scanned to find the owner’s contact information… but the animal still has to be picked up. It’s not like they can scan a location and hone in on the pet. We tried that satellite locating stuff before and it’s too much of a pain in the butt… always malfunctioning… giving false readings… and other stuff like that. It’s just easier to report in from time to time. I also make sure to keep a few picks and gadgets hidden in my gloves, boots, and cape… just in case they take my belt. I learned that little trick from Batgirl of all persons.”


“I’m glad you got everything under control… but I’m still scared about Catwoman on the prowl.”


“You needn’t be, Sunny. She won’t come after me. I promise.”


“I’m not scared for you. I know you can handle yourself. I was talking about myself.”


“You’re afraid that Catwoman is going to came after you?” Robin couldn’t believe her logic.


“Well… not so much Catwoman… but burglars actually. There’s been a series of break-ins in my neighborhood lately. Do you think that she’s responsible?”


“I highly doubt it. No offense to your neighborhood but that’s minor league small potatoes for Catwoman. She won’t hit a residential house unless the owner makes, at least, an eight figure income… like Stately Wayne Manor for instance… but as of late… she’s been hitting commercial buildings, banks, jewelry stores, and places where the big payoffs are worth the risk.”


“That’s a relief of some sort,” Sunny let out a short breathe. “So you’re saying that the burglars in my neighborhood are just your average run-of-the-mill non-costumed types?”


“There’s nothing average or run-of-the-mill when it comes to predators violating the sanctuary of honest, tax-paying, low-abiding citizens like yourself, Sunny. They should be taken just as seriously.”


“Oh, great,” Sunny frowned. “Now I’m just as scared as ever… and so is my mom. No wonder she’s been acting so over-protective lately… telling me to come straight home. She’s worried about burglars breaking in the house in the middle of the night. She’s mentioned something about not sleeping well the last few nights. The poor dear has been up with worry. No wonder she’s been edgy. A few sleepless nights would make even a wonderful woman like her act strange, too.”


“Holy insomnia, Sunny” said Robin. “It’s not good for her health not to get sleep. If she wants to ease her mind, she should call a locksmith or a security company. Most of them will give you a free home security assessment and with no obligations to buy anything.”


“I’ve suggested that, Robin, but my mom has also read some consumer magazines about unscrupulous security companies selling overpriced systems that aren’t really needed to people. There are a few cases of a rogue security technician selling codes and keys to crooks. I know it’s silly… and that most security companies are honest… but it’s those few ‘bad apples’ that have her worried. If only we knew someone honest that we could trust. That would really ease her mind. Can you recommend anyone?”


“Holy coincidence, Sunny” Robin tried not to smile too widely. “As much as I hate to toot my own horn, I’m an expert when it comes to home security. I’d be glad to give you a home security inspection… as a matter of fact… since I’m walking you home anyway, I could do it right now… if you want.”


“That would be great,” Sunny’s eyes glowed. “It won’t take too much of your time… will it? I don’t want to inconvenience you if you have to be somewhere.”


“No trouble… no inconvenience. It would only take an hour… and like I said… I’m on vacation now and I don’t have to be anywhere.”


“I know my mom would really appreciate that… and I know that she would trust one-half of the Dynamic Duo. Thanks so much, Robin. You’re a real peach.”


“You’re welcome,” Robin took a few steps away and pulled out his special communicator. “Can you excuse me for a minute? I need to check in. Not that there’s going to be trouble at your place… but… routine precaution… I hope you understand.”


“Of course.” Then Sunny couldn’t resist and made a joke. “Oh, darn,” she laughed and made a mock snap of her fingers. “So much for planning to kidnap you. Curses! Foiled again! Okay… sorry… bad joke.”


“Stop it!” Robin laughed as he activated his communicator.


It was a special type of cell-phone with a secured digital transmission. It gave out an ultra-sonic wave that prevented passersby from overhearing his conversation. As an added precaution, Robin put his hand over his mouth to prevent anyone from lip reading his conversation.


“Master Robin,” Alfred answered on the other end. “Can I be of assistance?”


“Hi, Alfred,” Robin was surprised that the gentleman’s gentleman answered. He used a non-emergency frequency so a voice on the other ended wasn’t required. “You didn’t need to answer. I was going to leave a voicemail because I didn’t want to disturb you during your tournament.”


“Quite alright, Master Robin. We’re in intermission now.”


“How are you faring?”


“Quite well, thank you for asking, sir. If we win the next game, we qualify for the quarter-finals for Saturday.”


“Kick butt, Alfred. Anyway… I’m just checking in. I’ll be at Sunny Cloverdale’s house to give a home security inspection. I’ll be there for about an hour and then I’ll head home.”


“If you don’t mind my forwardness, sir, that Miss Cloverfield is quite a lovely and remarkable young lady.”


“That she is. I won’t be long… I promise. I’ll check in again the second I get home.”


“I apologize in advance, sir, that I won’t be able to answer in person due to the tournament… unless, of course, you use the emergency frequency.”


“Don’t worry about it, Alfred. Just relax and have fun. That’s exactly what I plan to do when I’m done here.”


“Well, sir, I had a feeling that you would prefer to ‘slum it as a swinging bachelor’ for the weekend, so I took the liberty of stocking the pantry with the special microwave popcorn that you like… with the extra butter… on account that you would want to put your diet to the side as well. If that’s not enough, your Aunt Harriet left you a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies in the jar.”


“Yummy!” Robin smiled. “I can taste them already. Robin… Over and out!”



When Robin went over to rejoin Sunny, he noticed that she had a frown on her face, but it quickly disappeared as soon as she saw him.


“Everything okay?”


“Fine.” Sunny said in a pleasant tone but Robin could tell by a slight inflection in her voice that she wasn’t completely telling the truth.


Robin knew that something was bothering her… especially from the fact that she was quiet all of a sudden.


“Holy, screw-up!” Robin thought to himself. “I hope I didn’t do something that offended or upset here. Maybe I was too graphic in my re-telling of the Catwoman-incident. What was I thinking? She’s so innocent and impressionable. Robin, ol’ boy… you are a first class lunkhead.”



Seconds later, Robin would find out exactly what was bothering Sunny.





Robin experienced mixed emotions when she discovered what had upset Sunny unexpectedly. She looked to an old oak tree and gave the same quick subtle frown. The good news was that Robin found some relief that he was not the cause… the bad news was that the ‘cause’ was a group of high school football player jocks that were hanging around the tree. Robin could tell that they were typical loud-mouth asshole-jerks that probably gave Sunny some trouble in the past. Perhaps now that she had a male-escort, there wouldn’t be any trouble.


As they got within earshot distance, a few of the muscle-heads wolf-whistled at Sunny. Like a lady, she held her head up high and ignored them as she kept walking… pretending that she didn’t hear them… hoping that by doing so, Robin would not feel obliged to do anything about it.


Sunny put up a good front that the cat-calling didn’t bother her, but Robin knew that it did. When they whistled at her again, Robin shot a menacing stare back at the group of boys.


Almost all of them were taken aback. The Boy Wonder meant business and they immediately shut up.


Almost all… there always has to be one that can’t quit while they’re ahead.


The idiot’s name was Hofferman. He was the captain of the defensive unit.


“That’s right,” Hofferman said to the two. “You better keep walking.”


“Shut up, dude,” said one of the other football players. “Robin’s cool. Don’t mess with him.”


“Who gives a shit about Robin? He doesn’t look so tough to me.”


“Strike One,” Robin thought to himself.


“Shut up! He’ll hear you.”


Sunny wrapped her arm around Robin’s arm in hopes that this would keep him walking away… and perhaps dissuade Hofferman from making anymore remarks.


“Hey, Sunny,” Hofferman opened his big mouth again. “How about ditching that twerp and joining me under the grand stands? I bet I can open those knees of yours that you got locked together.”


Robin stopped dead in his tracks.


He could tolerate people calling him names… but Sunny on the other hand….


“Oh, shit, man. Why did you say that?”


It’s okay, Robin,” Sunny pulled his arm. “He’s just a big jerk. Let him talk. He’s says garbage like that to me all the time. I’m used to it. Please… let’s just keep walking… please. You know the old saying… sticks and stones?”


“Okay,” Robin muttered and respected her request… albeit grudgingly. Strike Two.


Apparently, Hofferman slept his way through History class. He never learned that great battle commanders often let an enemy retreat rather than forcing them to fight on. A winner walks away… he doesn’t continue to taunt on enemy.


“What about it, Sunny-baby?” Hofferman refused to shut his pie-hole. “You and me.”


Sunny kept walking… encouraging Robin to do the same.


If only Hofferman quit while he was ahead, he could have saved himself some undo embarrassment. He just had to make that last remark.


“Well… the hell with you, bitch! Why should I waste my time with a skank-whore like you… and you’re an ugly one, too!


This time, the words did bother Sunny and bit deep. She tried to compose herself but Robin could see that her lip was trembling and it appeared that she was on the verge of crying as was evident by the tears that were welling up in her eyes.


“Strike three,” Robin handed Sunny her books and started walking toward Hofferman.


“Robin, no!” she protested but her plea fell on deaf ears. “Please, don’t. It’s not necessary.”


As Robin got closer to Hofferman, the dumb jockey shot him a cocky smile and held out his arms in a “bring it on” gesture.


Hofferman was surprised when Robin stopped when he got to within three feet of him. The Boy Wonder simply folded his arms and gave Hofferman a goofy smile.


“What are you grinning at?”


“You really think that Sunny is ugly… just because she turned you down?” Robin said calmly.


“Yeah, asshole. Got a problem with that?”


“No. It’s pathetic on your part.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well…” Robin laughed as he shook his head. “You must have a real high opinion of yourself… especially now that you can’t even get an ‘ugly’ girl to give you the time of day.”


A roar of laughter from the other football jocks soon followed. Robin got Hofferman good and the beet red color of his face proved it. Sunny put her books over her face to conceal her smile.


“Good one, Robin. He burned your sorry ass, Hofferman.”


“Shut up, jerks,” Hofferman yelled at his friends. “It’s not funny.”


“Neither were your remarks to Sunny,” Robin gave him a look that he meant business.


“You asshole,” Hofferman shouted as he rushed out at Robin… hoping that by pummeling the Boy Wonder, he might restore some of his lost face.


Seeing the attack coming from a mile away, Robin grabbed Hofferman’s arm. Using his attacker’s momentum, Robin slammed Hofferman into the grass, face first. He then forced Hofferman’s arm behind his back. Every time Hofferman tried to struggle free, Robin would apply some pressure to take the steam out of him.


“Now then,” Robin sneered. “Apologize to Sunny.”


“Bite me, bird boy!”


Robin applied a little pressure.


“Okay… Okay,” Hofferman yelled. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


“Now tell everyone that you’re a big-mouth jerk.”


“Kiss my ass—ahhhhhhhh! I’m a jerk! I’m a jerk!”



When Robin finally let Hofferman go, he ran out of sight as his team-mates jeered him on. Sunny quickly joined Robin’s side.


“Sorry, Robin,” one of the players approached. “We didn’t think Hofferman was going to pull that crap. We were just kidding with you Sunny, when we whistled at you… but you never said anything when we did it before. If we knew it bothered you, we wouldn’t have kept on doing it. Sorry about that. We won’t do it again and we’ll make sure that Hofferman minds his manners.”


“Spoken like a true gentleman,” Robin said. “Thank you for your cooperation.”


After the football players touched knuckles with Robin as a sign of their respect. Sunny rushed up to Robin and kissed him on the cheek.


“Thanks so much, Robin. You’re absolutely wonderful.”


“You’re welcome,” Robin touched his cheek. “That was very pleasant.”


“I never knew that you were so strong. That jerk was a whole head taller and had about sixty pounds on you… but you threw him to the ground like he was nothing. Wow!”


“It wasn’t strength. I simply used his own weight and momentum against him. It’s a simple martial arts maneuver. I could even teach you how to do it. I’m just sorry you had to witness that display of violence. I was hoping that giving him a taste of his own ridicule would show him the error of his ways. I didn’t think he was going to attack me.”


“You didn’t have much of a choice, Robin. You had to defend yourself… and I’m very impressed and proud of you for only using a minimum of force. You could have pounded his face in if you wanted to. I hope that jerk realizes just how easily you let him off.”



As they continued home, Sunny risked all again and they conversation took another unexpected turn.


“Robin can I put you on the spot with another personal question? You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to… and I won’t be offended if you take the fifth. It’s just that… ever since you defended my honor… my curiosity has gotten the better of me… and if I don’t ask… I’ll just bust.”


“Sure. Go ahead.” Robin was a little leery and wasn’t sure where this was going.


Sunny cleared her thoughts. “I was just wondering if… hypothetically speaking, mind you… not like it would really happen… but… hypothetically… if it ever turned out that every major super-villain had an epiphany and gave up their evil ways… and the only criminals left were ‘regular’ criminals… the kind that regular police could handle. So… if there was no more need for a hero like Robin… and he… well… decided to hang up his mask and cape and just go to school like a regular boy… Oh shoot… if that happened… would he ever consider having me for a girlfriend.”


Robin rubbed his mouth pretending to ponder the question. In actuality, he was covering up his smirk. “I guess that would be possible. Yes… if I was a regular guy… I would go out with you.”


“Really?” Sunny beamed. “You really would? You’re not just saying that are you? I would actually have a chance with you… for real?”


“Of course. Holy surprise, Sunny! I never dreamed that a girl like you would accept a date from me… even if I somehow mustered the courage to ask.”


“In heaven’s name… what makes you think that?”


“Well… I just turned sixteen and you told me that you’ll be eighteen in two months. You’re almost two years older than me. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable with someone who’s closer to your age group… and a senior as well?”


“I don’t care that you’re younger than me. As a matter of fact, you’re more mature than most eighteen-year-olds that I know. And what’s this about not having the nerve to ask me out? You weren’t shy about asking me to join you for a soda or in the Study Hall.”


“Holy misunderstandings, Sunny! Those weren’t dates. That was… just hanging around… school stuff… friendship things… I assure you that my intentions were purely honorable… and platonic.”


“I know they were… but did it ever dawn on you that I accepted your invitations because… I like you.”


“No kidding?”


“For crying out loud, Robin! That first day we met… and you asked me to join you for a bottled water in the cafeteria… I was so excited that I darn near peed in my skirt. I couldn’t believe it… I was actually with Robin the Boy Wonder… Can you imagine that? Plain ol’ me.”


“There’s nothing plain about you, Sunny. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re smart, witty, have a great personality and… pardon the expression… you’re not a bad lookin’ dame either.”


“A-ha,” Sunny got a little giddy and danced around Robin. “I knew it. You like me... at least… a little bit.”


Risking all, Robin answered. “I like you… a lot of bit.”


“Do you really mean that?”


Sunny stopped moving and stood right in front Robin, looking straight into his eyes. When Robin met her gaze, he slowly started moving his head toward hers, and Sunny was doing the same.



Just before their lips met, they had an untimely interruption.




“Hey, guys, wait up,” a young girl of about fifteen ran up to them.


Robin and Sunny immediately broke away and tried to act nonchalant.


Taking a closer look, the girl had facial features similar to Sunny’s except that she had shorter, but attractive black hair. Obviously, she was a younger sibling to Sunny.


She wore a knee-length plaid skirt with knee-length white socks and black and white saddle shoes… part of a school uniform. The girl had elected to carry her blazer over her arm. It was apparent by the few unbuttoned top buttons of her white blouse that she had taken off her cross-over tie as well.


“I heard what happened with that goon, Hofferman,” she continued. “Are you alright?”


“I’m fine,” Sunny tried to hide your annoyance. “What are you doing here? Mom said that we were all to go straight home.”


“That’s what I’m doing, you dork. Your school is on the way home from mine. Duuuuhhhh!”


“You should have been home by now. Where have you been?”


“School council meeting. I have after-school stuff, too. Mom knows about it. Don’t have a cow.”


“Sorry,” Sunny realized that she was being a bit harsh. “I guess I’m being a little paranoid because of Mom’s phase.


“That’s okay. Mom’s flake-outs can be a bit unnerving.” Then she looked over to Robin and smiled. “Hey, Sunny, aren’t you going to introduce me to your new friend?”


“Oh, sorry,” Sunny directed the young girl over to Robin. “This is my kid sister, Rumor. She’s a big fan of yours, too.”


“Hi, Robin,” Rumor said with a big flirty smile. “Please… no jokes about my name. I’ve heard them all. If you think that Rumor is a dorky name, we have another sister named Innuendo. Get it? Rumor and Innuendo? Pretty lame, huh?”


“Nice to meet you,” Robin gave her a gentle handshake. “I think that Rumor is a very nice name.”


“We both know that’s a crock, Robin, but thanks just the same. So, I see, that my sister has conned you into walking her home. She never stops talking about you. She has a framed picture of you on her night stand and kisses it before she goes to bed.”


“Shut up, Rumor,” Sunny said in a low voice. “What a kidder… younger sisters… gotta love them. Anyway… Rumor… Robin is going to be stopping by the house for a little bit. He’s volunteered to give us a home security inspection… on account of the burglaries in the neighborhood lately.”


“That’s so bitchin’, Sunny…. I mean… How very nice of you, Robin. That will be a load of Mom’s mind. I keep telling her that our locks and alarms are fine, but maybe she’ll take the word of the Boy Wonder. Then she’ll calm down and things can get back to normal.”


“I’m sure that your home is already secured,” said Robin. “But it doesn’t hurt to check.”


“Well… I’m sorry that I barged in on you guys… but I just had to meet Robin. I’ll leave you two alone now.”


“Don’t rush off,” said Sunny. “Now that you’re here, I don’t want you walking home alone. Please join us.”


“Really? I don’t want to intrude.”


“Don’t be silly, Rumor. Robin doesn’t mind you tagging alone… right, Robin?”


“Not at all,” Robin said with all sincerity.



With that, they each took hold of Robin’s arm and proceeded with the journey home.



About ten minutes later, the merry trio reached their destination. It was a large and lovely two-story home with a long drive way leading up to a huge front yard. Robin figured the family to be very well-off as he estimated the property to be in the $850,000 range in the real estate market.


They were soon joined by a third sister who was a dead ringer for Rumor except that she had abandoned her school uniform and traded it in for a tight pair of jeans and an equally tight black pullover sweater. Although Sunny’s sisters were not as lovely, Robin still thought they were both very cute.


“Holy doppelganger, Rumor” said Robin. “Identical twin sister! Innuendo… I presume?”


“A pleasure,” said the twin sister. “No jokes about my name or I’ll kick your ass.”


“Watch your language,” Sunny scolded.


“Take it easy,” Innuendo shot back. “Robin knows that I’m just messing around.” Then turning her attention to the Boy Wonder. “What brings you to our humble abode, handsome?”


A little embarrassed by the remark, Sunny answered the question for her sister. “Robin has been kind enough to give our house a security inspection.”


“That’s a relief. Maybe Mom will chill out and get off our backs for a while.”


“Is she home?” Sunny looked around in the empty drive way. “I don’t see her car. Did she park it in the garage?”


“Nope,” Innuendo popped her bubble gum. “Just missed her. She went to run a quick errand. She said she’d be back in a half hour.”


“Oh, nuts!” Sunny stamped her foot. “That totally messes everything up.”


“How do you figure?” Rumor jumped in. “I’m sure that Robin can give an inspection without mom around. It would probably be easier without her breathing down his back and asking him a bunch of lame questions.”


“We’re not supposed to have boys inside the house when Mom’s not home.”


“Are you kidding me, Sunny,” said Innuendo. “This isn’t just ‘any’ boy. This is Robin… the Boy Wonder… a fully deputized officer of the law. He’s here on police business… not to mess around. Mom would surely make an exception for that.”


“I don’t know,” Sunny bit her lip before turning to Robin. “I’m sorry, Robin. I think it best that we don’t let you in. I hope you understand.”


“That’s okay,” Robin showed his graciousness. “I think that a good rule. I totally understand.”


“But it’s a lame rule, Robin,” Rumor whined. “Come on, Sunny. Stop being a wet blanket and let him come in.”


“No, No,” Robin interjected. “It’s your mom’s home and I want to respect her rules… even if they are lame.”


“I’m really… really sorry,” Sunny pleaded.


“It’s okay… and I’m totally cool with it. We’ll just do it another time. Contact the Wayne Foundation and leave a message for me when you’re ready. Thanks for letting me walk you home, Sunny. I had a very nice time. I’ll see you later.”


“No, wait,” Sunny grabbed Robin’s arm before he could walk away. “Please, don’t rush off. My mom will be home in a half hour. Do you think you could wait out here until she gets back? You said that you didn’t have to be anywhere… and I promise we’ll all keep you company outside until she gets back…. Please.”


“For crying out loud,” Innuendo groaned in annoyance. “Don’t be rude, Sunny. We can’t expect Robin to stand around here outside like a dork until mom comes back.”


“I got an idea,” Robin jumped in before another argument could ensue. “I have to inspect the inside and the outside. How about I do the outside first? That will take about a half hour and your mom should be home by then. I can do the inside while she’s home… with her permission… of course.”


“That’ll work,” Rumor beamed with delight. “Surely Mom won’t bitch if Robin is working outside. What do you say, Sunny?”


“I guess that would be okay,” Sunny rubbed her chin. “And we have the ever-watchful eye of Mrs. Slycarp to verify to Mom that there’s no ‘funny business’ going on. Sure… that would work.”


“Who’s Mrs. Slycarp?” Robin asked.


“Our next door neighbor and community snoop,” said Innuendo. “She’s an old widow that has nothing better to do than to mind everyone else’s business.”


“Straight up, Sis,” said Innuendo. “She makes Gladys Kravitz from that old Bewitched TV series look subtle.”


“There’s the old bat now,” Rumor pointed to a second floor window to the adjacent home. “See her, Robin? She’s pretending to clean the glass… but she’s really spying on us. She’s been cleaning the same window ever since we got here.” Then Rumor put on a false smile and waved. Yo-hoo! Hi, Mrs. Slycarp. How you doing? Lovely day?”


The old woman jumped and waved back in a confused state before haphazardly spraying Windex on the glass and rubbing away. Knowing that they were on to her, Mrs. Slycarp finished and “pretended” to clean another window that was statically in view of Robin and the girls.


“Keep those windows nice and clean, dear,” Rumor continued to wave. Maintaining her fake smile and keeping her teeth clenched, she added in a low voice. “Nosey bitch.”


“Innuendo,” said Sunny. “Would you keep Robin company while Rumor and I get changed?”


“My pleasure,” Innuendo gave a wicked, but subtle smile of delight. “You’ll have to forgive my sister, Robin. She means well but she can be a real goody-two shoes and general pain in the ass at times.”


“It’s cool, Innuendo. I can stay outside. I don’t need to come in just yet.”


“Thanks for being patient. Is there any way that I can I help you with your inspection, Robin?”


“Sure. Do you have a ladder I can borrow?”


“In the garage. Follow me. I can hold and keep it steady for you if you like.”


“Thank you,” replied Robin. “That would be a great help.”


Innuendo was glad of Robin’s acceptance. Now she could look up while he was on the ladder and get a good view of his ass in his tight tunic… as well as his mighty bulge.




For the next half hour, Sunny, Rumor, and Innuendo enthusiastically took turns holding the ladder for Robin as he inspected the windows for security. Unlike her sisters, Sunny was not looking up to get a better view of Robin’s package.


Sunny had changed into similar clothes as Rumor… tight white blouse and a short black shirt… except Rumor’s skirt was navy blue.


Sunny had opted to have her beautiful long blond hair rest on her shoulders rather than leave it in a pony-tail as she usually did. This was the first time that Robin had seen her with her hair down and she looked totally different… but in a good way. She didn’t look like the Sunny in which Robin had intellectual discussions with in Study Hall.


What was also “not typical” for Sunny was that she left the first few buttons of her blouse “undone” just like her sister. Before today Robin only saw her in her majorette outfit in which the sweater totally covered her neck.


Even Robin had to admit that he was enjoying himself as he admired Sunny from this new angle. Did she really put this outfit on to “be more comfortable” or did she wear it to innocently tease Robin and give him a little rise?


Robin discovered that he liked a little teasing.



When Robin finished his outside inspection, he slid down the ladder (to impress the girls) and wiped some sweat off his forehead.


“Holy heat wave, ladies” Robin said with a little dryness in his throat. “It sure got hot all of a sudden. Any chance I could trouble you for a cold bottle of water?”


“Sure,” said Innuendo. “There’s plenty in the fridge inside. Follow me.”


“You guys,” Sunny whined. “Mom’s still not home, yet.”


“Have a heart, Sunny,” Innuendo protested. “It’s hot outside and the poor guy is dehydrated. At least, let Robin come in for a lousy minute to get a crummy bottle of water and get a few seconds of air conditioning.”


“I’m not heartless, Innuendo. I just don’t want us to get in trouble. Besides… it doesn’t feel that hot out here.”


“That’s because you weren’t the one climbing ladders in the hot sun.”


“We can’t let him inside just yet.”


“Holy re-run Sunny,” Robin muttered. “It’s okay, ladies. Just go get the water for me. I’ll drink it outside. Really… it’s okay.”


“No way, Robin,” Rumor jumped in. “You’re skin is starting to turn red. You’ll burn to a crisp if you stay out here.”


“The porch,” Robin found a compromise. “I can drink it on the porch… plenty of shade there.”


“Good idea,” Sunny said as everyone else seemed happy. “Mom won’t object to that. I know she’s running late… but can you just wait a little bit longer… please… I’d really like to get this inspection out of the way… and you did say that you had no other plans… please stay. We’ll all keep you company… just like before… right girls.”


Absotively,” said Rumor.


Bitchin’,” said Innuendo.




For fifteen minutes the four teens laughed and joked around without any cares in the world. Robin was so thirsty that he drank two bottles of water. He wanted more but everyone was having a good time that the girls forgot to offer him another and Robin didn’t feel comfortable asking for a third bottle.


For those fifteen minutes, Robin didn’t feel like Robin. He just felt like a regular teen hanging around with some friendly girls from school. It was something that he hadn’t experienced in a long time.



Because of their laughing and joking, they didn’t notice a car pulling up in the driveway. A woman, who appeared to be in her late twenties to early thirties, walked up to the porch and approached the fun-loving teens.


Robin was the first to turn his head to spot this drop-dead gorgeous woman wearing a very attractive floral-print sundress. She had long dark-hair and bared an uncanny resemblance to Wonder Woman… except this woman was shorter, thinner and daintier… and much lovelier than Diana… if that was at all possible.


The thin straps of the dress allowed Robin to admire her fine delicate shoulders. The string of white pearls accentuated her lovely long neck. The low neck line allowed Robin a glimpse of a good amount of cleavage from her shapely breasts yet still making the woman appear refined and classy. The wide white belt displayed her thin waist and hour-glass figure.


Robin couldn’t help but stare, at what appeared to be, a goddess in human form. Watching this marvel of a beauty made him forget that he was with three very attractive girls.


“Is this a private party or can anyone join in?” the goddess finally spoke.


Robin wasn’t sure if he had lost his wits due to the heat but he couldn’t help but blurt out, “Holy knockout, Sunny. You never told me that she had an older sister.”


“Why thank you kind sir,” the woman clutched her pearls at the flattering remark.


“Hi, Mom,” Sunny and her sisters rushed over to the woman and gave her a hug.


“Mother?” Robin thought. “She’s not an older sister? Holy foot in my mouth.”


“Hey, Mom,” said Sunny. “Robin is here to do a home security inspection for us… on account of the burglaries. He’s finished with the outside… but you weren’t home yet… so we couldn’t do the inside… so we waited out here… on the porch for you to get back.”


“You waited outside?” the ‘mother’ seemed surprised. “In this heat? The temperature must have gone up fifteen degrees in the last couple of hours.”


“But, Mom,” Sunny said with equal surprise. “You said no boys inside the house when you’re not home… and I didn’t want to send Robin home.”


“Sunny, you poor dear. I apologize if I sound like a dictator. When I said ‘no boys’ I certainly didn’t mean Robin. He’s hardly in the same category as those other ruffians that you and your sisters used to bring home.”


“I told you it was okay,” Innuendo stuck her tongue out at her sister.


“You’re such a dork,” Rumor said. “Sometimes you take things too literally.”


“Sorry, Robin,” Sunny bit her lip in embarrassment.


“Where are my manners?” the goddess gave Robin as dainty and very ladylike handshake. “How do you do, Robin? My name is Cassiopeia Cloverfield. I’m the mother of these three well-meaning, but very confused, young ladies.”


“How do you do, Mrs. Cloverfield?” Robin hoped that his ‘knockout’ remark had blown over. “A pleasure to meet you, ma’am.”


“Please come inside, Robin, before you burn. There’s also no need to call me ma’am or Mrs. Cloverfield. Why don’t you just call me Mrs. C… just like all my girl’s friends do… better yet… you can call me Cassie… short for Cassiopeia.”


“Well… I….” Robin was taken aback by the woman’s forwardness.


“Mom,” Sunny groaned. “You’re embarrassing him.”


“Please forgive me, Robin. When I see you giving interviews on TV, you seem so mature and grown-up, that I forget that you’re a teenager and not an actual adult… and I prefer that most adults refer to me by my first name… how about we just stick with Mrs. C then?”


Sunny stood behind her mother so she could roll her eyes.


“Now that I’m here, Mrs. C, would you like me to finish my inspection?”


“Of course, Robin. Please come in and out of this hot weather. Please, excuse the way I’m dressed. I’m very causal today. If I knew I had company, I would have worn something more appropriate. I’ll change, of course.”


“No need, Mrs. C. You look very elegant as you are… besides this is not a formal visit… so please feel free to remain comfortable.”


“I do hope my girls, at least, offered you a cold drink.”


“That they did, ma’am…. I mean… Mrs. C! There offered me some of your very refreshing bottled water. As a matter of fact…I’m still a little parched. I can’t understand why I’m so thirsty. Can I trouble you for another bottle?”


“Only bottled water?” Mrs. C led Robin into the living room. “Surely we can do better than that. We have plenty of lemonade and soft drinks….”


“Mom,” Sunny whined again. “Robin is a crime fighter. He doesn’t eat junk food or drink pop.”


“Normally that is true, Sunny,” Robin jumped in. “But… like I said before… I’m taking the weekend off from crime-fighting… and that also means that all diets are off, too… so a nice soft drink would really be great, thank you… if it’s not too much trouble.”


“No trouble at all,” Mrs. C smiled. “Especially for you, Boy Wonder. Name your poison…. Cola… grape… lemon lime….”


“How about a beer, Robin?” Innuendo jumped in.


“Great idea, Innuendo,” said Mrs. C. “Let’s all have a beer. Do you mind if we join you, Robin?”


“Holy contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Mrs. C! You can’t be serious? You allow underage drinking in your household?”


After a good round of laughter and giggles from the girls, Mrs. C let Robin off the hook as he had no clue as that he was the butt of a family joke.


“Please forgive us, Robin,” Mrs. C still giggled here and there. “We are being silly geese. We’re having a bit of an inside private joke on you. When we refer to beer… we’re referring to root beer… we just call it beer for short. We just love the looks on people’s faces when one of the girl’s says ‘Hey, mom, can you get me a beer?’ Priceless… I know it’s a silly little joke… and thank you for indulging us. You will find no liquor of any kind in this household, I assure you. Feel free to search for yourself if you don’t believe me.”


“I believe you, Mrs. C.”


“You will have a beer with us… a root beer, that is?”


“Please have one, Robin,” said Sunny. “It’s the best root beer you’ll ever have. My mom makes and bottles her very own brand.”


“Really?” Robin was relieved that he wasn’t in the company of degenerates.


“Oh, yes,” said Mrs. C. “It’s a great seller and money maker for school club fund raisers.”


“That would be great, Mrs. C. I’ll start my inspection now. I’ll try not to hold you up too long. It’s getting late, and I’m sure that you’ll want to have dinner soon.”


“Don’t worry about us, Robin. Take all the time you need. Better safe than sorry. Is it okay if we walk it through with you? I might have some questions.”


“Sure, Mrs. C.” Robin meant that. He was glad to be in the company of four lovely young ladies.


Sunny rolled her eyes again.





Mrs. C’s root beer was, indeed, the best Robin had ever tasted. He had three glasses during the indoor session of his security inspection. He must have been dehydrated as he didn’t have to use the rest room after consuming so much liquid.


The only thing that Robin found strange was that Mrs. C was adamant about anyone drinking directly from the bottle. She insisted that everyone drink out of special frosted mugs. Robin didn’t mind. It made the root beer taste even better.


The indoor session of the inspection went as smooth as silk. Sunny kept pulling Robin to the side and frequently apologized to him for her mother’s plethora of annoying questions. Robin insisted that he didn’t mind and that her mother’s questions were intelligent.


Robin put Mrs. C mind at ease that her security system and locks were more than adequate. Robin stressed that although her house was not burglar proof, she had enough security to slow down any potential burglars. He used Mrs. C’s phone to personally call Commissioner Gordon to get some information about the break-ins and he also arranged for some extra patrols in the area to discourage the crooks.


From the information, Robin was able to surmise that the crooks were amateurs that only stuck when people were away from home (not terrorizing people when they slept). They preferred to break in, grab what they could, and get out as fast as they could. The sound of a cat would probably scare them off. Mrs C’s valuables consisted of large objects such as TVs and antique furniture and thieves would need a large truck to move it out and it would look rather conspicuous in the driveway. He also assured Mrs. C, that the notorious Catwoman would not be interested in this neighborhood.


Robin couldn’t help but become more and more infatuated with Mrs. C. She seemed to look more beautiful every minute he looked at her. He loved the way her full lips moved when she talked.


Robin hated himself for getting turned on. Even though he and Sunny were not an item, he felt like he was cheating on her.



“You’ve really brought me piece of mind,” Mrs. C started digging through her purse. “Thank you for humoring a bunch of over-concerned women, Robin.”


“My pleasure, Mrs. C. Better safe than sorry.”


“Is there anything else I can do to ensure the safety of my home?”


“I doubt this house will get hit especially since someone is always home. If you do go away, I have a list of professional house-sitting agencies that I can personally recommend… or perhaps have a trusted friend or relative watch your house. It wouldn’t hurt to organize a neighborhood watch with your community. It shouldn’t be difficult as everyone around here seems to watch each other’s back…. especially your next door neighbor, Mrs. Slycarp. Sunny has told me that she is a very observant woman and can spot things that don’t belong. I’m sure she wouldn’t hesitate to call the police if something seemed amiss.”


“You’re much too kind about Mrs. Slycarp,” Mrs. C replied. “We all know that she’s a busy-body snoop…. I hate to say that as she’s a nice lady and she means well… but maybe that’s a blessing in our case. I always complain when people don’t want to get involved.”


“Nosey neighbors can be a great source of security,” Robin agreed.


“I’ll be sleeping well tonight, thanks to you Robin.” Finally finding what she was looking for, Mrs. C pulled out her check book. “Now, what do I owe you?”


“Owe me?” Robin was puzzled. “For what?”


“For the security check, of course. Will you take a check?”


“No charge, Mrs C. This is part of my duty. It’s unethical for me to accept financial rewards.”


“Nonsense. You did me a valuable service and given me piece of mind. You did all this work and you should be compensated.”


Thinking quick Robin said, “Give me a bottle of root beer to go and I’ll call it even.”


“To go?” Sunny said in a disappointed tone. “You can’t leave now. You just got here.”


“Sunny, it’s getting dark out. I need to go home and eat… and I’m sure you’re family wants their dinner, too.”


“Then why don’t you stay and have dinner with us, Robin?” said Mrs C. “Let that be your payment for services rendered. Surely that wouldn’t be unethical. We’d all be glad to have you, wouldn’t we girls?”


“Yeah, Robin,” said Rumor. “Please stay.”


“Come on,” said Innuendo. “It’ll be so much fun.”


“Please,” Sunny gave Robin her million-dollar smile. “It’s not like you have to be anywhere… and my mom is an awesome cook.”


“I don’t want to put you folks out.” Robin was declining out of politeness, but he wasn’t fighting too hard. He didn’t want to appear too eager.


“No trouble at all, Robin,” Mrs C said. “We have plenty of food. As a matter of fact…I insist that you stay. I won’t take no for an answer. I can’t send a brave crime fighter out on a night like this on an empty stomach.”


“Okay,” Robin relented. “I’ll stay… but only on the condition that I help set the table and do the dishes.”


“You’re a guest, Robin. You don’t have to do that… but… if that’s what it takes to make you stay, then you got yourself a deal.”


Exxxxcelllent,” Innuendo gave Rumor and Sunny a high-five.


“Dinner won’t be ready for about an hour. Why don’t you kids just chill the living room for a while…watch some TV. I’ll let you know when it’s time to set the table.”


“Good idea, Mrs. C. There happens to be a very educational special on the Dark Ages on the History Channel.”


Mrs. C gave Robin a frown and put her hands on her hips. “With all due respect, Boy Wonder, get a life. You’re on vacation. Live a little. Watch some cartoons or music videos on VH1 for gosh sake. Now run along and have a little fun. It’s not a sin to enjoy yourself once in a while.”


“Come on, Robin,” said Sunny as she and her two sisters guided him to the living room.


“Okay,” Robin laughed. “But with the change in plan, I’ll need to check in again.”



After leaving Alfred a message and watching music videos, Robin partook in the most delicious and relaxing meal he ever had. Alfred was a fine chef but he didn’t hold a candle to Mrs. C. She made a simple dish like spaghetti and meatballs taste like an artistic culinary delight.


Although Mrs. C insisted that she went through no trouble, Robin could see that put out her “good” dishes and flatware for the occasion.



“That was the best meal I had in a long, long time, Mrs. C,” said Robin as she handed him the last dish for him to dry. “Thank you very much!”


“It was only something I whipped up at the last minute,” answered Mrs. C. “If I had more time and knew you were coming, I would have had something really special. It’s very kind of you to help with the dishes. I know you said you would, but I wasn’t going to hold you to it.”


“I meant what I said. I said what I meant. A superhero is faithful… one hundred per cent.”


“Oh, Robin,” Mrs C giggled and gave him a playful slap on the shoulder. “You are too much.”


Since Rumor and Innuendo were watching TV and were glad they didn’t have to do dishes and Sunny had to excuse herself to take a phone call from a classmate concerning a class project, Robin decided to take this moment alone to get something off his chest.


“Mrs. C, I would like to apologize for my unfounded crass remark I made earlier. I’m sorry about offending you… but it was unintentional on my part. Sometimes my mouth has a mind of its own.”


“Crass remark?” Mrs. C had no clue as to what Robin was referring to. “You’ve done no such thing. You’ve been a perfect gentlemen since I’ve arrived home.”


“I... errr… was talking about the ‘Holy knockout’ remark when I first saw you. I’ve very sorry about that.”


“Don’t you dare be sorry. Did it ever occur to you that I was flattered? It’s not often that an old maid like me catches the eye of a gentlemen.”


“Old maid? Holy contradiction, Mrs. C. Please forgive my forwardness… but you don’t look a day over thirty. You are one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met. I mean… I’ve met a lot mothers in my day… but not like you.”


“You mean with grey hair… wide hips… and huge cabooses? I guess I’ve been fortunate to age gracefully. Would you believe that I’ve never had any plastic surgery? I don’t even work out. It’s funny… I eat what ever I want and I can’t seem to gain an ounce. Well… never look a gift horse in the mouth.”


“Well, Mrs. C… that gift horse is a Triple Crown thoroughbred in my opinion.”


“I just wanted to apologize, too, Robin. I know it was stupid and over-protective of me to have you wait outside until I came home. It’s very difficult to be a single mother raising three teenagers. I hope you understand.”


“Not at all. It’s a very good rule.”


“I just hear these stories of boys over at houses when the parents aren’t home and then they have sex and get the girl pregnant. Boys are very clever when it comes to pressuring a girl for sex… but I know that you wouldn’t pressure a girl for sex on the first date.”


“I wouldn’t pressure them for sex until my wedding night, Mrs. C. I really mean that.”


“I totally believe you.”


Then without warning, Mrs. C asked, “Robin, how old do you think I am?”


Seeing a way out, Robin responded. “It’s not polite to ask a lady her age, Mrs. C.”


“You’re not asking me. I’m asking you. Please, indulge me.”


“Okay,” Robin sized her up. “Physically… I still maintain that you don’t appear to be over thirty… but logic would dictate that your actual chronological age would be older. I believe you were a young woman when you married and had Sunny… so I would place you at… thirty-six?”


“Very close, Robin. I’m thirty-four.”


“Really… but that would mean.…”


“I was married when I was sixteen,” Mrs. C took off her apron and hung it up. “My father died unexpectedly. I dropped out of high school and took a full-time job to help my family make ends meet. I got a job as a secretary for an attorney. He had already made his fortune when he was younger, so he left the big corporate firm he worked for and just worked for himself… helping the common person for reasonable fees or for a part of the judgment or settlement.”


“It was just the two of us in the office… very informal. He had no problem if I wanted to wear blue jeans to work. We always talked and joked at worked. He would always take me out to lunch. We became very good friends… and later on… I started to fall in love with him.”


It’s funny how love works, Robin. He was much older than me… his mid-forties. He wasn’t particularly attractive either… short, fat, and bald… but he was so kind, loving, caring, and sweet. After only a month, he asked me to marry him. I wasn’t after his money… and to show his family that I wasn’t a gold-digger, I insisted on a very strict pre-nuptial agreement. I would only receive a very modest settlement if we ever divorced.”


“I became pregnant with Sunny on our wedding night. Two weeks after she arrived, I was pregnant with the twins. Funny… that would make Sunny a twin to the twins… true Irish twins… so to speak.”


“What are Irish twins?” Robin was impressed that this woman he only knew for a few hours felt comfortable enough to share a personal experience.


“Irish twins are siblings born less than a year apart. True Irish twins are born less than a year apart but… within the same calendar year. Sunny’s birthday is February 2nd. Rumor and Innuendo were born November 28th of the same year. Pretty wild, huh?”


“Two years ago, my husband passed away… heart defect. His insurance policies and trust funds left us financial secured for the rest of our lives. I can afford to send Sunny to Harvard in the fall and the twins can go to any university that they want provided they keep up their grades. Yet… no amount of comfort can replace the loss of a loved one. I miss my husband so much.”


“I know what you mean,” Robin felt a lump forming in his throat as this brought a thought of his deceased family that was murdered.


“Without a man in the house… that’s why I’m so over-protective at times, Robin. That’s way I have these ‘phases’ as Sunny so eloquently puts them. My girls are all I have left that were part of my husband. I just love them so much and I would die if anything bad happened to them. That’s the real reason why I was asking so many questions about home security. It wasn’t about getting my possessions stolen. I don’t care about that. There’s nothing in this house that isn’t insured or can’t be replaced… except my girls. I read stories in the newspapers about rapists and sexual deviates breaking into houses for female victims… pedophiles and serial killers. I get so scared sometimes. I can’t protect them when there outside, but… at the very least… I want to keep them safe and secured as long as they are within the confines of this home. I just wanted you to understand that, Robin. My precautions are not against you….”


“I understand,” Robin’s lump in his throat got bigger. He was so moved with Mrs. C story that it touched a place in his heart. “I just wanted to let you know, Mrs. C… that this night has been the best and most fun night that I had in a long… long time.”


No longer able to hold back, Robin’s eyes soon welled up. He covered his eyes with his gloved hand as the tears flowed.


“There, there, Robin,” Mrs. C hugged him and put his head to her chest as she stroked the back of his head and comforted him. “What’s all this? Did I say something that upset you?”


Robin liked the feel of Mrs. C’s arms wrapped around him. It felt so warm and safe. “It’s just that… you and your girls have been so nice to me… made me feel like one of the family. For just a little while, I felt like a regular kid… not Robin… not a super-hero. I don’t have any real friends… except Batman. Don’t get me wrong… he’s a great guy… he’s been like a father to me… but not like my real father. I have an aunt that’s like a mother to me… but it’s not the same. You remind me of my mother… she was young and beautiful like you… Oh, God, I miss her.”



After a few minutes of maternal comforting, Robin was able to recompose himself.


“Thanks for letting me vent, Mrs. C,” said Robin. “I hope I didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It must have been awkward to see a grown super-hero break down and cry. I hope I didn’t look too stupid. I was blubbering away like a little baby.”


“Nothing of the sort, dear,” Mrs. C reassured him. “A real man is not ashamed to show his emotions. The trick is not to let your emotions dictate your actions or your decisions. I’m very proud of you Robin.”


“Holy coincidence, Mrs. C. That’s what Batman tells me all the time. Gosh, you sure have your wisdom down pat.”


“You’re very wise yourself, Robin… wise beyond your years.”


“Did I miss anything?” Sunny suddenly walked into the kitchen.


“Nothing, Dear,” Mrs. C said innocently. “I was just bending Robin’s ear with more security questions.” She gave Robin a secret wink to signify their private, tender moment and there was no need to embarrass him in front of Sunny and tell her that he had just finished crying.


“I’m glad you’re here,” Robin decided to keep talking so Sunny wouldn’t pick up on what was really going on. “Just in time to say goodbye.”


“Oh, bummer,” Sunny pouted. “You can’t leave now. It’s only early evening. Can you still hang around… just a little while longer?”


“I’m afraid that I’ve overstayed my welcome as it is.”


“Nonsense, Robin,” Mrs. C persisted and Sunny was tickled pink that her mother was supporting her argument. “You can stay as long as you like… really.”


“Thank you, Mrs. C… but I really don’t want to take advantage of your hospitality….”


“Ice cream,” Sunny blurted out. “You haven’t had your dessert, yet. You can’t leave without dessert. Isn’t that right, Mom?”


“Absolutely,” Mrs C said sternly. “I have a few pints of Ben and Jerry’s stored in the frig for an occasion such as this. Please stay and have ice cream with us. It would mean so much to us… and you did say that all diets are off….”


“Well….” Robin pretended to be coy but was elated that he was asked to stay. Ben and Jerry’s, huh? Chubby Hubby?”


“All yours, Boy Wonder,” Mrs. C gave him a wink.


“Okay… I’ll stay for dessert.”


“Awesome!” Sunny yelled with the same excitement as if she hit a winning lottery ticket. “But before ice cream… I need to show you something in the living room.”


“What’s going on?”


“You’ll see in a minute, Robin. Please join us, too, Mom.”


“You know, Mrs. C,” said Robin as each female grabbed an arm and escorted him to the living room. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that you were trying to keep me here on purpose.”


“Why, Robin, dear boy,” Mrs. C laughed. “You’ve been such a charming and enchanting guest… that we may never let you leave.”





Cheeeeesssseee!” said everyone as they smiled when the camera timer clicked and the flash went off. Everyone, including Mrs. C gathered around Robin for this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.


“Did you set the tripod to the right height, dear?” Mrs C asked Sunny.


“Everything is perfect,” Sunny insisted. “This is going to be an awesome picture.”


“Make sure I get a copy when it gets developed,” said Robin. “If you sell it on ebay, make sure that I get my cut.”


Everyone knew that Robin was kidding and no one had any intentions of selling anything.


“I hope it comes out right,” said Rumor. “If it doesn’t, I’ll just die.”


“I can’t wait until Monday morning to show it to my friends at school,” said Innuendo. “They’ll just be green with envy.”


“That’s the first time she’s been excited about a Monday,” Mrs. C whispered in Robin’s ear and he had to hold his laugh.


“I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when I tell them that Robin the Boy Wonder was here for the evening,” said Rumor. “Especially when they call me a liar and then I pull out the photo….”


“Would you like to take another one with Robin, girls?” said Mrs C. “Without me in it?”


“Heavens, no, Mom,” said Sunny. “Why would we want that?”


“Well… when you show it to your friends… wouldn’t it look… dorky with your mother in the picture?”


“You’re not a dork, Mom,” Sunny protested. “All the kids at school say that you’re ‘the bomb.’ Isn’t that right, Robin?”


“Mrs. C,” Robin reassured her. “If you’re a dork… then I’m one of the Joker’s henchmen.”


“Thank you, Robin,” Mrs. C answered with a blank look and started rubbing the side of her forehead.


“Are you okay, Mom?” a concerned Sunny asked.


“I feel one of those strange migraines starting to stir up,” Mrs. C shook her head. “Funny… it just came out of nowhere. I guess the lack of sleep over the last few days and the excitement of having Robin over as my guest has finally caught up with me and taken its toll.”


“Nothing serious, I hope,” said Robin. “Should we call a doctor?”


“No need, thank you for your concern, Robin. It’ll only get serious if I don’t take a motrine and go to sleep. I’ll be fine in a few hours… really.”


“Sorry, gang,” Robin said with somberness. “I guess the party is over now and I’d better make my exit. May I have a reign check on that ice cream, Mrs. C?”


“Oh darn,” whined Rumor. “We were just starting to have fun.”


“Please don’t leave on my account, Robin,” Mrs. C insisted. “Sunny will put me to bed and you can stay to have your ice cream.”


“Under the circumstances, Mrs. C, I should leave. You need your rest and we shouldn’t disturb you.” This time Robin was being earnest. He was not playing coy in hopes of being coaxed into staying. He had every intention of leaving.


“Please stay, Robin. The girls are enjoying your company so much. You can go down to the basement and have your ice cream in the recreation room. You won’t disturb me down there. I’m sure the girls would love to show you their pinball machine and video game system. Just leave the ice cream dishes in the kitchen sink when you’re done. I’ll take care of them in the morning.”


“That’s very kind of you, Mrs C, but I think it best that….”


“Please, Robin,” Mrs C persisted. “You won’t win this argument. Please stay. I promise you that I’ll be fine. I just need a little rest. Don’t let my little headache put a damper on your fun.”


“Well… okay… I’ll stay for ice cream… but I promise to leave the second I clean my bowl. I’ll make sure to keep the noise level to a minimum so you won’t be disturbed.”


“Nonsense, Robin. Stay as long as you like. Have some fun for gosh sake. You’re on vacation. Don’t worry about me. You don’t need a chaperone for the rest of the evening. I trust you to be alone with my girls.”


“Thank you for your faith in me, Mrs. C. You have my word that I’ll leave at a reasonable hour.”


“I know you will, Robin. My apologies that I cannot entertain you for the rest of the evening.”


“You’ve been more than gracious host,” Robin kissed her hand. “Thank you and good night.”


“You’ve been a delight. You’re welcome here anytime, Robin. Goodnight.” She kissed Robin on the forehead before Sunny led her up the stairs. She couldn’t help but make one more joke despite her headache. “Better watch it, Sunny. He’s so cute and charming that I might pull a Mrs. Robinson on you.”


“Quit it, mom,” Sunny laughed.



“What do you think of him, Mom?” Sunny said as she reached the door of her mother’s bedroom.


“He’s kind, descent, well-mannered, courageous, and not afraid to show his vulnerabilities to a woman. She’s every bit the man your father was… and more.” She touched Sunny’s cheek. “You really like this boy… don’t you, Sunny?”


“Yes, Mom. I like him very much.”


“As do I, Sunny. It would break your heart if he got hurt… wouldn’t it?”


“Yes, Mom. If anything happened to Robin I would just die of heartbreak.”


“Then, we’ll have to go along with your suggestion.”


“Really?” Sunny’s eyes glowed and kissed her mother on the cheek. “Thanks, Mom. I love you so much.”


“I love you, too, Sunny. Now run long and have fun.”


“You are the bomb!” Sunny started toward the stairs.


“And Sunny… ” Mrs. C stopped her daughter before she reached the first step. Sunny turned around to her what her mother wanted. “Don’t forget. Last call won’t be until after ten o’clock.”


Sunny nodded as she flew down the stairs. She threw her fist and under her breath, she muttered, “Yesssssssss!”



It was when Sunny reached the bottom of the stairs case and headed back to the living room that she heard the commotion.



When Innuendo made sure that her mother and Sunny were out of hearing range, she said. “Great job, Robin. I can’t believe you pulled it off.”


“Pulled what off?” Robin said innocently.


“I’ve never seen Mom so relaxed and giddy,” said Rumor. “She never lets us have boys over… let alone hang around with us without her being around.”


“Great snow job, Robin,” said Innuendo. “You buttered her up good and had her totally fooled.”


“What are you talking about?”


“What do you think of our mom?”


“Like I said before, Innuendo, I think that she’s a very nice woman and a gracious hostess.”


It’s okay, Robin,” Innuendo goaded him on. “She can’t hear us now. Tell us the truth. What do you really think about Mom?”


“I already told you the truth.”


“Get off your moral high horse, Robin,” said Rumor. “We all know that our mom is an up-tight, over-protective, know-it-all, pain in the ass.”


“Holy Slander, girls! How dare you talk about your mother behind her back and say such horrible things about that nice lady.”


“It’s true, Robin,” said Innuendo. “You don’t know her like we do.”


“I’ll not hear anymore of this,” Robin turned around and in a huff made his way to the door.


On his way he passed Sunny just as she walked into the leaving room. “Robin, where are you going?”


“Sorry, Sunny,” Robin kept walking. “I’m leaving. The atmosphere in this home suddenly became… very unpleasant.”


“But you didn’t have your ice cream yet,” was the only respond Sunny had to a volatile situation that she knew nothing about.


“No, thank you,” Robin grunted. “I just lost my appetite.”


“What did you do?” Sunny growled at her sisters. “Get him back here right now! If Mom finds out he left the house because you upset him, she’ll really be pissed.”


“Oh, shit!” Rumor and Innuendo said in unison as the looked at each other.



Robin opened the door and took a few steps outside before Rumor and Innuendo blew past him and stood right in front of him.


“Please, please, please, Robin,” Innuendo pleaded as she took hold of Robin’s arm. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please, don’t leave.”


“We didn’t mean it,” Rumor pleaded as well. “We were just kidding. All kids rip on their parents. It isn’t cool to like your parents too much.”


“Well… I just happen to believe that it is cool to like your parents,” Robin reprimanded them.


“What’s going on?” Sunny joined the group.


“These two are bad-mouthing your mother.”


“You guys! How could you?”


“Do you know how fortunate you are to have that nice lady as your mother?” Robin preached like an evangelist from an obscure satellite TV network. “You should thank God everyday for that wonderful woman. I’d give anything to have my mom back.”



After a few minutes of lecturing, Rumor and Innuendo lowered their heads in shame.


“You’re right, Robin,” Rumor said in a soft voice. “We were totally out of line. Mom really is a great mom.”


“We take her for granted sometimes… I guess.” Like her sister, Innuendo showed a repentful tone in her voice. “She does so much for us.”


“Darn tootin’, girls,” Robin was starting to calm down but wanted to get in his last two cents. “She’s a great woman… kind… decent… young… beautiful….”


“A-ha,” Innuendo gave Robin a teasing look. “I knew it. You got the hots for my mom.”


“I do not,” Robin knew that he was busted but tried to back-pedal anyway. “I mean… she’s lovely… for a mom.”


“Come on, Robin,” Rumor joined the teasing. “We saw you checking her out when you first saw her on the porch.”


“I wasn’t checking her out,” Robin lied. “I was just surprised by the youthful look of your mother. I really did think she was an older sister for a few seconds….”


In salute to Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, all three girls started to dance around Robin and tease him by singing…. You think Mom is gorgeous… You want to date her… ask her to marry you….


“Cut that out.” Robin had calmed down and knew they were only teased but he didn’t like that his number was gotten.


“It’s already to admire my mom, Robin,” Sunny reassured him. “She is drop-dead gorgeous. She makes the three of us look like a bunch of troglodytes.”


“I never said that any of you were troglodytes,” Robin never knew that he was being baited again. “You are all very lovely young ladies.”


“Really?” all three said in unison. Then they danced again. Robin thinks were gorgeous. He wants to date us….


“Do you want me to leave?” Even Robin couldn’t keep a straight face. Everyone was silly and soon everyone had a fit of the giggles.


“Okay, okay,” Sunny was the first to contain her giggles. “If we promise to behave, will you stay for ice cream? No more back-talking, trashing, or teasing.”


Robin peered over to the twins who were doing the “cross my heart” signal by drawing on imaginary ‘X’ over their chests.


He then looked over to Sunny and held up his hand in a fist so that only his little finger protruded. “Pinky swear?”


“Pinky swear,” Sunny wrapped her little finger around Robin’s.



After Rumor and Innuendo “pinky swore” as well, they escorted Robin back into the house.


“Whew!” Sunny made a mock gesture of relief by rubbing her forearm against her forehead. “I’m glad we able to convince you to stay voluntarily. I’d hate to think of the alternative if you still insisted on leaving.”


“Yeah,” Rumor joined in on the joke. “Then we would have had to pummel you into submission. That would totally suck… on account that you’re cute and we’d hate to hurt you… you are much more valuable to us alive, unharmed, and undamaged.”


“Still planning to kidnap me… huh, Sunny?” Robin went along with the gag. “It won’t work, Ladies. I just checked in. My people know were I am… and that nosey, Mrs. Slycarp would nark on you.”


“I guess you out-smarted us again, Boy Wonder.”


“Knock it off, Sunny,” said Rumor. “We said… no teasing.”





Armed with their bowls of ice cream and spoons, our brave heroes walked quietly to the back of the house so that they wouldn’t disturb Mrs. C as they made their way to the door that led to the basement.


“What’s going on?” said Robin as she saw Sunny, Rumor, and Innuendo take off their shoes and stand in their bare feet.


“New carpeting in the basement,” said Sunny. “Mom will blow a gasket if we leave footmarks.”


“I gotta take my boots off?” Robin seemed a little nervous.


“I guess you don’t have to,” said Rumor. “I’m sure Mom will make an exception for you.”


“That’s okay,” Robin kicked off his green boots and left them by the door with the rest of the shoes. “I don’t want any special treatment. If you have rules, then so do I.”


“Thanks, Robin,” Sunny kissed him on the cheek. “You’re a real trooper. That’s for putting up with this crap.”



The new carpet felt soft on Robin’s bare feet and he liked the feel. It had been a while since he kicked back.


The rec-room had an assortment of soft furniture. On the insistence of the girls, Robin laid all the way back in a recliner and ate his ice cream.


For the next few hours they played pinball, video games, listened to CDs, told jokes, and watched TV… all the stuff that normal teenagers do and take for granted. Robin totally forgot what it was like to have so much fun.


The girls started to dance and managed to coax Robin to join them. Thanks to private dance lessons paid for by Aunt Harriet, Robin proved to be very light on his feet. Although he preferred to dance with Sunny, Robin made sure that he took turns partnering up with Rumor and Innuendo so that they wouldn’t feel excluded.


Before Robin knew it, the lights were turned down low and a slow song was playing. Sunny had her arms wrapped entirely around Robin and she was resting her head on his chest. It felt so darned good. She was so warm… and the smell of her hair was sweet.


Robin looked down at Sunny who looked up at Robin at the same time. When their eyes met, Robin dropped his head and kissed Sunny… his first kiss. It lasted a few seconds before Robin suddenly withdrew.


“Holy loss of control, Sunny. I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I don’t know what came over me.”


“I wanted you to kiss me,” she answered. “I’ve been hoping you would all night. Kissing is okay… isn’t it, Robin.”


“Sure,” Robin kissed her again, this time, using a little tongue.


“That was nice,” Sunny smiled. “And you said you didn’t have a lot of experience. Are you holding out on me?”


“No way, Sunny.”


“Can I tell you some thing, Robin?”


“Go ahead.”


“I lied about saying that I liked you.”


“You did?” Robin looked dejected.


“I mean… I more than like you. I love you, Robin. I’m head over heels in love with you. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I didn’t tell you before… because I thought I might scare you off. I don’t expect you to feel the same way… but I just wanted you to know.”


“Sunny… I….”


“No need to say it, Robin,” she interrupted him. “I know that there can be nothing between us. I totally understand that. In the fall, I’ll be leaving for Harvard and we’ll lose touch. We have tonight. Do you think that we can be boyfriend and girlfriend… just for tonight?”


“I’d like that,” Robin kissed her again, this time more deeply and passionately.


After the song ended, they continued their make-out session on the couch. The other two sisters totally ignored them. Rumor contented herself with talking to a friend on the phone while Innuendo was typing away on a PC.


The kissing went on for an hour or so. It then turned into touching.


“Can you take off your gloves, Robin?” Sunny asked. They feel rough when you touch my face.


“Sorry,” Robin complied to the request.


As soon as his hands were bare, Sunny starting licking his fingers. He got goose pimples when Sunny slowly started sucking on them… rubbing them on her teeth and tongue and she inserted his finger and withdrew it.


She stealthily removed his cape so she could kiss, suck and lick his neck. Robin’s hormones were now kicking into overdrive but he somehow maintained control and kept this romantic interlude to a PG-13 level.


It wasn’t until Robin took a glance over to the TV and saw the nine o’clock news starting that he suddenly jumped up.


“Holy lost track of time. I didn’t realize that it was so late. I better collect my things and get moving.”


“It’s not that late, Robin,” Sunny took his hand. “Can’t you stay a little longer?”


“I’ll get busted for curfew.”


“But you’re a duly deputized officer of the law,” Rumor decided to help her sister out. “Surely, they if you were caught by the cops, they would cut you a break if it were police business.”


“They would… if it was police business… but this isn’t.”


“They don’t have to know that.”


“Holy deception, Rumor. I can’t lie to Gotham City’s finest.”


“You won’t have to,” said Sunny. “It’s Friday night and curfew is at 11:30 pm instead of 10:30. Can you stay until ten o’clock? That would give you over an hour and a half to get home. My mom won’t mind if you stayed until ten.”


Robin didn’t have to have his arm twisted. Sunny was right. If he left at ten, he would still have plenty of time to go to the safe building, change into Dick Grayson, call a cab and head home. If it did push toward 11:30, he could stay inside the building until the cab pulled up in order not to get picked up by the cops. If worse came to worse, he could stay in the building until morning.


“Okay,” Robin smiled. “Ten o’clock… but no later… and then I really have to leave… okay?”


“Deal!” Sunny hugged Robin as she was delight to have her boyfriend extended for another hour.



After leaving another message for Alfred, Robin rejoined the group. “Okay, ladies, what could we do for the next hour?”


“I know,” Rumor turned down the lights until it was almost completely dark. “Let’s tell ghost stories.”


“Sounds like fun,” said Robin. “I haven’t done that since my last camping trip.”


“Innuendo!” Sunny scolded her sister who was ignoring the group and still typing away on the computer. “Don’t be rude. Get off the computer.”


“Don’t be rude?” Innuendo huffed back. “I’m not the one that ignored the rest of us while you sucked on Robin’s face for an hour. What was I suppose to do to amuse myself? Stare at you and twiddle my thumbs?”


“Sorry about that,” said Robin. “Will you join us?”


“Thanks for asking,” Innuendo took a seat near Robin and her two sisters. “As a matter of fact, I want to be an author when I graduate from college. I was doing a touch-up on a horror story while you guys were… busy.”


“That’s right,” Rumor got excited. “Innuendo wrote a real cool and scary story. Tell Robin about it.”


“Nah, it’s lame.”


After a few words of encouragement, Innuendo decided to share.


“Is this okay, Robin?” Sunny took a firm hold of his arm. “I get scared very easily… and my sister has a very vivid and morbid imagination. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


“Fire away, Innuendo,” Robin said confidently. “I love a good ghost story.”


“My pleasure, Boy Wonder.” Innuendo smiled a devilish smile.



Little did Robin know that he would soon learn that art, does indeed, imitate life… perhaps a little too well….




“Okay,” Innuendo cleared her throat and started to set up her story. “Do you guys know what a succubus is?”


“Sure,” said Rumor. “Some kind of female demon.”


“Not in my story,” Innuendo rebutted. “Succubuses are not….”


“Succubae, you dork,” Sunny corrected. “That is the proper plural for succubus… not succubuses.”


“Oh, great,” Innuendo groaned. “Well… no big deal I can use the ‘replace all’ option on MS Word to fix it. Now… where was I? Yes… Succubae are neither demons nor devils. They are not denizens of Hell, the Abyss or any of the Lower Planes. That was a misnomer from ignorant humans who feared them because they were different. Stupid humans always give false labels to things they are too lazy to try to understand. It is so much easier to fear, hate, and condemn those that are different… making up lies and falsehoods. They even do this out of jealousy.”


“Holy getting into character,” Robin whispered to Sunny.


“Don’t mind her,” Sunny whispered back. “She always does that. She takes her creativity very seriously. Just indulge her, please… she is entertaining… strange… but interesting.”


“Succubae are products of the world just like the humans,” Innuendo continued. “They are not monsters… but an offshoot of the human race…look just like humans… very much similar and mortal… well… in most ways. Like humans, Succubae are beings of flesh and blood and can be killed the same way as a human can be killed. Succubae are not immune to bullets, blades, or arrows. No need for a wooden stake through the heart… no silver weapon… no enchanted blade is required.”


“That is so lame,” said Rumor. “If Succubae are almost like humans, then why are they feared and hated?”


“The same reasons why humans find ways to hate others and segregate themselves into smaller groups… skin color… religion… social class. As for the Succubae, the differences were more… how should I say… unconventional… in the typical ways that groups of humans hate other groups of humans… but it wasn’t so much hate… as it was fear and jealousy.”


“One reason was that all Succubae are female. All Succubae are sisters to each other. That’s another reason why humans were jealous. Being a sisterhood, all Succubae got along with each other and lived in peace. In all of recorded history, no succubus killed another succubus. Unlike when Cain slew Able and then it was downhill for the human race after that. Sure… Succubae argued here and there and got into squabbles… but they always managed to sit down, talk, and iron out their differences in a civilized manor rather than resorting to violence.”


“Wait a minute,” said Sunny. “You slipped up in your story already, Innuendo. If all Succubae are of the female gender, then how in blazes go they… well… ummm… make more of each other… reproduce? And if they could reproduce amongst each other… wouldn’t that be like… incest? Gross!”


“I’m getting to that,” said Innuendo. “Hold your cotton-picking horses. Now where was I? Yes… being a sisterhood, Succubae don’t steal from each other either. They share everything… food… clothes… lovers. Unlike humans, they didn’t place as much value on material possessions. Now don’t get me wrong… a succubus is just as interested in a buck as the next human. They like to wear nice clothes and drive a fancy car… but they do not define themselves by the things they own… nor do judge others by what they own.”


“So far, it sounds like a utopia,” Robin commented.


“The Succubae offered humanity a utopian society. They were willing to use their powers to make to so.”


“What kind of powers?”


Psionic powers, Robin. Great mental powers that each one is born with… not always the same ability… not always the same strength… but each Succubae has a mental ability such as ESP, telekinesis, teleportation, levitation. Some can open holes to get from one place to another… like being in Gotham City on one side and stepping through a gateway ending up in Metropolis. Some can even open “pocket dimensions” which are hidden worlds within our own world… but smaller… only a few miles in size… kind of like a secret door when playing Dungeons and Dragons. They’re great places to hide.”


“Unfortunately… the humans were too ignorant to understand that the Succubae’s mental powers were a natural occurrence. They mistook psionics for magic… evil black magic. They cursed them as heretics, witches, and demons and they hunted them down… slowly killing the race.”


“The few that were left, managed to escape into a pocket dimension and take permanent refuge there. The built a peaceful society… wanting to repopulate their numbers so they could over-throw the human race and take their places as rightful rulers. The humans had screwed up their world and they needed to be ‘guided’ by the Succubae in order to create that utopia.”


“For five hundred years, they lived peacefully… only opening up a hole back into the human world so they could send a scout or two to collect supplies… as well as capturing human males so that they could… feed.”


“Feed?” Sunny started to get scared and grabbed a tighter hold on to Robin. “They eat people? Drink their blood?”


“Nothing like that… another human misconception. They need sustenance in two ways. The first is their physical hunger… that they need to eat and drink the same food as humans do. They also need to breathe air. The second is their spiritual hunger. You see… Succubae can live for thousand and thousands of years. They don’t physically age past the age of eighteen… except the queen… being the oldest and wisest… and most beloved and powerful… she stops aging when her physical appearance hits thirty.”


“Holy fountain of youth, Innuendo. How do they do that?”


“They seduce the captured men. The energy given off by the male libido as well as the sexual body fluids given off is phenomenal. The Succubae feed on these things to rejuvenate dying cells in their body and keep themselves forever young. Of course, the Succubae also do this for recreation and pleasure… all work and no play…. the queen… of course doesn’t need to feed in this way. She sustains her youth whether she seduces or not. That’s the tradeoff… she doesn’t need to seduce to feed… but she ages older than her subjects… but not much older. Of course… she still has needs and desires and seduces for pleasure.”


“Holy parasite,” Robin couldn’t believe Innuendo’s imagination. “Those poor captured men… sucked away like leeches… and a lifetime of being a sexual slave. It’s too gruesome to imagine.”


“They are not leeches!” Innuendo took offense to the remark, but Robin took no offense as he believed that she was only ‘getting into her story.’ “Parasites are creatures that take from the host and harm them without giving the poor host anything in return. The males that Succubae capture are not slaves… but beloved servants.”


“What’s the difference?” asked Rumor.


“Slaves are forced to do things through threat of violence… servants are compensated for performing their duties. As a matter of fact, they are treated like princes. All their needs are attended to. In addition to a lifetime of awesome sex and pleasure, the Succubae give them a portion of vitality so that they, too, can remain young for thousands of years. The only price they have to pay is that the are sworn to loyalty and bonded to their mistresses forever… but I think that’s a small price to pay for eternal youth.”


“Ah-ha,” a light-bulb finally went off over Sunny’s head. “That’s why they captured human males… not only to stay young... but also to get themselves pregnant, too… on account that they only give birth to girls.”


“Wrong, Sunny,” Innuendo liked knowing more than here sister. “Succubae… at least the ‘lesser’ Succubae can’t get pregnant. They also can’t get sexually transmitted diseases or spread them. Only the queen can get pregnant. She’s responsible for populating the colony… and when she’s ready to breed… she can drop children likes there’s no tomorrow. So that is why all Succubae are sisters… literally.”


“Sort of like a bee colony,” said Robin. “The queen is the breeder of the race. The lesser Succubae are like the worker bees… and the captured males are the drones? Simple concept… but highly original on your end. Tell me, Innuendo, does this queen lay eggs? Is that why she’s able to pump out those succubus-babies so fast?”


“That’s gross,” Sunny replied.


“She’s a mammal, Robin,” said Innuendo. “She gives birth to live young. Mammals don’t lay eggs… Duh!”


“What about the platypus?” Robin smiled back.


“Okay, you got me there, Boy Wonder. Anyway… the queen breeds at a very fast rate. A baby only gestates in her womb for nine hours instead of nine months. It only takes a newborn succubus 18 days instead of 18 years to reach full maturity. That means the queen can have a child a day… even more if she’s blessed with twins or triplets.”


“Holy acceleration, Innuendo. Those poor Succubae get cheated out of a childhood.”


“But the trade-off is a lifetime of youth. Not a bad deal if you ask me.”


“Let’s see,” Rumor did some figures in her head. “Five hundred years at three-hundred-sixty-five babies a year… which makes about 182,500. How many do they need to conquer the world?”


“About 50,000 actually.”


“That gives them more than three times the amount need,” said Robin. “What are they wanting for?”


“They could conquer… if they had that number… but in those five hundred years, there was not been one new born.”


“Is the queen sterile?” said Sunny.


“Nope. Quite fertile and ready to drop them out at any time.”


“So what’s the problem?” asked Rumor.


“The queen is very sad. In that attack of five hundred years ago, her drone-consort was killed.”


“Still mourning his loss after five hundred years?” said Sunny. “At least she’s romantic… not taking another husband to honor her deceased love.”


“Nothing like that. She simply can’t find a suitable replacement.”


“What about the other drones in the colony? Surely one of them would want to be Mr. Queen.”


“Sadly, Robin, she can only use them for pleasure. If she tries to use them to impregnate herself, she’ll end up killing them… and she loves them too much for that. Don’t get me wrong… she’s a gentle and tender lover when it comes to recreational sex… but to get pregnant, she has to cut loose… go all out. In this stage, she is highly sexually aggressive and she has an immense sexually appetite. It takes a special type of man to please her… and she been looking for over five hundred years… and she thinks she’s found someone to fit the bill.”


“It seems the queen has very high standards… sounds like only someone like Superman could qualify.”


“Wrong again, Robin. Superman is an alien… incompatible physiology… impossible to mate with him. The ‘drone consort’ must be a pure human… not a meta-human, mutant, or altered human. He must never have had a wife. He must be of top physical condition, intelligent, brave, loving, and kind. He is that rear human with love and great sexual potential…. a rear human with a tremendous sexual libido… great sexual energy and prowess… who can survive the queen’s mating sessions… over and over again… and satiate her sexual and romantic hunger. He has to be a virgin. Oh yeah… he also has to be well-endowed and well-hung… he must be blessed with a really big pecker. The queen just loves big cocks.”


“Watch your language,” Sunny reprimanded her sister. “You better keep this story to PG-13 level or else.…”


“Okay, okay,” Innuendo moaned. “Sorry, I offended you… geez! Anyway… the queen his very happy because… after five hundred years, she finally feels this great libido presence on Earth. She has the glass slipper and all she needs to do is find the person it belongs to. The ‘worker’ Succubae are even more excited because they have someone else that they can adore other than the queen. You see… not only does the drone-consort pleasure and impregnate the queen, but he’s also responsible for pleasuring the other Succubae of the hive when the other ‘regular’ drones are too exhausted.”


“I’m surprised that after five hundred years of searching for her mate, that the queen would share him with her subjects.”


“Succubae share everything, Robin… that also goes for the queen. As a matter of fact, she has to share her new drone-consort with a lesser Succubae before she mates with him.”


“What do you mean that she has to share?” Robin thought this whole story was nothing more than for poor Innuendo to vent out her own sexual frustrations. Nevertheless, even though the story was twisted, demented, and morbid, something intrigued him to want to hear more. He needed to satisfy his curiosity.


“This ‘chosen one’ may be a great sexual-tyrannosaurus-stud-buck… but he still is… human. The fact that he’s a virgin means that… even sexually strong, he would not survive the initial encounter with the queen. A lesser Succubae has to ‘break him in’ for the queen… seduce him gently… make him strong and build his strength to keep up with the queen. The first step isn’t suppose to hurt… the drone-consort needs to take baby steps… so to speak. It’s a tricky process. They often have to seduce the drone-consort by force… often binding him helpless so that he can’t prevent the lesser succubus from seducing him. They have to screw and bang his brains out until his will is broken to the point where his obedience is absolute. They can’t take a chance that he will betray the colony later by trying to escape or kill himself to escape his fate. After two or three great climaxes with lesser Succubae, the new drone-consort is ready to rock n’ roll with the queen.”


“Couldn’t the queen just ‘break in’ the guy herself?” asked Rumor. “Didn’t you say that the queen was a gentle lover?”


“Weren’t you paying attention, moron? The queen is only gentle during pleasure sex, not for procreation. She could break in her new lover, but she dare not risk it and she doesn’t want to take a chance. She doesn’t trust herself and would rather play it safe. After five hundred years of searching, she may become too overcome with love, lust and desire and forget herself.”


“Wow!” said Rumor. “It looks like this new drone-consort is going to be walking funny for about the first week. I hope his loin muscles are in shape. So… who is this poor sap?”


“The done-consort is hardly a sap. He is the pre-generator of the race.”


“Pardon me. Get a life, Innuendo.”


“Get bent, Rumor. Do you want me to continue or not?”


“Please do,” Robin spoke up. “Who did they find?”


“A knight,” Innuendo continued on with her same zest as before, totally forgetting that she was mocked only seconds before. “A very brave and courageous knight. He is very handsome and noble… but like most humans… he is ignorant. He hates the queen because he wrongly believes that she is an evil demon that wants to devour his soul. He is too blind to see that the queen only wants to love him and bare his children.”


“They made many attempts to capture him but, time and time again, they failed. He fought back most viciously. He was most persistent to fight the queen and her minions and, in turn, the queen was persistent to make him hers.”


“As time went on… and after each subsequent attempt… they found the knight not to be as noble and kind as he led others to believe. He was only pretending to be kind and noble and virtuous. He was real mean, arrogant, and a general over all…. a-hole.” Innuendo heeded Sunny’s wrong to curb her language. “He was like a Hollywood actor that would be sweet and nice to the general public during appearances or while on camera, but would become an instant jerk as soon as he was in private. It didn’t make sense. The knight was the chosen one. He had to be! The libido energy aura that was always in his presence didn’t lie. How could this pompous, arrogant, jackass be the chosen drone-consort? It all seemed hopeless.”


“Then a very smart succubus figured out the answer. It was so simple and obvious when she told the queen her theory. The queen cursed her own stupidity for being so blind and arrogant that she failed to see the answer that was right under her nose… the real drone-consort was hiding in plain sight the whole time. Everyone failed to see the answer sooner and could have spared themselves the wasted time and agony trying to go after the knight.”


“It was ironic. The queen and the other Succubae condemn the human race for being blind and arrogant, and here they were doing the very same thing… talk about being hypocrites. When they felt the great libido aura they naturally assumed that it came from the knight that stood proud in his shiny black armor and rode the mighty white war stallion covered in barding. Hey, Robin, you know the old saying about when you assume?”


“Holy anagram, innuendo… you make an ass out of u and me.


“This clever succubus discovered that the energy signature didn’t radiate from the knight at all… but his loyal and faithful squire that was always by his side… the unpretentious boy that wore humble clothes and rode a simple old retired farm mare. When the squire was in battle his only defense was plain leather armor and a battered-up wooden shield. He had to fight with a cheap, heavy, short sword… unlike his master’s plate-mail, well-balanced long sword, and hardened steel shield.”


“He was the true ‘chosen one’ who was more worthy of being a knight than his master was. As a matter of fact, the squire should have been promoted to knight a long time ago… but his master held him back. The knight was jealous of his servant and couldn’t face the fact that the squire would become greater than himself. The boy was good enough to clean his armor, sharpen his weapons, cook his food, and clean up after the horses… but the knight was too selfish to see his apprentice as an eventual equal… or even his superior.”


“The arrogant and vain knight did everything he could to keep the boy down. The knight kept telling his squire that he was no where near ready for knighthood. He would always berate that boy and use a condescending tone of voice… you see the knight was a master manipulator that he did it in such a friendly, charming way that squire had no clue that he was purposely being kept down.”


“Although the boy was brave and virtuous, he was inexperienced in the ways of the world. He was kind and trusting… and very naïve… always finding the good in people rather than the bad… and that horrible knight took full advantage of that. So… for many years the squire toiled in mediocrity while the knight took the mantle of glory that he did not deserve.”


“When the queen heard of this she was ecstatic! She wanted the young hero more than ever. If she didn’t have him soon, she would die. Unfortunately… to quote Shakespeare: Therein lies the rub. You see… this boy was more noble, vitreous and kind then all the drone-consorts that came before him. The queen couldn’t simply ask the boy to rule by her side. The squire’s honor would never allow himself to be the father of a race of beings that would eventually over-thrown his own beloved human race. He would never willingly or voluntarily betray his own people no matter how beautiful and loving he found the queen.”


“The other problem was that the boy was a virgin. He had a notion in his head that it was his purity that made him noble and brave and if he laid with a woman, he would lose his noble qualities and never become a knight and be a hero no more… and there was nothing the queen or anyone else could do to convince him otherwise.”


“Holy coincidence,” Robin whispered in Sunny’s ear. “That sounds a lot like me.”


“I swear, Robin,” Sunny whispered back. “I didn’t tell them your secrets. I would never tell anyone. I kept my promise. It’s all a coincidence. He’s been working on this story long before I met you.”


“I believe you.” Robin did believe Sunny because… first… he trusted her… and second… logic dictated that Sunny was telling the truth. The whole time, Sunny was never out of Robin’s presence long enough to inform anything to her sister. Even when he was alone with Mrs C. in the kitchen, she could hear Sunny talking on the phone from the other room to her classmate about schoolwork.


“Another reason he had no knowledge of women… and he could have got any one with little effort… was because he was very shy. He was very scared to have sex. He felt that if he tried, the girl would laugh at him… believe him not to be sexually adequate… but that was far from the case. He didn’t even realize how gorgeous he was and that he was hung like a horse, too.”


“The queen knew that the boy-hero would not cooperate on his own so… with that in mind, the queen had no choice but to send her minions to beat the boy into submission… humiliate him… and have him brought before her… that’s the usually way that drones are captured. She didn’t want to do it that way, but she ached to feel the boy inside of her and she didn’t want to waste any more time. She was also afraid that if she didn’t act quickly, she would lose her opportunity and have to wait another five hundred years for another suitable candidate.”


“However, the succubus that discovered the boy as the chosen one, intervened on his behalf. She, too, fell deeply in love with the boy as she was drawn in by his innocence, kindness, and compassion. She couldn’t bear to see this boy beaten down, humiliated, and raped like all the others. He was not worthy of the same treatment as capturing a common drone.”


“She begged and begged the queen to have mercy on this magnificent and worthy boy. She had a plan to capture the squire unharmed… but it would take time and it was risky… and the queen was growing impatient. If the plan failed, they would never get the squire again. Despite her better judgment, the queen relented and gave her subject permission to carry out her plan. Although the queen’s loins ached for the boy, it would be better, in the long run, to take him unharmed. It was a gamble worth taking. The queen figured that she waited five hundred years… she could wait a little longer. Some things are worth the wait.”


“The succubus disguised herself as a human and befriended the squire. Slowly, she gained his trust… discovered his strengths and weaknesses. Finally, many weeks later, when she was discreetly able strip him of his armor… separate him from his weapons. When she was sure that he was vulnerable and weaponless… and totally unaware of danger, she sprung her trap. The poor boy was totally blindsided as he was over-taken by Succubae that bound him secure and rendered him totally helpless. He never saw it coming. The look of his defeat was totally priceless.”


“It wasn’t as difficult to capture the boy as the succubus believed. He was smart and clever … but as smart and clever as his knight-master… the arrogant pig saw to that by not educating the boy as much as he should have… just holding back enough to keep the boy in check. Being under the knight’s thumb, turned out to be an advantage for the succubus… and the young squire’s downfall. The boy-hero was smart… don’t get me wrong… but the succubus was just a little bit smarter… not by much… but just enough to pull off the trap.”


“When he was brought before the queen, she was totally elated that they, at last, snared the uncatchable fly within their slowly spun web of deceit… and without so much as scratching that fine, firm, gorgeous young body.”


“The queen was so pleased that… as a reward for her outstanding service… she ordered the clever, young succubus to ‘break in’ their new captive drone-consort before bringing him to the queen’s chamber so that she could immediately procreate with him.”


“Holy sticky situations. How did the young hero escape his fate?”


Innuendo shot Robin a wide shit-eating grin before answering. “He didn’t.”





“He didn’t?” Robin took a little offense to Innuendo’s remark. “Surely, the young squire-hero’s goodness, pureness, and virtue prevailed in the end? Batman says that good always overcomes evil.”


“Not in my story, Robin… and my name is Innuendo… not Shirley.”


It took Robin a few seconds to get that pun.


“Besides,” Innuendo continued. “Succubae are not evil. They only wanted to love the hero and repopulate their race and reclaim what was rightfully theirs… and that’s exactly what happened. The young succubus gently broke in the squire… and so did a few of her sisters. Then, the queen screwed his brains out for the next few hundred years until there were enough Succubae to conquer the world. The boy lost his “hero-ness” but gained a lifetime of youth and lots of great blissful sex. The queen and the other Succubae found their lost love and made the world a better place to live… for Succubae and humans alike… except the humans needed to be guided. Everybody wins… the end.”


“That was so cool, Innuendo” said Rumor. “You should send the manuscript out to a publisher or literary agent.”


“Publishers and literary agents wouldn’t know good literature even if it came and bit them on the ass. All they do is send rejection form letters. I don’t even think they even bother to read the queries or manuscripts. They don’t like anything. It’s always ‘not what we’re looking for’ or ‘we’re not the agency for you’ or ‘we’re not accepting new clients’. It’s all bullshit. Publishers won’t look at your manuscripts unless they’re submitted by an agent… and agents won’t represent you unless you’ve already been published. As Robin would say: Holy Catch 22!”


“Take it easy,” Sunny tried to calm her sister down but she was on a roll.


“Those jerks hate everything… except that Harry Potter crap. I hope that Rowling bitch knows that she totally caught lightning in a bottle… and I’m a ten-times better writer that that twit… and she probably thinks she’s a great literary figure like Virginia Woolf. Of course if you are a celebrity, they’ll publish your book. I bet Pamela Anderson didn’t write her own book… hired some other chump to do it. They print some boring-ass book by Barack Obama that sells… like… fifty copies. That wife of Dr. Phil… for crying out loud… she’s not even a real celebrity… just married to one… and they publish her book… I bet if she submitted her work under the name of… Roberta Marcus… and no one knew she was that bald-headed hick’s wife… they’d pass on it like a bad kidney stone. I hate that Dr, Phil, too… self-serving, arrogant, pompous know-it-all redneck… the only things that come from Texas are steers and queers and I don’t see any horns growing out of his head. How come that Jared from “Subway” can get a book deal and I can’t? What was he? A fatass geek that lost some weight? For crying out loud… they’ll publish some dork that hocks sandwiches for a living… but they won’t even give my stuff an honest glance? Even if I did get published, those greedy bastards would take all the money and give me… like… five cents a book or something like that.”


“I’m sorry, Robin,” Sunny shook her head. “She gets on this tangent once in a while. It’s best to let it run its course until she runs out of steam.”


“How about self-publishing?” Robin asked, hoping to calm her down.


“All those places do is charge you up the ass for editing and promotion. They get all your money and you get a bunch of books printed that end up collecting dust on your shelf. Even on were there’s no fees and they print on demand as ordered… but no one buys books on that site unless it’s some boring non-fiction computer book. If you want to get your ranking up, you still have to pay for an advertising campaign. Even if I sell a lot of books as self-published, those ‘traditional’ publishers won’t give me a publishing credit. I just can’t win.” Innuendo took a deep breath and seemed to calm down. “Well… if I can’t get it in print or make money on it… I might as well share it with the world for free. I’m going to post it on the Mr. X website so millions can view it.”


“Who’s Mr. X?” Robin inquired.


“I doubt that you’ve heard of him,” said Rumor. “He’s one of many that host sites that feature stories of super-heroines in peril. They always end up in bondage and become victims of sexual assaults and other kinky stuff.”


“Why would anyone want to read garage like that?” Sunny couldn’t believe her ears.


“To get off, I guess,” answered Rumor.


“How do you know about these sites?” Robin gave Rumor the look of one eyebrow raised and the other lowered.


“I dated a creep that played a sick joke on me. He knew that I liked to read Batgirl comics and he said there was a website with Batgirl stories on it. He showed me some that were written by some jerk named ‘Flamingo Boy.’ At first, it read like a legitimate story… but then it got twisted and creepy. Batgirl ends up getting captured by this eccentric mysterious, reclusive billionaire who ties her up, cuts off her costume, unmasks her and makes her perform lewd sexual acts. It was sick, perverted, and demented… but I couldn’t help myself. I couldn’t stop reading the damn thing until I got to the very end. And this story was long, too… it just went on and on… sometimes going off about trivial nothings… not even making a point. He takes two paragraphs to explain something that can be summed up in a single sentence. What a loser.”


“Later on, I felt ashamed and I dumped the creep… and never went back to that site or read anything like that again. That author… Flamingo Boy… what a twisted whack-job… and what kind of name is Flamingo Boy? Is that a stupid faggot pseudonym/pen name or what? He couldn’t come up with anything better? It sounds like a stage name for a male stripper or a gay porno star. This guy has too much time on his hands. He needs to get a life… and get laid while he’s at it, too.”


“Oh, no!” Robin paid no attention to Rumor’s tirade. “It’s 10:30. I didn’t realize that we’ve talked this long. I’ve really pushed the dead line now. Your mom won’t like it that I stayed this late. Now, I really, really, really have to leave.”


“I guess you’d better,” Sunny sadly agreed and so did her sisters.


“I better collect my things,” Robin wasn’t too thrilled either that his night of fun was coming to an end, but he knew that asking to stay the night was out of the question. He looked around in a confused state. “Where are my boots, cape, and gloves?”


“A-ha,” Rumor smiled in delight. “You owe me two bucks, Innuendo.”


“What’s going on,” Sunny scolded her sister. “Did you take Robin’s things?”


“I did it while you two were sucking face on the sofa. You guys were so into it, that you didn’t even see me do it. I bet Innuendo that Robin wouldn’t even notice they were gone until it was time to leave. I’ve collect everything and left it on the kitchen table. That way, Robin can grab it on the way out from the back door.”


“Why the back door?” Sunny asked. “That’s rather rude. I don’t think that Robin should slither out the back like a thief in the night.”


“What about Mrs. Slycarp? She’ll see Robin leave through the front. She has no concept of time. Anytime after dark is considered ‘late’ to her. She’ll end up blabbing to Mom that Robin left at midnight or something. If he goes through the back, it’s too dark for the old nosey battle-axe to spot him.”


“I’m afraid that true, Robin,” said Sunny. “Can we trouble you do that? I know it’s stupid, but we just got Mom to mellow out, and if she thinks that you left at a late hour, she’ll never let us have friends over again until we’re all twenty-one.”


“We’ll… I guess I could do that.”


“Thanks, Robin,” said Innuendo. “You’re a real trooper. You’re stuff will be by the door. I’ll say my good-night now as I’m sure that you and Sunny will want a few minutes alone. Thanks for everything, Robin. You are the bomb!”


“It was a real blast. Robin,” Rumor walked up her stairs and followed her sister. “I hope we can do it again. Goodnight.”


“Goodnight, girls,” Robin gave them a friendly salute. Sadly, he knew that this night out for a rare one-time deal… and so did Sunny.



Robin found his cape, neatly folded, with his boots and gloves resting on top resting a kitchen counter not far from the back door. Before he could grab them, Sunny put his arm around him.


“Oh, Robin,” she said. “I really, really had a great time. I’ll never forget this night as long as I live. Thank you for letting me get to know you better.”


“The same goes for me. Please tell your mother ‘thank you’ for the dinner and her hospitality. I really liked being treated as a person instead of an icon… it’s something that I haven’t felt in a long, long time.”


Robin boldly gave Sunny a deep, long kiss. Since it would be their last, he threw caution to the wind. He deeply penetrated her mouth with his tongue and kept it there for almost two minutes.


When they finally finished, a breathless Sunny tightly wrapped her arms around Robin, buried her head in his chest and started to cry.


“Holy water works, Sunny. There’s no need to cry. We’ll be seeing each other again. I promise.”

“I know, Robin… but not in the same way as tonight. I just don’t want it to end. It’s not fair.”


“You’re right,” Robin cupped Sunny’s chin and tilted her head up. “It’s not fair… but our destinies have only crossed momentarily and our roads now go off in different directions.”


After holding each other for a few more minutes, Sunny went to the counter and grabbed Robin’s things. Before she handed them over, she said, “Oh… I almost forgot. I wanted to say… I’m sorry.”


“Sorry,” Robin was puzzled. “For what?”


“That horrible story that Innuendo subjected you to.”


“Forget about it, Sunny. I thought it was a very… interesting… story.”


“No,” Sunny sighed. “It wasn’t a story. Every word of it is true.”


“Huh?” Was Sunny playing a joke on him in order to alleviate her heart-ache?


“I’m sorry that… that squire in the story is actually… you.” Sunny then backed away a few step and with a loud voice shouted. “NOW!”


Before Robin could react, he felt the wooden floor underneath him suddenly give away… no… he was actually passing through the floor. It no longer felt solid. It was like he was a ghost “phasing” through a solid wall.


The next thing Robin knew, he was back in the recreation room. Before he could twist his body and land properly or roll with the fall, he landed hard on a gym mat. It was enough so that he didn’t injure himself, but the sudden fall and landing did knock the wind out of him.



As the stunned Robin lay on the floor motionless, Rumor and Innuendo were already on top of him.





“Hurry,” said Sunny as she “phased” through the ceiling and landed softly on her feet using her mental power of levitation. “He’ll only be stunned for a few seconds.”


“Check!” said Rumor as she got ready with the spray can that she was holding and making sure that her sister, Innuendo, was not in the way.


Being in great physical shape, Robin was able to clear his head and regain his bearings much faster than an untrained citizen; however, it wasn’t fast enough. The girls already took this into account, and before they could allow Robin the chance to fight back, Rumor caught Robin in the face with a blast of the spray.


Upon immediate inhalation (and absorption through the skin for good measure), the Boy Wonder felt more dizzy and disorientated than before. He felt as weak as a kitten as his strength and endurance was suddenly sapped away. He could only haplessly slump to the floor. He couldn’t even lift his arms and his legs felt like dead weights.


“That’ll take the fight out of him for a few minutes,” said Sunny as she threw each one of her sisters a coil of rope that was black in color. “Roll him over on his stomach. Bind him helpless. Make sure those knots are nice and tight. Take your time. If he gets loose, the Queen will have my head.”


“Relax,” said Innuendo as she took Robin’s arms and forced them behind his back and crossed his wrists and bound them together with a series of tight inescapable knots while Rumor did the same with Robin’s ankles. “This rope is totally escape-proof.”


“Only if you tie the knots properly,” Sunny came back. “Do it the same way that our ally showed us.”


Ugghhh!” Robin moaned in his semi-conscious state as his body stiffened as Innuendo put the final knot in his bindings and gave it a hard pull for good measure.


“Watch it!” Sunny reprimanded her sister. “Not so hard.”


“I’m only making sure that he can’t get loose, Sunny. That’s what you wanted in the first place. Stop complaining.”


“Finished,” Rumor put the last knot in to secure Robin’s bound ankles.


Nicely done, kid sisters,” Sunny smiled briefly before getting a look of anxiousness. “Oh… shit… quick you guys… roll him over on his back!”


Robin moaned again as he was helpless rolled on to his back. He felt Sunny's hands on his buckle before she ripped his utility belt off from his waist. Robin cursed to himself, as even in his clouded state of mind, he was trying to reach for a cutting device in his belt. When he felt his belt slip off his waist… so did his last chance to escape. These ropes were different. He could feel them fusing on to his skin… becoming part of his flesh. There was no way he could cut, break or wiggle out without ripping his own body apart. It was the perfect binding device… and a perfect trap!


“Almost forgot about this,” Sunny tangled the belt in front of Robin before tossing it off in a dark corner never to be seen again. “I almost made the same mistake as everyone else. Good thing you told me about this on the way home from school. And you were just about to get something from it, too. Close… but no cigar.”


“It was very clever how you got his boots, gloves and cape away from him, Sunny.” Rumor lifted Robin’s back forcing him into an upright sitting position.


“Don’t get in a huff, Robin,” Innuendo kneeled next to him. “Sunny didn’t give away your secrets. She always keeps a promise. We all knew that you have escape tools hidden in your boots gloves and cape long before that. Also remember that Sunny never promised that she wouldn’t use your secret against you so that we could tie you up and make you our helpless prisoner.”


From out of nowhere, Innuendo pulled out a knife.


“What are you doing?” Sunny yelled. “You promised not to hurt him. That’s the only reason why I let you two help me with this.”


“I’m not going to hurt him,” Innuendo grunted back. Sunny was relieved to see that her sister was only using the knife to cut the strings the held the front of Robin’s red vest closed. “I’m just going to cut off his vest… in case he has shit hidden in here, too… and so what if we rough him up a bit? We can just tell the Queen that we had to use reasonable force because he was resisting capture.”


“Let’s just bitch-slap him around a little bit,” laughed Rumor. “No one will ever know.”


“You’ll do nothing of the sort,” Sunny meant business. “I’ll report you if you do. Robin is in no condition to resist now or attack any one of us so….”


“Okay, baby,” Innuendo made two masterful cuts around Robin’s shoulders and discarded his vest to the side. Now Robin was only clad in his green one-piece tunic. “We’ll do it your way.”


Seconds later, Robin could feel two pairs on hands groping up and down his body… checking to see if he had any more hidden weapons… violating him as well.


Rumor, satisfied that there were no weapons in his tunic, let Robin fall to the floor and she and her sister backed away and stood next to Sunny to admire their handiwork. It didn’t take long before Robin was able to regain his wits. All three watched in ecstasy as the Boy Wonder struggled helplessly in his bonds. They watched him twist and gyrate and they got turned on… even more so when Robin finally collapsed from exhaustion as they watched his chest heave up with heavy breathes.


Robin was having a strange experience as well. Although he found himself bound helpless and totally at the mercy of these girls, a part of him actually felt sexually excited and stimulated. To his shame, he felt himself getting hard.


“There he is, Sunny,” Innuendo bragged. “Your plan worked to a charm. The mighty Robin, Boy Wonder, is now totally bound before us and our helpless captive… to do with as we please… and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. Whatsa' matter, super-stud? Not use to a bunch a teeny-boppers getting the drop on you? And with little effort, too?”


“Holy entanglement,” Robin finally summoned enough strength to speak. “I can’t get loose. I’m totally trapped. I knew that you girls wanted to keep me here… but this joke has gone too far.”


“It’s no joke, I’m afraid, Robin,” Sunny approached. “You really are our prisoner. I promise you that if you behave that.…”


“You won’t get away with this Sunny,” Robin ranted. “I thought you were my friend.”


“I still am….”


“Everyone knows I’m here… they’ll find me and… mmmmmpppph!”


Sunny stuffed a rag in Robin’s mouth and then secured it into place by tying a gag around his mouth. She couldn’t bear to hear Robin’s pleas.


“I am your friend, Robin,” she said as she gently stroked his hair. “That’s why I formulated this plan… to capture you without hurting you. I’m sorry I did this… but it was the only practical way. If I didn’t intervene on your behalf, the Queen would have left it up to my sisters… and they can be cruel and vicious when it comes to the hunt.”

“Damn straight,” Rumor snarled.


“It won’t matter that your ‘friends’ know that you’re here. We’ll be long gone by then… and we’ll be at a place where no one can track you or follow us.”


Mmmmppph,” Robin gave a muffled curse of contempt.


“I’m sorry, Robin,” Sunny broke down and started to sob on Robin’s chest. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t bear to see them hurt you. Please forgive me.”


“Cut the sentimental crap already,” said Innuendo. “It’s after ten o’clock and we need to catch the last gateway. The Queen can’t keep it open indefinitely for us, you know.”



A few minutes later, Sunny, Rumor, and Innuendo picked up Robin and “escorted” him to the back porch which was more like a raised balcony overlooking a very large back yard.


All the time he was dragged, Robin feebly struggled in his bounds, but found release impossible. He was tied up too well… not to mention that when he struggled, he was pulling on his own skin and muscles… and it really hurt!


“Don’t bother, Robin,” mocked Rumor. “Those are special ropes that the Queen made specifically for your capture. She’s taking no chances with you. The rope is bonded to your wrists… fused to your bone. I suggest you don’t struggle.”


“She’s right, Robin,” Sunny tried to calm him down. “You’ll only hurt yourself…. But don’t worry… they’ll dissolve in a day or two. I’m afraid it’s a rule that all new stud-bucks must be restrained for, at least, twenty-four hours… even if they agree to come voluntarily.”


“And before that happens,” Innuendo jumped in. “We’ll have already broken you… and your cute, sweet little ass will belong to all of us… including the Queen.”


“Take a good look, Boy Wonder,” Rumor forced Robin’s head up and made him peer into the beautiful night’s sky. “Take one last look at your precious Gotham City. Make it last because… you won’t be seeing it again.”


“Stop teasing him,” said Sunny. “He’s probably scared enough as it is.”


“Stop being such a wet blanket, Sunny,” Rumor mocked her sister. “It’s bad enough that we have to do this your way… without hurting him… but for crying out loud… can’t I have a little fun?”


“Shut up, you two,” Innuendo pointed her finger down from the porch. “There it is.”


Robin’s eyes widened in terror as he saw the inter-dimension gateway open up. It was parallel to the grass of the back yard. He could even see what was on the other side… the interior of a palace!


Rumor opened a swing gate to the porch. It just opened up to… nowhere. There were no stairs to lead to the grass. It was almost the same opening on a ship… when pirates wanted you to walk “the plank.”


Robin struggled uselessly as Rumor and Innuendo grabbed him and laughed as they dragged him toward the opening. He could do nothing as he was thrown off the porch and his body sailed through the portal opening.


Sunny, Rumor, and Innuendo soon jumped in after him.



Unlike the basement, Robin landed into the “pocket” dimension on a pile of soft pillows. This time this fall was broken gently without having the wind knocked out of him. No sooner did he land when Rumor and Innuendo lifted him up and got him back on his feet. There was another girl in the room about the same age as the trio that captured him.


“Is that him?” the girl glowed. “Is that really him? Oh, my gosh! He’s… like… totally gorgeous!”


“That he is,” Sunny answered the girl. “Isn’t he everything the Queen said he is… and more?”


Friggin’ A, Sunny,” the girl remarked as she looked at Robin’s crotch and saw his bulge. “Hey there, big boy. My name is Chastity… but don’t let the name fool you.”


“Hey, Chas,” Innuendo interrupted the girls glaring. “Where does the Queen want him?”


“Oh, yeah… to the throne room… on the double.”



It didn’t take long to drag Robin into the court room which was occupied by about twenty young women and about six men. One of the girls had handed a young man a chalice of wine before wrapping his arms around him. He also noticed a figure standing in the shadows. He couldn’t quite make the person out but there was something familiar.


“Is that the one?” the young man with the wine asked his companion and interrupted Robin’s train of thought. “For the Queen?’


“That’s right,” the girl answered. “Lucky bastard.”


Robin was confused. He was in the “throne” room but didn’t see a throne. Why was it called the throne room?


A few seconds later he discovered why.


A ten foot diameter hole opened in the floor and a large throne, ornately carved from stone slowly rose up. On the throne sat the familiar image of the Queen… namely Mrs. C!


This Mrs. C was quite different from the one that Robin had met earlier in the evening.



First off, her hair was down to her shoulders. It seemed fuller… a little more wild and seemed to spike out and the ends. Her lips were covered with a bright red lipstick rather than the subtle tone of the afternoon. She did her make-up around her eyes to give her “cat eyes” which where fixed on Robin with a lustful gaze.


Instead of her floral print dress, she wore, what looked like, an evening gown… but made of entirely black leather. She had unusual long dark gloves that went up to her elbows put they didn’t extend over her finger… actually a single loop over her middle finger secured them into place.


“Bring him forward,” she boomed in a loud voice.


Rumor and Innuendo dragged him before the Queen, forcing him into a kneeling position. Sunny stood off to the side.


“He’s magnificent,” the Queen gave Robin a closer look. “Remove his gag.”


“Mrs. C,” Robin blurted out the second his mouth restraint was removed. “What’s going on? What is this place?”


“Innuendo has already explained that to you,” the Queen answered. “I can see the fear in your eyes, Robin… but you need not be scared. You are quite safe now. No harm will come to you… so long as you don’t compel us to do so.”


“You got me, but you won’t get, Batman….”


“We don’t want Batman,” the Queen said to Robin’s surprise. “Although… he was our original target. I almost made a terrible mistake if Sunny hadn’t pointed it out. I wasn’t sure about it myself until we took that group photo, dearest Robin. You see… it was more than a camera. It measures sexual energy. Your readings went off the scales.”


“Holy breeding stock,” Robin gasped.


“Not breeding stock. You’re more than that. I’m afraid your career as a crime fighter is over… but your new job will be much more rewarding… as my Consort Drone. The one I’ve waited for five hundred years.”


“That story… it was all true. This was a trap….”


“And you totally fell for it,” said the Queen. “Don’t be ashamed Robin. You were out-classed from Day One. You never had a chance… much like a journeyman club fighter going up against the heavyweight champion of the world. We went through great pains to get you here… and with your honor and dignity still somewhat intact?”


“Holy contradiction, Mrs. C. How do I still have my dignity when I’m died up like a dog?”


“Would you prefer to be dragged in here before me all beaten, battered, bruised, and totally humiliated? Your bondage is for your own safety as well as ours. We can’t risk you escaping as you are very clever… or harming yourself during resistance… or you harming us back. Sunny’s idea of getting you into a neat, tight package was the best course of action… even if I initially didn’t agree. Besides, I like a man bound up and helpless before me. I have a kinky edge and all drones ‘taste’ better when they feel helpless.”


“Mrs. C, please listen.…”


“No… No,” the Queen waved her finger in mock scolding. “No more formalities. Call me Queen Cassiopeia or just Cassie.”


“Queen Cassie,” Robin humored his captor. “It wouldn’t work out between us. You’re a mature woman… and I’m just a boy.”


“You’re a man, Robin,” the Queen protested. “You’ve proved that more than once. You admitted that your were beaten by women in your career. You defend Sunny’s honor. You defended my honor. You even showed your weakness to me and bared your soul. That is what makes you a real man. I love you for that… and soon you will love all of us… and we will all love you.”


“I won’t do this,” Robin tried to struggle. “You’ll have to kill me first.”


“That would defeat the purpose… and you’re much too valuable to me alive. That’s another reason why you’re bound. I can’t have you fool yourself into doing something noble… like killing yourself. I won’t have that. You will stay bound until I break you into obedience. I know you are scared to lose your virtue, Robin… you believe that it will destroy you. Fear not, you won’t break your sacred vow of purity. Consider me your wife now… and considered yourself married to all my daughters as well. There is no dishonor for a man to lie with his own wife. It’s a consummation of marriage.”


“You can’t do that. I can’t be married to all these women.”


“I am the Queen of this realm and I can make it so.”


“Holy Delilah!” Robin suddenly discovered that his secret was revealed and spit his venom at Sunny. “You told! You betrayed me.”


“No, I didn’t Robin,” Sunny protested. “I swear! I told no one!”


“Liar,” Robin ranted. “I thought Succubae kept their word.”

“Don’t get all bent out of shape, bird boy,” a familiar voice said as the figure in the shadows (which Robin had forgotten about) had finally revealed herself. “Your little blonde majorette didn’t snitch on you. I told the Queen your secret.”


Catwoman!” Robin exclaimed.





“I’m afraid, Robin, that Catwoman has been our agent all along… from the very beginning,” said the Queen.


“That’s right, Rob-o,” Catwoman playfully ran her fingers through the Boy Wonder’s hair. “Somehow, Sunny the succubus-next-store, found out that the ‘chosen one’ was you rather than Batman. I didn’t believe it at first… but they paid me a shit load of money to kidnap you. I arranged for the first rally… knowing that either Batman would be too busy or not interested enough to attend… but important enough that he would dump it on his flunkey… namely you. I purposely let you spot me as Selina Kyle so that you would follow me home… but I had you pegged the whole time. When I doubled back and blindsided you… I got to thinking… if Robin really is this ‘stud-muffin’ that the Queen believes… I thought… hey… what the hell… I might as well sample the goods, too. The only problem was that I got a little sloppy in my anxiousness and you managed to slip away.” Then she turned away from Robin. “Sorry about that, Queenie.”


“Quite alright, Catwoman,” answered the Queen. “I can’t say that I blame you. It’s taking all my inner strength not to mount this gorgeous young buck right here and now. In the long run, it all worked out. With the information you gave us, we were able to get Sunny to win Robin’s trust and eventually get him here, nice and secure, without a scratch. You have done us an invaluable service.”


“It’s seems the joke was on me all along, Cassie,” Catwoman laughed. “I thought Batman was the mother load and Robin the consolation prize… but all along it’s been the other way around.” I blew my one and only chance to bag the Boy Wonder and now I’ll never know how awesome in the sack you are.”


“As per our agreement, your payments have been deposited in various banks in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands… as well as your bonus… and as for your other compensation….” The Queen motioned to one of her minions who handed Catwoman two coils of back rope. “Your extended youth will last for fifty years, Catwoman, and will also be transferred over and shared to the first male that you have intercourse with… and I have a good idea who that might be. However, I can make it permanent if you wish to remain here with us. You have proven yourself a useful and worthy ally and we’d be glad to have you.”


“Thanks for the offer, Queenie, but I’d prefer my world back home.”


“Very, well, but I must remind you that once you cross over, I must close all portals permanently for sake of security. We will have no further contact once you leave. I’m afraid that I dare not open them again for five hundred years when we over-run the Earth.”


“No big deal,” Catwoman laughed. “I’ll be pushing up daisies long before then. It’s been a pleasure doing busy with you.” Then she kissed Robin on the forehead. “Adios, Boy Wonder. It was nice almost getting to know you.”


Catwoman,” Robin yelled. “You’re going to leave me here?”


“You betcha’, Sport.”


“You fiend,” Robin cried. “How could you do this to me? Have you no regrets for what you’ve done?”


“The only regret I have, Robin, is that I blew my one and only chance to bag you. Now I’ll have to settle for Batman.”



Robin shouted and cried for Catwoman up until the portal was opened and she crossed through the other side. Robin then knew that any hope of returning home was lost forever.


“Now, Robin,” the Queen smiled. “Where were we?”


“Please, Mrs. C,” Robin knew it was useless to beg by it was all he had left. “Please let me go. I don’t deserve this.”


Sadly, the Queen agreed. “You’re right Robin… you don’t. Unlike the other arrogant males that we have to beat into submission, you don’t deserve this. You are kind and decent and very brave and noble… and it aches my heart to keep you here… but I’ve searched five hundred years for a man like you… and there won’t be another one for another five hundred. Now that I’ve found you, I can never let you go…. NEVER!”


“P-Please, Robin cried, “I’m afraid.”


The Queen turned a deaf ear as he motioned to Sunny. “Prepare him. Strip him down bare and bring him to my chamber at midnight.”


“Aren’t you forgetting something, Mom?” Sunny gave the Queen a confused look.


The queen stared at Sunny for a few secondss before answering. “Oh, yes… how foolishly of me. I got so excited that I forgot. I don’t want to kill the boy and you’ve done such a fabulous job of bringing him here to me. Sunny, dear, would you be so kind as to break him in for me… and save a few pieces for the twins, too.”


“Oh, thank you, Mom,” Sunny motioned to Rumor and Innuendo to drag Robin off.



Robin screamed and yelled as struggled as he was removed from the throne room.



Robin was taken into a bedroom and thrown on a bed of red satin sheets. It would be a very comfortable bed under different circumstances. In all other respects, the room looked like any other room than would be occupied by any other high school teenage senior (who happened to be a six hundred year old succubus).


“Don’t wear the mattress springs out, Tiger,” Innuendo gave Robin a gentle pinch on the cheek before leaving the room.


“Have a good time,” said Rumor. “We’ll be just outside if you need us.”


Sunny said nothing in response and simply escorted her sisters out of her room. The second that they were gone, she threw the bolt and locked the door from the inside. She then reached over to the light switch… actually it was a knob and not a switch. She carefully dimmed the lights so that Robin could only see the outline of her body and he would only be able to see her clearly when she was very close.


Beads of sweat formed on Robin’s head as Sunny approached her CD player and turned it on. She adjusted the volume so that the soft romantic music could fill the entire room.


It was when Sunny finished lighting the candles surrounding the bed and removing her beret and clips from her hair and running her finger through it, that Robin finally found the courage to speak.


“Sunny… w-w-what do you going to do to me?”


“Seduce you, my love,” she said nonchalantly.


“You can’t be serious.”


“I’m trying to make this as romantic as possible for you, Robin. I know this is your first time. I know that you’re very shy. I know that you are frightened. No one here with laugh at you. I’ll be very gentle. I promise. Don’t worry… you’ll do just fine.”


“We can’t do this. Not like this.”


“How else should we do it? I have the soft music and lights… and candles. Would you prefer that I rape you like a common piece of meat?”


“It’s not right.”


“It’s more than right, Robin. I’m your wife now… and I’m calling in my right to consummate our marriage.”


“Please, Sunny. It’s not too late. Cut me loose. Help me escape.”


“It’s impossible. I’ll have to cut your flesh off with those ropes. Be patient. They’ll dissolve in due time. Even if I wanted to help you, Robin, I couldn’t. My mom has permanently sealed off the gateways so we cannot return to Earth and there’ no place in this realm that we can hide from her. Just accept your fate… and enjoy it. I know that I will.”


“Why are you doing this to me, Sunny?” Robin was on the verge of crying. “I thought we were friends. You said you loved me. Did you lie? If you love me, then let me go.”


“I do love you, Robin. I had to do this. This is the only way that I could have you. Can’t you see that this is the only way that we can be together? I want you so bad, Robin, and I know that you want me, too. It’s that damn Sir Galahad complex that gets in the way… but I’m going to cure you of that.”


Slowly, Sunny unbuttoned her blouse… one button at a time… making sure that Robin could see everything… including her large firm breasts cradled inside a sexy black bra.


“You like? There’s more where that came from….”


She reached to her back and pull down a zipper and her skirt fell to the floor revealing a match pair of black thong panties. Soon after, she let her opened blouse slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor as well.


Robin had to contain his excitement with deep breaths as her got a good look as Sunny’s ass and her breasts that were much larger than her over-garments made them out to be. He felt his bulge get harder and tighter in his crotch. As much as he hated to admit it, he liked what he saw… still he had to fight the temptation. He was a disciplined hero and he had to keep the hero standards.


Knowing that she had her “captive” in a little trouble, she carefully climbed on top of Robin and gently put her cleavage in his face.


“Holy mammoth mammary, Batman,” Robin muttered to himself.


Sunny thrust her pelvis near Robin’s midsection to see how aroused he was and she was pleased to see that he was as hard as a rock already. “I knew you’d like.”


She then reached over to her night stand and grab a small vital of clear liquid. When she unscrewed the cap, Robin saw that it had a small application brush attached at the end. It also had a familiar odor to it. Then he realized that it was rubbing alcohol.


“What’s that for?” Robin said suspiciously.


“To remove the spirit gum that holds your eye mask in place so I can take it off without ripping your skin apart. I want to see your gorgeous face without anything in the way. I bet you’re even more beautiful without it.”


“Sunny, please. Don’t unmask me. I can’t let anyone know my secret identity.”


“There are no secret identities in this realm, Robin,” she applied the alcohol near the corners of the mask careful not to get any in his eyes. With his arms securely bound behind his back, Robin could do little to stop her. “Your secret life means squat here. Who are we going to tell anyway? I bet no one will even recognize who you really are. I’m just curious to see your face. Like all brides on their wedding night, they want to see all of their new husband.”


“No… no,” Robin cried as Sunny slowly peeled his mask off his face.


“The mask has to go, Robin. It’s the last symbol of you being a super-hero… and we don’t need you as our hero. We need you as our husband and the father to our next generation of sisters.”


Robin struggled for a few seconds after Sunny unmasked him. With his mask gone, he could feel some of his strength and willpower leaving him. He couldn’t believe that in just a few short hours, a trio of young women had taken his utility belt, bound and rendered him totally helpless, stripped him down, humiliated him and totally defeated him. He could only hold back his tears as the lovely Sunny tenderly wiped away the gum residue from his face.


“You are beautiful,” Sunny started to give him baby kisses around his face before working his way to his mouth. As on the sofa, the mouth kisses started off soft… with no tongue… very innocent… before she started working her tongue in deeper and deeper into his mouth. Unlike the earlier tongue kiss, this one smacked of great passion, desire, lust… there was wanting in that kiss and Sunny was going to fill her desire and Robin could do nothing to stop her. He was nothing more than a male black widow about to be seduced by the female… but would this black widow kill after mating?


“What’s that?” Robin’s eyes widened in fear as Sunny stopped kissing him and saw that she was holding a blade. “You promised not to hurt me.”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” Sunny took the blade and started to cut away near the shoulders of his green tunic. “I just want to see the rest of your awesome bod. Hold still. Don’t move.”


Robin compiled. Being bound helpless, he could do nothing else as Sunny slowly cut away his tunic… peeling it away and making sure to keep it in one piece… as if she were helping a caterpillar shed its cocoon skin to reveal the beautiful creature that awaited underneath it. Robin moaned as his last layer of protection was slowly being ripped away… almost embracing his helplessness and vulnerability. Slowly he was enjoying being at Sunny’s mercy.


With a last yank, Robin’s tunic was totally removed from his body. The only thing that kept him from being totally naked was the small pair of speedo briefs that he wore underneath. These he secretly used to help keep his ever-growing bulge in check.


“Totally awesome,” Sunny admired the beautiful lean muscle mass that was Robin the Boy Wonder. His skin was so smooth and had very little hair… the perfection transition between adolescence and manhood. He was gorgeous… so damn gorgeous! She couldn’t help but rub her hands up and down his skin that was soft to the touch… his muscles that were so firm. She cooed with delight as she heard Robin softly moan. She slowly worked her hands toward his waist and picked up her blade again.


“Wait,” Robin said Sunny put the blade to one side of his shorts. “Don’t. Please. Keep them on. I’m not ready.”


“You’re ready, Robin,” Sunny flicked her wrist and cut off the first side. “Mom said to strip you down… totally naked. Besides, these will only get in our way.” She then cut away the other side and tore his shorts away.


Ugghh!” Robin moaned in delight as his cock got even harder as the last bit of his modesty was taken away. A wave of sexual euphoria hit his body when he discovered that he was totally exposed and vulnerable to the beautiful Sunny… who could do anything she pleased to him.


“Holy shit!” Sunny screamed. She knew that Robin was well-endowed, but the very first sight of his large exposed and hard cock left her breathless. She couldn’t wait to mount her most beautiful man-capture and ride him like a wild stallion… but first she needed to get him more aroused. Hard as it was to believe, Robin was capable and getting stiffer, longer, and harder. She couldn’t believe how big he was. That was when she discovered why Robin was called the Boy Wonder!


Slowly and methodically, Sunny started kissing Robin’s body making her way up to his tummy of washboard abs and then his chest. Robin arched his back in delight as she used her tongue to lick his nipples… just barely touching them with the tip of her tongue. She massaged his other nipple with the dip of her finger. As she believed, this was doing the trick. With her pelvis resting on his, she could fell his cock getting harder, it was starting to pulsate, too, and Robin’s back arching was starting to become a subtle thrusting motion. Sunny knew that, deep down (and to hell with virtue) Robin wanted her. He wanted to be inside of her. She wanted to feel him inside of her as well.


Robin was almost ready…. Almost… she wanted to make his cock ach until he could take no more.


She went in for the initial kill.



When she finished working up to Robin’s neck… licking, sucking, and gently biting his it as well as his chin before giving him another passionate kiss… she suddenly kneeled so that her body was upright.


This time she used the blade on herself… slowly cutting off the left strap of her bra followed by the right. She then put the blade between her cleavage and flicked the blade forward totally cutting her bra off and leaving her lovely breasts exposed. She did the same and cut off her panties as well. Robin was delight to see that succubae have no pubic hair.


After giving Robin a few seconds to visually admire her perfect cones of delight, she thrust her bare breast into Robin’s face… forcing him to kiss them, lick her nipples, suckle them, bite them gently. As Robin did this, she grinded her body naked body against Robin’s… that and the licking of her nipples was what got her wet.



Not long after, she was ready to go. Taking a kneeling position and spreading her legs, she slid down and let herself get impaled on Robin’s manhood.


Slowly she raised and lowered her hips, riding his hard cock up and down… running her hands through her hair and then touching her own breasts as she started to moan. She then started to shake her head so that her hair would fly around wildly.


Not long after Robin started thrusting his pelvis… he couldn’t help it and he couldn’t stop. It was like his actions were separate from his mind. The sensation of his cock rubbing against the inner wall of Sunny’s vagina felt so damn good… yet there was a part of him that still held back.


Sunny fell forward so that she was lying on Robin’s chest… letting her hair touch it… kissing it… licking it. She started the tongue-nipple massage and it was driving Robin crazy with pleasure.



Minute after minute, they each began to sweat more and more… their hearts were pumping like jackhammers… and adrenaline was coursing through their veins. The threw themselves into their passions and desires and were thrusting away harder and harder with each passing minute.


“Please cum, Robin,” Sunny pleaded as she could still see that Robin still had enough willpower to hold back. “Please cum for me, Robin. I must break you. I have to deflower you. Climax and I’m yours forever!”


Sunny then had a thought that would seal Robin’s fate and bind him to her forever. She went in for the final kill.



Robin knew that it was a battle that he was slowly losing… and he didn’t want to win… but something deep within stopped him. He was able to resist the romantic setting of the dim lights, candles, and music. It was able to resist the awesome sight of seeing Sunny totally nude. It was able to resist her warm touch and the feeling of his cock inside of her. He loved all the above mentioned things in combination… but something held him back.


Robin wanted to let go… his cock ached more and more. The pressure was building and steadily getting stronger.


With all those things going against Robin’s inner will, it had no chance for what Sunny whispered in his ear.


“I love you, Robin,” she said. “I love you so much. I want to be with you forever… and you can if you just climax. I loved you since the first. I wanted you for so long. Please… I want to be your wife. I love you, Robin!”


“Holy Volcano! Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Robin erupted and sprayed out his warm cum with such as force that Sunny had to wrap her arms around him to keep herself inside him.



With that, the unimaginable happened…


Robin, the Boy Wonder was deflowered.



Yessssssoohhhhhhmmmmmmmmoooohhhhhmmmmmm!” the energy of Robin’s along with her own set off a chain reaction of sexual energy that caused Sunny to cum…. that total fed her with a rejuvenation force that she never felt before.


And it didn’t stop there, released more cum into her and it kept pumping for a good fifteen seconds.


“Holy shit!” Sunny screamed as she felt Robin’s sexual force hit her so hard that it felt like it was going to take her head of. “Oh, my God! Not again. I don’t believe this. I never imagineddddddarrgghghhhohhhhhhhh!”



Sweaty and spent, Sunny went, limp, collapsed, and rested on Robin’s chest trying to catch her breath and her bearings. The energy she received from this seduction had been enough to sustain her for years… she couldn’t wait to recuperate and do it again!


“I love you, Sunny,” Robin muttered under his weak breath. “God help me… I’m glad you did this to me… took me by force.”


“It’s okay,” Sunny kissed his face tenderly and stoked his hair. “Save your strength. You’ll need it.”



About ten minutes later, Sunny got off of Robin and started to stretch her worn muscles. She was totally tired and it appeared that Robin was recovering.


“Ready for another round?” Sunny reached for her robe and put it on.


“Sure,” Robin smiled but he was confused as to why Sunny was getting dressed if she wanted to have another session.


His question was answered as she unlocked her door and Rumor and Innuendo entered wearing robes similar to Sunny.


“Where are you going, Sunny?” said Robin as he saw that she was leaving. “I thought you wanted to go again.”


“No, silly,” she smiled. “I didn’t say another round… with me. I’d like to, sweetheart, but you wore me out. Maybe in a few hours.” Then turning to her sisters, she said. “Make sure that he has three or four good climaxes and then he’ll be ready for the Queen. Don’t be too rough at first.”


Rumor and Innuendo disrobed and soon climbed on top of Robin with their naked bodies.


“What is this?”


“Robin,” Innuendo rolled her eyes. “The Drone Consort must pleasure all the colony.”


“Enjoy, boy toy,” Rumor got to his lower half and started sucking his cock.


“Holy… Holy….” Robin found that since his deflowering, he was unable to come up with any more of his lame ‘holy’ expressions. The only one that came to mind before Innuendo shoved her twat in his face and forced him to lick it was…


“Holy shit…mmmmmmpppph!”





“Yes… Yessss, my love,” the Queen howled with a sexual pleasure that she hadn’t experienced in a half century.


She was standing up holding the still bound and naked Robin in her arms. The Queen showed that she was immensely strong and she constantly held Robin’s head in her bare breasts with one arm and used the other to push on his bare ass and force her massive cock to impale her time after time… after time. As far as lovers go, Sunny and her sisters were thunder storms… but the Queen was a sexual hurricane!


When Robin started getting into it and thrusting on his own, the Queen started to kiss him passionately in order to keep him from dying out.


“That’s it, my love,” she cried. “Don’t be afraid. Impale me hard. You won’t hurt me. Five hundred years, I’ve waited for you. You made me cum three times and I love you for it. Now it’s your turn. Cum! Give me your seed and start the circle of life once again. Climax, damn you, my gorgeous stallion!”


The pleasure of the Queen and the feeling of his cock rubbing inside of her were too overwhelming and stimulating for Robin to resist. The queen was so beautiful… tender and loving one minute… and forceful and passionate the next.


“Batman…. forgive me” Robin was able to mutter before he blew his wad and the queen felt his mass of warm cum explode inside of her. “Arrgghhhhhhhoooooggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”



Totally spent, Robin went limp, but the Queen hugged him tightly in her arms preventing him from falling down.


“Batman is now a ghost to you. He cannot give you what I have to offer. You’re my bitch now, Robin.” Then the Queen became tender. This was a happy time… not for punishment. Robin performed above all expectations and he deserved compassion. “Thank you, my darling…. I’ve waited for you so long. I love you so much. We all do. We’ll never let you go… never stop loving you.”



When Sunny heard Robin’s scream, she waved for her two sisters to join her as she pounded on the Queen’s chamber.


“Mom! Mom!” Sunny cried. “Can I please come in?”


“Enter,” the Queen said proudly. “I have news.”


Sunny gasped as she saw her mother holding the naked, bound, and limp Robin over her head like a prized trophy.


“Mom,” Sunny said with trembling lips and tears in her eyes. “I heard Robin scream… He’s not… You didn’t….”


“No, Sunny,” the Queen still held up her prize like her was a light as a feather. “He’s very much alive… but a little worse for wear. He’ll recover soon enough.”


“Oh, thank God,” Sunny dried her eyes as Rumor and Innuendo hugged to comfort her.


“Behold,” the Queen’s voice boomed throughout the chamber and made her three favorite daughters jump to attention. “Behold, the love of my life and the savior of our people. The Succubae will not die off thanks to this awesome stud. Already I feel his seed taking hold in my womb and my child starting to grow.”


“No,” Robin moaned softly. As much as she loved the queen, he knew that he was now totally defeated. Now that the queen was with child, it could not be undone. The succubae’s plan would soon come to fruition… and there was nothing that Robin could do about it.


“You’re pregnant, mom?” Innuendo said hopefully.


“Awesome!” Rumor screamed. “I knew he could do it.”


She dropped Robin and let him land softly on the big fluffy pillows that were strewn about the chamber. Sunny quickly ran to Robin’s side to comfort him.


“That’s right, girls. By morning, you will all have a new sister… the first in five hundred years… and many more to come.”


“Was he everything you desired and more?” Rumor asked.


“He was friggin’ magnificent. The best drone I’ve ever had. I just love them young, dumb, and full of cum… but to be fair… Robin is not dumb… just too trusting and naïve… but… hey… two out of three ain’t bad.”


“Then our colony still has hope to defeat the human race?” said Innuendo.


“Almost,” the Queen sighed. “There’s still a spark within Robin… albeit a minute one of independence… that that yearns to be free. I’m not surprised. A hero like him would have that. Sunny….”


“Yes, Mom?”


“I want you and your sisters to devour that spark until it is totally extinguished… nothing left. Don’t stop pleasuring him until you do…. even if it takes all day… but be gentle for a while… he’s had a rough first night. Once he is finally conquered… clean him… give him nourishment… attend him… give him anything his heart desires. Bring him back to my chambers again at midnight so that I can breed again.” She looked at Robin’s prone, helpless, naked, and restrained body one last time before licking her lips. “My God, he’s so delicious… so beautiful and perfect… If I don’t have him in my chamber every night…I’ll just die!”



It didn’t take long after the Queen put on her robe and make her exit before the three sisters removed their clothing and took their strategic positions next to Robin. Innuendo took the lower end this time and softly licked Robin’s cock. Rumor lay on his left side carefully massaging his chest and licking his nipples. Sunny took the left caressing his face and whispering sweet nothing in his ears.


“It’ll be fine, Robin,” said Sunny tenderly. “Don’t worry. You’ll be out of your bondage in a few days. You’ll be very happy here. We’ll all wait on you had and foot. In a few hundred years, we’ll re-take our rightful place on Earth… and you’ll be right by the Queen’s side. You made my mom so happy… and all of us two. I love you so much, Robin.”



After two more hours of bliss sex and many hard organisms, Robin gave in to his fate and gave himself to the succubae fully. He was a super-hero no more… but now he was something more… a father to a new race that adored him… a race that would make the world a better place to leave.


He cuddled with Sunny and fell asleep.




When Batman returned from Gotham City on Monday morning, he frantically searched for Robin who last checked in on Friday night around 9PM.


He checked the safe house near the school and found Dick Grayson’s civilian clothes neatly hung and one of the Robin costume missing. The Boy Wonder was seen leaving the school after the rally with Sunny Cloverfield around 3:30PM. He had an altercation with a jock named Hofferman while walking Miss Cloverfield home.


The nice old lady neighbor, Mrs. Slycarp, informed Batman that she had seen Robin in front of the house with Sunny and her younger twin sisters from about 3:45PM to around 4:30PM. At that time, their mother, Cassie Cloverfield, arrived home and invited Robin inside and Mrs. Slycarp had not seen Robin leave since.


Sunny and her sisters, Rumor and Innuendo did not report to their respective school on Monday morning. Mrs. Cloverfield failed to show up to a PTA meeting.


Not being able to locate the Cloverfield family, Batman picked the locks of the house and did some investigating. The initial search showed it to be a typical upper-middle class house and nothing seemed out of place or out of the ordinary… until he wondered into the recreation room in the basement.


He found Robin’s boots, gloves, cape, utility belt… and most disturbing… his red vest that seemed to be cut open with a knife. What he didn’t find was Robin. No blood… no body parts… no sign of struggle.


It was if Robin and the Cloverfield family vanished into thin air.


Batman always liked to be optimistic, but the initial signs didn’t look good. Overcome with grief, guilt, and worry, the caped crusader dropped to his knees and cried.


“Robin, old chum, what have I done? I shouldn’t have left you alone. I’m sorry.”


“Save your pathetic apologies,” Batman was started by a familiar female voice. “Robin has flown the coop. You’ll never see him again.”


Catwoman!” Batman stood up. “What have you done with Robin?”


“Nothing,” Catwoman snared. “I haven’t done anything to him. Don’t worry about your ex-junior partner. He’s off to a better place… away from you… away from your berating and holding him back… he’s happy now.”


“You’ll tell me where he is, Catwoman, or so help me, I’ll….”


Before Batman could take another step, Catwoman’s kittens rushed out at the Dark Knight.


This time, Catwoman put her own vanity to the side and actually listened to the Queen’s advice for a change rather than doing things her own way. As the Queen advised, Catwoman instructed her kittens to rush Batman “all at the same time” and “from all different angels” rather and abandon the typical and traditional super-villain practice of attacking “one at a time.”


Catwoman couldn’t believe her eyes that this strategy worked so quickly and effectively. Despite his great fighting prowess and being a master of several forms of marital arts, Batman could not overcome a sudden attack from all angles from multiple attackers.


Another tactic that the Queen advised Catwoman was to employ the use of all female attackers instead of males. The queen said that this psychological ploy would increase her chances of capturing Batman as the Caped Crusader would not expect to be battered by women. The Queen pointed out that during his whole career, Batman was accustomed to the rule of the female super-villains (like Catwoman), female henchpersons, and molls always standing back and cowering while the male henchmen did all the fighting. Being physically attacked by women would be something Batman would never be prepared for. Also, being a gentleman, he would be reluctant to hit women back. It seemed that breaking the rules and traditional conventions of crime-fighting would be Batman’s downfall.


The plan worked like a charm. In less than one minute, Catwoman’s kittens had Batman’s arms bound behind his back and his ankles tied with the “special” black rope that the Queen had given her for “services rendered.”


“Take him to the bedroom,” Catwoman ordered to her kittens that effortlessly lifted him and carried him upstairs.


Again, Catwoman heeded the Queen’s advice to perform whatever plans she had on Batman immediately and not to wait until later… never living him alone and giving him a chance to escape.


When she entered the bedroom, she saw a very nervous Caped Crusader standing in front of the bed struggling in his bondage. It was painfully apparent by the look on his face, that there was something different about the ropes that restrained him and escape was impossible.


“Idiots!” She screamed to her kittens as she reached for Batman’s waist and ripped off his utility belt. “You always forget. We almost blew it. I’m glad the Queen pointed this out otherwise I would have repeated the same mistake with Robin. Not this time, Batman. This time… there won’t be any dramatic or ingenious mistakes. Take this belt to the furnace and burn it.”


“What is this?” Batman looked totally confused.


“Leave us!” Catwoman shooed away her kittens and locked the door behind her. “Do not disturb me for any reason. This could take a few days. We’ll come out when we’re finished.”


Catwoman ignored Batman’s protests as she took off her own belt, unzipped the zipper to her costume and slowly peeled it off so that she was now wearing only her skimpy underwear. Already, she could see that her captive was getting hard.


Catwoman, you feline fiend, you’ve gone too far,” Batman tried to put on his typical macho act but Catwoman knew that it was a front and that Caped Crusader was putting on an act to cover up the fact that he was scared shitless… totally screwed and at Catwoman’s mercy.“What are you trying to do?”


“Something I should have a long time ago,” Catwoman pushed her bound captive and he haplessly fell on the bed.



For the next two days, Catwoman took her time with Batman. She took her time as Batman helplessly watch her cut away his costume, piece by piece, until there was nothing left he was totally bare and vulnerable. She savored her final victory over her love-captive by unmasking him as well.


For two days she seduced Batman… sexually assaulted him… groped him… raped him… pleasured him… tortured him… humiliated him. She performed all the sexual acts and experimentations that she always dreamed of… some pleasurable, loving and romantic… others twisted, perverted, demented, and sick. She did to him everything she wanted to do to the man of her dreams and made him to do her whatever she desired.


She made Batman climax over and over again until he could take no more. He begged for mercy because he feared that her sexual domination would turn his mind to mush.


It took two days, but Catwoman finally got her captive to unconditionally surrender to her… admit total defeat and promised to give her whatever she wanted.


At long last, Catwoman had accomplished what no other villain before her ever did… she totally conquered Batman. She had bound the man of her dreams to love her forever! That’s right… she didn’t do what she did to Batman out of revenge or just to be evil… she did it for love.


Okay… he was no Robin… but beggars can’t be choosers… and Batman was an awesome consolation prize… especially since he was Billionaire Bruce Wayne. Talk about hitting the mother load!



The next day, Commissioner Gordon received a call from Batman on the red phone. He informed Gordon, effective immediately, that he was retiring as Batman. For once the incompetent top police officials would have to do their own work and earn their paychecks for a change. When Commissioner Gordon got nasty and tried to guilt his meal-ticket into reconsidering, Batman told the old clod to shut up and speak no more of this decision or else he would release to the media the photo of Gordon giving Chief O’Hara a blowjob in the bathroom while they were at a fund raiser for the Gotham City orphanage.


The day following caused a media stir as Billionaire Bruce Wayne suddenly fell off the list of the world’s most eligible bachelors. In a private elopement ceremony in Las Vegas, Bruce Wayne had married a woman named Selina Kyle. Someone had actually managed to hook the “unhookable” playboy.


Bruce discovered that married life was not something that he dreaded all his life. The two were very happy as Bruce’s great fortune was able to supply Selina whatever she desired to the point were she totally gave up being Catwoman. In exchange, Bruce received fifty years of extended youth and an endless supply of the greatest sex he ever had.



For the next few centuries, the Queen and her Drone Consort proudly watched as their succubus army grew and grew. Soon their numbers would be enough to strike Earth.


Like the Energizer Bunny, Robin proved that he could keep going and going and going and going…



And going….




The End.

Flamingo Boy