Black Widow and the Seven (Off-think) Dwarves




Flamingo Boy (



Part 1


Natasha hated doing personal appearances, and showing up at the elementary school this morning was no exception. Despite that she personally felt that it was a waste of time and that her efforts were better spent fighting crime or protecting the world from international threats, she was still able to grin and bear it. What was worse was that it was insisted that she appear in her black skin-tight uniform rather than her civilian clothes. Since Captain America was appearing in his costume, he felt that it was only right for her to wear hers as well.


Normally, she would pull out the multitude of excuses she had under her hat to get out of this personal appearance but she had two reasons why she went through with it anyway.


First, it was her civic duty as an Avenger.


Second, even through it was not her turn and she would be justified to say “no,” she agreed to accompany Cap simply because… he asked her.


She could never bring herself to say “no” to Cap. He was her mentor/confidant and taught her many things to make her an even better heroine than she could ever hope to be. Also, she did it because she had a crush on Cap for years.


Steve Rogers was unlike any other man she met and she wanted to get intimate with him for years. It wasn’t just that he was drop-dead gorgeous and had a perfect body as any other human could possible get, but it was always his kindness, compassion, and charisma that also attracted Natasha.


Unlike her deceased husband, Alexi Shostakov, Cap was not blindly loyal to the country and flag he served. Unlike, Hawkeye, Cap was not brash and headstrong and willing to settle every argument with his fists. Unlike Daredevil, Cap treated her as an equal when in the field of combat. Unlike Hercules, Cap was not a God that had no clue how “normal motrals” worked. Unlike Iron Man, he never put business before pleasure.


Unlike his fellow male Avengers, Cap never leered at her or tried to catch a peek of her while she was coming out of the shower. As a matter of fact, Cap was always a perfect gentleman.


And therein lies the rub…


He was too much of a perfect gentleman.


He never picked up on Natasha subtle hints and innuendoes that she liked him more than as a friend. He didn’t have a clue and all her advances just seemed to go over his head. Since Cap had other female companions, she knew that her comrade didn’t prefer “the company of men.”


On one hand, she understood Steve’s reluctance for any long-term relationships. Having the super-soldier serum in his blood made him age more slowly and who would want to have a girlfriend that will be thirty years older in thirty years when he’ll maybe age five years at most!


On the other hand, Steve was too naïve and noble for his own good. He was too blind to see that she would make his ideal mate. Cap knew, all too well, that she, too, had a variant of the super-soldier formula and she was resistant to aging. If time were left to their own devices, she’d be a sixty-plus-year-old hag by now. If only Cap could see the connection.


Damn his high morals!


Natasha simply had to face the sad fact that they would never be more than friends.



This year, Cap’s “crusade” involved the Presidential Physical Fitness Program. To help promote and motivate children to pass it and earn their patch, Captain America agreed to personally visit any New York City Public School that had the highest per capita students that passed.


The winning school was Brooks Elementary located in a lower-middle class neighborhood. He had asked the Black Widow to accompany him as to help inspire the young girls, who didn’t pass this year, so that they would not mistakenly believe that athletics wasn’t “just for boys.”



It was four long hours of going from classroom to classroom giving lectures. After joining the kids in the cafeteria for a nutritious lunch, Captain America and the Black Widow closed out the event by meeting with all the students in the school auditorium for autographs and photos.


Much to Natasha’s chagrin, most of the younger students flocked to Captain America while most of the seventh and eight grade students gravitated toward her… particularly the pre-teen boys.


Like a trooper, she bit her lip and playfully moved the boys’ hands to more “appropriate” parts of her body as she poised with them for photos. This surprised her as she didn’t expect the little bastards to get so “grabby” at such a young age. She would expect this from high school kids… but not from grammar school boys!


On two occasions she had to remember where she was and stopped herself from hitting two punks that made crude sexual remarks as they walked away with their pictures.


Considering that she was wearing her tight black “cat suit,” she couldn’t blame the boys. Natasha pondered the thought that perhaps she was at fault because she was subconsciously encouraging them.


“Next time,” Natasha thought to herself. “I’m going to wear something so frumpy that they won’t even want to come near me… let alone touch me.”


* * * *


“That was a blast,” said Captain America as they both walked from the school to wear he parked his motorcycle.


Ummm… yeah,” Natasha pretended to agree as not to disillusion her mentor.


“Those older boys really seemed to take a shine to you, Tasha


“You can say that again, Steve.”


“Funny how things change… When I was their age, I was too busy collecting baseball cards to give girls a second look.”


“You got that right,” Natasha answered. “I didn’t even know what the term boyfriend met until I was sixteen. Now I hear my friend’s twelve year old daughter dropping the term all the time. I hate to sound like a prude, but I think that’s much too young to be going on dates. What happened to good ol’ fashioned parenting?”


“I wish I knew,” said Cap as they reached their ride.


He tossed a helmet to Natasha who quickly tossed it back to him.


“Huh?” Cap looked perplexed. “What’s going on?”


“If it’s okay with you, Steve, I think I’ll just swing my way back to Avenger’s Mansion and catch up with you later.”


“Oh? You don’t want a ride? Say… you’re not upset with me because I dragged you here… are you?”


“Of course not,” Natasha hated to fib to the man that she respected most in the world, but she figured that a white lie was better than hurting his feelings. “It’s just that it’s been a long day and the fresh air blowing against my face will do me some good.”


Natasha grew nervous as Cap was quiet for a few seconds. Did he catch on that she was lying?


“Ah, I see,” Cap smiled. “Another challenge? Trying to get another free dinner out of me?”


Ummmuhhh… yeah… right,” Natasha grinned as Cap had inadvertently given her a tactful way out and she decided to take it.


From time to time, Cap and Widow would have a “friendly race” home. He would use his motorcycle while she would swing from building to building. The loser would have to buy the winner dinner. Thus far, in twelve races, the Black Widow had a perfect record.


Sometimes Natasha wondered if Cap purposely made these “sucker bets” as an excuse to go out with her… but that was so lame. She gave him so many opportunities and all Natasha had to show for it was a good meal and stimulating conversion… and nothing more.


“You shouldn’t have made that bet, lady,” Cap smirked like the cat that caught the canary. “It’s only fair to warn you, Widow, that only yesterday, Iron Man supped this cycle up. Didn’t you notice that it rode smoother and faster on the ride here?”


“Really,” Natasha playfully mocked him and folded her arms. “I never noticed. In my opinion, you just have that nice cycle to compensate for the lack of something else… if you know what I mean?”


“No, I don’t,” the remark went over Cap’s head… as usual. “I just don’t want to be accused of taking an unfair advantage over you when I win… so if you want to gracefully bow out….”


Bullshi…. I mean… Baloney!” Natasha was glad that Cap never noticed that bullshit almost escaped from her lips. Cap frowned on cursing and she could never bear to lose his respect or approval.


“Cap, if anyone is trying to bail out… it’s you because you don’t want to suffer another humiliating defeat.”


“Oh, really….”


“Haven’t you learned, Steve? Every time you throw down the gauntlet, I bring down the thunder.”


“Not today, Natasha. By this evening, the only thing you’ll be eating at the restaurant is crow… all while I pass the check over to you. Make sure you have your credit card in your purse because I plan on having dessert today.”


“Don’t make me laugh,” Natasha thought he looked so sexy when she riled him up. “The day you beat me home is the day you’ll find me bound, gagged and totally naked on your bed to do with as you please.”


Little did Cap know that the statement wasn’t totally made in jest.


“Better watch it, Widow. I may take you up on that offer some day.”


“Sure you will… this coming from a man that won’t even kiss a girl until they’re formally engaged.”


Then Cap busted out laughing and gave her a playful slap on the shoulder. “Oh, Tash’, you are tooooo much. Sometimes, I can’t tell when you’re serious or just pulling my leg.”


“We go ‘all out’ tonight,” Natasha put out her hand. “Luigi’s? Do we have a bet, sir?”


“Luigi’s… huh?” Cap rubbed his chin as he seemed a little hesitant. This was the first time that the stakes were so high. Luigi’s was a very fancy Italian restaurant… very pricy… and very romantic if Cap ever got the connection.


“You’re on, ma’am,” Cap took her hand and gave it a firm shake. He radioed ahead and instructed Jarvis to make the reservation.


* * * *


Natasha smiled to herself as she swung away in the opposite direction of Cap.


The poor bastard didn’t have a chance. He fell right into her trap. Luigi’s was just the right atmosphere to set the proper romantic tone. She was going to wear high heels and her short tight red dress with the spaghetti shoulder straps. She was going to make sure that they both had plenty of wine.


When Steve finally takes her back to Avenger’s mansion, she’s was going to go for broke. The friendly kiss on the cheek to say goodnight was going to be full on his lips with plenty of tongue.


In the event that Steve protested, she’d just innocently blame it on too much wine and the matter would be forgotten.


In the event that he didn’t, she’d lure him into her bedroom… or perhaps he’d lure her into his?



Little did the Black Widow know that tonight her winning streak would end… she would not be dining with Captain America this night.


Fate (and the perverted imagination of the writer of this story) had other plans for her instead.



Part 2



The Black Widow didn’t even get to swing for a mile before she heard a cry for help.


She looked down and spotted three hoodlums that had an elderly woman trapped in the dead end of a dark alley. The middle one was holding a gun while the old lady was clutching on to her purse for dear life.


“Give it up, you old bat,” yelled the punk as he waved his gun. “Otherwise I’m gonna…. Ahhhhhh!”


The delinquent’s words were cut short via an electo-blast compliments of Natasha’s “widow’s bite” which also forced him to drop his weapon.


Before he could shake off his stun and pick it up, the Black Widow and already swooped down from her cable swinging line and nailed the punk with both her legs which sent him flying into a pile of garbage cans.


A punch to the face followed by a spinning round-house kick to the head took the second punk out.


The third and final hoodlum stood his ground by pulling out his switchblade and waved it around.


Using her bracelets, the Black Widow shot her gas into his face. While he was distracted and blinded, she rushed in, grabbed his wrist, gave it a hard jerk and made him drop his knife.


She then threw him into the other two thugs that had gotten up and started to rush at her. When they collided, they all fell down like a bunch of bowling pins.


Seeing that they were seriously outclassed, they three punks took off.


“Are you alright, ma’am,” Natasha approached the old woman.


“I am… thanks to you, young lady,” she answered. “Say… are you one of those… what you call them… Super-heroines? If not, then I’m afraid that you’re a bit late for Halloween, dear.”


“Yes, I am a super-heroine, ma’am. I’m a member of the Avengers. My name is the Black Widow.”


“Avengers, aye?” the old woman seemed genuinely excited. “The Black Dahlia, huh? Nope… Sorry, dear… I’ve never heard of you.”


“No… not Black Dahlia… Black Widow.”


“Oh… Black Widow... I see… Why didn’t you say so in the first place, dear? Black Widow? Nope… Never heard of you either.”


“That doesn’t matter,” Natasha rolled her eyes. “What matters is that you should have handed over your purse. You could have been killed if I hadn’t been swinging by. Whatever you have in that bag is not worth dying for.”


“It’s is to me, dear,” replied the old woman as Natasha escorted her out to the safety of the open streets. “This is all the money I have. I’m on a fixed income and if I lose this money, I don’t eat.”


“I get your point, ma’am, but it might be safer if you had someone to walk with you so you’re not alone.”


“I don’t have any one… thanks for your concern, dear. My husband died last year and my only son was killed in Viet Nam. I had to cash my social security check. I have bills to pay.”


“Those punks might come back and I’m afraid that I don’t have time to walk you home… but I can’t leave you by yourself.”


“Do you always wear this outfit, dear?” said the old man as she touched the cloth on Natasha’s sleeve.


“Of course, I do,” Natasha answered. “Why do you ask?”


“Well, dear… I hate to sound like an ungrateful, old prude but if you go traipsing around New York with that skimpy little output, you might give young gentlemen the wrong idea… and you seem like much too nice and lovely a young lady to give people the wrong impression that you’re a tramp.”


“Skimpy? Tramp?” Natasha thought to herself. “Does this woman have any idea that this’skimpy’ uniform is insolated against cold, heat and can protect me from electricity? This is light, but sturdy Kevlar that can stop most bullets. It is also used for blending and stealth.”


Figuring that someone was within earshot and the last thing she needed was for the media to report that the Black Widow verbally chastised an elderly citizen, Natasha decided it was best to just bite her tongue rather than tell the old bitty off.


“Thank you, ma’am,” Natasha sighed. “I’ll take that advice under serious consideration.”


“That’s very sensible of you, dear,” the woman patted Natasha’s hand like an obedient child. “It’s your business how you dress, dear… but I’d hate to see you end up getting rape over that seductive outfit… and knowing your luck, the creep that did it will hire a good defense lawyer and draw a liberal judge who would throw the case out… claiming that you enticed him and encouraged the attack by wearing that provocative and promiscuous costume.”


“Yes, ma’am. I see your point.” Will you shut up, already?


“That skin-tight cat suit may have worked for Emma Peel, but that was back in the 60s, dear, and times have changed. Say… weren’t Mrs. Peel and that nice, Mr. Steed part of your group, too… the Avengers?”


“A different Avengers, I afraid, ma’am.” I got to ditch this old broad before I end up strangling her. Pain in the butt or not, I need to make sure she gets home safely. Ha! I got it!”


Thinking quick, Natasha hailed a passing cab and it immediately pulled over to the curb.


“I can’t afford to take a taxi, dear,” the old woman protested. “I only have six more blocks to go. I’ll be alright.”


“Don’t worry about the fare,” Natasha insisted. “I got it covered. I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing that you’re safe.”


After helping the old woman into the back of the cab, Natasha went to the driver’s window and showed him her Avenger’s identification card.


Wheres to, lady?” said the cabbie with a Brooklyn accent so thick that it could be cut with a knife.


“Please take my friend home. She’ll give you the address. It’s about six blocks away. The Avengers have an account with your cab company. Our access number is 773999. Your dispatcher will verify that and bill our account. When your shift is over, your dispatcher will give you your tip… twenty percent.”


The driver looked at the ID and studied the Widow’s face. When he was convinced that the picture on the card matched her face and verified the account, he said, “Wow! It really is yousda Black Widda… Holy cow! Yous look even bedda in person… a real knockout if yous ask me.”


“Thanks,” Natasha knew that he meant no harm. “My friend had a bad scare. Please make sure that she gets an extra safe and smooth ride.”


“If yous throw in your autograph, too… not only will I dos just dat… but I’ll sees to it dat da lady here gets my personal escort to her front door.”


“Deal,” Natasha was handed a race form and a pen and she signed it.


Before she could take off, the old woman reached out from the cab window and grabbed Natasha’s arm. “Come home with me, dear. Let me make you dinner. It’s the least I can do for what you’ve done.”


“I’m sorry. I can’t. I don’t have time right now.”


“How about tea and cookies then?” she persisted. “Do you have time for that? I insist.”


“How about a rain check?” Natasha could see that the lady wasn’t going to take no for an answer and that this would be the only way to pacify her. She reached in her belt and handed the old woman a business card. “That’s the Avenger’s private line. Leave me a message and I promise to hook up with you later. I’m so sorry to be rude… but I have another engagement and I can’t be late. I’m not blowing you off… honest. I’ll have dinner with you… my word on that.”


“That’s an even better idea, dear,” her eyes glowed. “Then I can invite some of my friends over, too.”


“Invite everyone,” Natasha gently freed her arm from the woman’s grip. “I’d love to meet them all…. but right now… I-I-I’ve got to go.”


“I can hardly wait. They’ll all just die when they see the Black Dahlia in person.”


“No, Black Widow,” she yelled as the cab started rolling away.


“What was that, dear?”


“Black… nevermind,” Natasha saw that the cab was already out of her feeble hearing range. “Close enough.”



Now comforted with the knowledge that the old woman was in good hands, Natasha shot her cable from her wrist band and quickly swung off again.


With a little luck, she could still beat Captain America.


* * * *


In order to make up for lost time, Natasha had to travel with a little more reckless abandon than usual. She wanted her triumph over Captain America more than anything.


It wasn’t that she was concerned that she would have to pay for dinner, but Cap was still an old fashioned guy at heart and he would feel awkward and uncomfortable if a woman picked up the dinner tab. It wasn’t that he was sexist, but he was a product of the 1940s where most women didn’t work and it was only natural that the man always pays.


If Cap was uncomfortable, it would totally screw up any romantic feelings that could evolve through the night and Natasha worked too hard to set this up. She had to get home before Cap at all costs!


Under normal circumstances, Natasha would have been more alert and not have fallen into this obvious trap; however, in her hurry and the fact that she was swinging faster than usual, she didn’t see the dimension doorway open in front of her until it was too late.


If she was going a little slower, she could have let go of her line and let herself drop and shoot another cable to safety and avoided the doorway altogether.


Instead, she swung right into it and didn’t even realize what happened until she was on the other side and then the doorway quickly sealed behind her.


It appeared that she was inside some kind of space craft as apparent by the window that showed the moon and stars.


“How did she get here?” a mechanical voice said. “Quick… blast her.”


Because of her confused and disoriented state, Natasha only spotted the robot a split second before it shot her with his stun rifle.


They blast caused her to stagger into the arms of another robot.


“Hurry. Seize her. Bind her helpless. Force her arms behind her back. Pin and secure them in place.”


They did just that as Natasha felt a strap suddenly wrap around her chest and pin her arms to her sides.


“Easy,” Natasha yelled as the robot pulled the strap tighter and tighter. “Take it easy.”


But the robot continued to pull until Natasha could no longer endure the pain and had to surrender and let her arms go limp so that they were now, indeed, pinned behind her back. She knew her fate was sealed when she heard the buckle of the strap lock into place.


“Resistance is futile, you interfering human,” Natasha heard her captor say as she struggled but her bond was too strong to break and she couldn’t wiggle her arms free.


“Put her on her knees,” said the robot to its companion as the other robot used his leverage to force her to do just that.


“Who are you?” Natasha said to the robot that had its rifle fixed at her. “What do you want? Why have you brought me here?”


“We didn’t bring you here,” the robot seemed to take offense to her inquiry. “You foolishly stumbled into our doorway. It’s your own fault. You should have watched where you were going. We were planning on taking a hunting trip on Earth… kill a few humans for our master… but you ruined it. The doorway closes once someone steps through it and we can’t open another once for twenty-four hours. You ruined our hunt… and our fun.”


“I’m so sorry,” Natasha tried to struggle hoping to stall for time so she could loosen her arms a bit so he could blast the robot with her electro widow’s bite blaster. To her horror, the other robot bound and immobilized her too well.


“I do not accept your apology,” the robot aimed his rifle at her and reset it from stun to kill. “You must die for your interference. Now stay still and you will die cleanly and painlessly.”


“Please. You don’t have to kill me. I’m already your helpless prisoner. Isn’t that enough?”


“It is not enough. We cannot take any chances. You know our plan and we can’t risk that you might escape and warn the Earth.”


“Escape for where… the middle of outer space?”


“That is true… but no more need for deception… I will kill you because… killing brings us great pleasure. Now hold still and it will be over before you know it.”


Natasha now knew that there was no reasoning with these machines.


Unless she acted quickly… the Black Widow would be no more!


Part 3


All her years of intense training as a KGB agent and later, SHIELD, taught Natasha how to think quickly in just a few split seconds.


When she spotted the mirror on the side wall, her situation changed. She went from having no chance at all to a slim one. Although her arms her pinned behind her back and she couldn’t get off a front shot with her widow’s bite… she still had a shot!


I just those few split seconds, Natasha was able to surmise that the robot that bound her helpless was standing directly behind her and in the line of fire of the other robot who would surely hit him if she wasn’t kneeling in front of him.


Also in those few seconds, she was able to figure out the angle needed…


When the first robot fired his rifle, Natasha dropped to her side and the energy bolt hit the second robot behind her, blowing it up into thousands of pieces.


Before the angry robot could fire again, Natasha aimed and fired her electro wrist blasters at the mirror. As expected, widow’s bite bolt reflected off the mirror and struck the robot in the waist area, cutting it in half. The robot’s torso fell to the ground and dropped its weapon so that it was now out of reach.


“You bitch!” the robot screamed. “I’m dying but you haven’t won. I can still take you with me.”


With its last ounce of sustaining force, the robot pressed a button on its forearm before collapsing to the floor like a piece of junk.


Arggggguhhhhhh.” Natasha screamed as she felt the strap that restrained her arms suddenly get tighter. The button was obvious some sort of remote control, and the robot figured that if it couldn’t shoot its victim, then it would crush her to death instead.


The pain was so excruciating that it paralyzed Natasha and caused her to drop prone on the ground and roll around.


Tighter and tighter, the strap got… and soon she knew that her tightened muscles that kept it at bay would give away… and then the bones in her arms… then her ribcage… then her lungs and heart. It was too horrible a death to even ponder.


And… Natasha was in such pain that she couldn’t concentrate or think of a way to escape. Her vision was getting blurry. Even if she found something to cut the strap, she wouldn’t have the strength to move, reach, or grab for it.


Form the corner of her eye, she spotted some shadowy figures in the hallway… more robots… no they were humanoid!


“I think those horrible robots went down here somewhere,” she heard a high pitch voice. It almost sounded like someone had sucked the helium out of a party balloon.


“We got to stop them before they open a dimensional hole,” said another high-pitched voice.


“We can’t let them get to Earth,” said still another.


“They’ll kill people down there,” said yet still another.


“That would be bad,” said a fifth voice. “The Queen would be very angry with us.”


“She won’t let us attend her… or mate with her,” said a sixth voice.


“No loss there,” said the seventh and final voice that was not as high pitched as the others.


“My God!” Natasha thought. There’s people aboard this ship. They speak Englsih… but are they friend… or foe?”


Another sudden rush of pain had made Natasha make up her mind. If these humanoids were hostile, she’d be no worse off than she was now. She decided to take her chances.


“Help,” Natasha screamed as loud as she could. “Please help me! Please! I’m in here! Help! Help!”


“That came from the store room,” said one of the voices.


“Someone’s in trouble!”




In a matter of seconds, seven figures surrounded Natasha, grabbed various areas of the strap and began to pull. Although it alleviated some of the pressure, it would not come loose.


“It won’t budge.”


“It’s getting tighter.”


“It’ll crush her if we don’t do something.”


“Please, help,” Natasha gasped. “Can hardly breathe… can’t take much more of this.”


“What can we do?”


“The arm,” Natasha let out her last breath. “The robot’s arm… please… hurry!”


“I’ve got it,” one figure ran over to the robot’s upper half and pressed a button on its forearm.


Seconds later, the strap loosened. Although it still held her arms at bay, Natasha was no longer in pain and she could breathe.


The seven figures circled around her as Natasha collapsed in order to fill her lungs with precious oxygen.


The seven rescuers did not speak until they saw that she was breathing normally and getting her bearings back.


“It looks like we arrived just in time.”


“Good thing we stumbled in here.”


“Let me help you,” one of the figures undid the latch on the back of the strap and freed Natasha from her restraint.


“Thank you,” she got up to a sitting position and started to rub her arms to help get the circulation back in them. Her vision was still blurry and she could not make out her saviors. “You guys just saved my life. Thank you very much.”


“You’re welcome.”


“Don’t mention it.”


As Natasha rose to her feet, a series of hands guide her up to insure that she would not fall back down again.


“That was a close call.”


“Are you sure that you’re all right.”


“Yes,” Natasha rubbed her eyes so that her vision could clear. “Thanks… to you… gentle… holy sh….”


Natasha was glad that she stopped herself from cursing as she didn’t want her rescuers to see her shock and surprise as not to offend him when she first saw them. It took everything she had not to gasp.


Circled all around her were seven men… seven little men… dwarves to be more precise. They stood between three and four feet tall and stared at the Black Widow intensely.


Six of the seven little men were Caucasian and wore fancy uniforms and hats… similar to Napoleon. The seventh dwarf that stuck out was African-American and wore, what looked like, medical scrubs and a dark grey shower cap.


Natasha felt uncomfortable being stared at… but she had to give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps this was the first time that they had seen an alien creature.


“Who are you?” Natasha thought that this would be the most appropriate question to break the awkward silence and intense staring. “How many on aboard?”


One by one they answered.


“Just the seven of us. I’m General Xenos.”


“I’m General Zoman.”


“I’m General Voomuk.”


“I’m General Sothoz.”


“I’m General Towtuk.”


“I’m General Kuzan.”


The last dwarf with the dark skin didn’t answer right away or with the enthusiasm of his companions. He rolled his eyes and sighed, “I’m Private Zedht.” He was the owner of the voice whose pitch was not as high as the others.


Natasha knew by the look on the poor fellow’s face that he was not thrilled to be the only private in a sea of generals and outranked by everyone else. Talk about too many chiefs and not enough Indians! What kind of insane military was this?


“What’s your name?” Zedht smiled.


“Oh… I’m so sorry. How rude of me. I’m the Black Widow… but you can call me Natasha.”


“Black Widow… just like the spider found on Earth,” Zedht rubbed his chin. Obviously, the private was the brightest of the group. “Natasha is a Russian name… very pretty name… very pretty like you… it suits you.


“Umm… thanks.”


Natasha had to keep the conversation going to prevent their silent stares. She knew that they meant no harm… just being cute and curious… but it still gave her the creeps.


“Those robots… what were they? Do they belong to you?”


“Not our robots,” said General Xenos.


“Heaven’s no! They’re too dangerous,” said General Zoman.


“They are Ralston Hunter Robots,” said General Voomuk.


“They were created by some asshole named Ralston,” said General Sothoz.


“Their ship blew up so they beamed down to ours,” said General Towtuk.


“We hid from them so that they would go away… but they didn’t go away,” said General Kuzan.


“We found out that they were going to use the energy on our ship to open a dimensional doorway to go to Earth and kill people,” said Private Zedht.


“We really were going to stop them,” said Xenos.


“But you stop them for us,” said Zooman.


“We discovered that the hole was closed when you flew into it,” said Voomak.


“Then they couldn’t get to Earth,” said Sothzok.


“You saved lives by stopping them,” said Towtuk.


“And brother… did you ever clobber them,” Kuzan examined the remains of the robots.


Natasha looked at the dwarves and saw that they were not carrying side arms. “How did you plan to fight the robots without any weapons?”


“Weapons,” said Zedht. “What are weapons?”


“A gun,” Natasha pointed to the robot’s rifle. “Like this one.”


“We don’t have those on our world,” said Xenos.


“We don’t need them,” said Zoman.


“We don’t hurt people unless they try to hurt of first,” said Voomak.


“That’s a very noble ideal to live by,” Natasha was happy to hear that. Although these men may have been strange and silly, they were a peaceful civilization.


“Welcome aboard. You are our new friend,” said Sothoz.


“Are you from Earth?” said Towtuk.


“We are here on a special mission,” said Kuzan.


“We ran into Earthlings in the 25th Century,” said Zedht. “But we went through a time warp and we are now in the 21st century… but not to worry… we are not lost in space.”


“That’s good to know,” Natasha twisted her lip in embarrassment. “Any chance that you could give me a ride back to Earth?”


“This ship is too big to land,” said Xenos.


“We are ordered only to observe,” said Zoman.


“If Earth spotted us, they might mistake us for enemies and attack,” said Sothoz.


“You got a point there,” Natasha rubbed her chin. “Do you have a transmat beam?”


“Yes,” said Towtuk. “But only set for us… not for Earth people.”


“It would reassemble you wrong,” said Kuzan. “Too dangerous. You might have to stay here.”


“I can’t be screwed,” Natasha persisted. “There’s got to be a way home.”


“If we could open a dimensional porthole… we would,” said Zedht. “Hey… we have a communicator that can tap into any Earth signal. Is there someone you can call to pick you up?”


“Of course,” Natasha smiled with delight. Even if she lost her bet, she still might make it back to hook up with Cap. “I could call Iron Man or Reed Richards. They have space ships. Where is your communicator?”


As Natasha started to walk toward the exit, the seven little men surrounded her and grabbed her hands to stop her.


“Wait!” said Xenos. “Plenty of time for that.”


“You’re our guest,” said. Zoman. “We must visit and learn more about you.”


“You owe us that much, Natasha,” said Voomuk.


“We saved your life,” said Sothoz.


“Just for a little bit,” said Towtuk.


“We won’t keep you long,” Kuzan said. “We promise. We have questions.”


Not wanting to be an ingrate, Natasha decided to indulge them. They were cute and harmless, so what harm was there in visiting a little bit? However, much to her annoyance, Natasha had to start the conversation again as they were just starting at her.


“Okay, guys… What do you want to know?”


Her reply was stares.


“I mean… you said that you had questions… ask away.”


“Yes,” Zedht woke up. “Most important question first: Are you a woman just like our friend Colonel Deering?”


“I don’t know who this Colonel Deering is,” Natasha gave them a puzzled look. “But in answer to your question… yes… I am a woman.”


“That’s good,”said Xenos. “We needed to confirm that.”


“We wanted to make sure,” said Zoman. “No mistake.”


“You see,” said Voomak. “It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Col. Deering or any other woman.”


“Out in space a little too long?” Natasha laughed.


“What do you mean by that?” Sothoz took a little offensive.


“I’m sorry. I’m just teasing. I was just saying that with being away so long, you must miss your wives terribly.”


“No wives,” said Towtuk. “No women back home. Only men like us.”


“No women?” Natasha couldn’t believe her ears. “Then how they heck do you… you know… make more of each other… reproduce?”


“Oh, yes,” Kuzan smiled. “We have a Queen. She lays eggs… hundreds at a time. We all attend her.”


“I thought you just told me that you didn’t have women.”


“The Queen is the only female,” said Zedht. “But she’s hardly a woman. She is ugly… not beautiful like you. She is very round and fat… no figure…. She doesn’t have curves and bumps like you.”


“Colonel Deering had curves and bumps,” said Xenos.


“She was very beautiful,” said Zoman. “And we fell in love with her.”


“But you’re even more beautiful than Colonel Deering,” said Voomak.


“Umm… thanks,” Natasha was getting uncomfortable and she didn’t like the way the conversation was going. She wasn’t worried, however, as she could handle seven little twerps.


“When we sent Col. Deering’s image back to our people,” said Sothoz. “They fell in love with her, too.”


“So much so that they were disgusted with the Queen,” said Towtuk.


“We could no longer bear to mate with the Queen,” said Kuzan. “Because we learned how disgusting she was.”


“The Queen wants to mate but we don’t want to,” said Zedht. “We don’t find her attractive anymore… but if we don’t mate with her… our race will die off. Perhaps you can help us?”


“Really?” Natasha gave them the look with one eyebrow lower and the other raised.


The little perverts finally came to the point. It was time to teach them a lesson.


Part 4


Before she was going to clobber the little perverts, she decided to stay her hand and see how it all played out. She wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and she was curious as to how far these devious little imps were going to go.


Natasha decided to mask her anger with a little humor. “I don’t think that I can be your new Queen, boys. For one thing, I’m a mammal and I don’t lay eggs. I give birth to live young… one at a time… and it takes nine months.”


“Oh, no,” Xenos insisted. “We don’t want you to be our new Queen… just a template for her.”


“What do you mean?”


Apparently, Private Zedht was the one they turned to when a long explanation was in order. “Our Queen can change her form, but she needs a mental template. She can take your image if we give her enough data. Then she will be beautiful and we can mate with her again. We would have used Colonel Deering as a template, but we didn’t have enough time. We were interrupted before we could finish. Can you be our template instead?


It was flattering in a sick sort of way. These perverted dwarves wanted to use her image to have sex with their Queen back home.


“And what exactly do I need to do?” Natasha was ready to strike.


“Nothing,” said Zoman. “Just stand there.”


“Just let us circle around and look at you,” said Voomak.


“That’s why we’ve been staring at you all along, Natasha,” said Sothoz.


“So we can piece together a full mental picture and send it back to our Queen,” said Towtuk.


“Would you be our template?” said Kuzan. “Just walk around and look at you? Then you can call home.”


“That’s all there is to it?” Natasha was relieved that she wouldn’t have to resort to violence. “Just look me over… from a distance?”


“Yes,” said Zedht. “All you got to do is stand there. We’ll do the rest. It’ll only take about fifteen minutes. Will you let us?”


“Don’t see any harm in that. Go ahead.”


* * * *


For the next fifteen minutes, the generals and their private pranced around Natasha like a game of ring-around-the-roses. They were taking mental pictures with their eyes to catch all her angles to insure that the image would come out correct.


In order to alleviate her boredom, Natasha pretended that she was doing a photo-shoot and went on to do sexy poses much like a real model. The dwarves got a kick out of it and laughed, giggled, and oooohhh’d every time Natasha came up with a new pose. It was silly, but Natasha had to admit that it was fun.




“Done,” said Zedht. “We got what we needed. Let’s call for your friends to pick you up.”


“That was kind of fun. Your Colonel Deering missed out on a great honor.”


“We’re glad it worked out this way,” said Xenos. “She was pretty… but not as pretty as you.”


“She didn’t have red hair like you,” said Zoman. “She was blonde… but we like your hair color better.”


“You are totally different than her,” said Voomak.


“Different?” said Natasha as she was escorted to the doorway. “Different… in a good way… I hope.”


“Oh, yes,” said Sothoz. “She only had one color of skin instead of two.”


“What do you mean?” Natasha was puzzled. “I only have one skin color as well.”


“No you don’t,” said Towtuk gently rubbing his fingers against her costume. “You have a white head and black skin. Colonel Deering was white all over.”


“I’m white all over, too.”


“You are not black and white?” said Towtuk.


“This is not your skin?” said Kuzan.


“No, you silly boys,” Natasha laughed at the idiocy. “It’s not skin. It’s a combination of spandex and kevlar.”


“Spandex?” said Xenos. “What is that?”


“It’s a material,” Natasha felt stupid as she expected an alien to know what spandex was.


“Material?” said Zoman. “Not skin? Not even outer skin?”


“No, it’s a uniform… my costume… clothing… it’s skin-tight… it looks like skin but it’s not.” Natasha pointed to her uniform just below her neck. “See? Here’s my zipper.”


“So the black is not your true form?” asked Voomak.


“You are not in your natural state?” said Sothhoz.


“That is a uniform… just like our uniform?” said Towkuk.


“There is more to you underneath?” Kuzan.


“Why yes… in a matter of speaking. I don’t walk around in the nude.”


Just then the seven dwarves stopped in there tracks and began to huddle. Natasha could only hear murmurs.


“What’s going on, guys? Is something wrong?”


“This won’t do,” Zedht said. “Our scanning was off. It was all for nothing. You wasted our time… now we have to do it again.”


“Are you kidding me, guys? I have to stand around and pose again for another fifteen minutes while you gawk at me some more? No way!”


“Not stare,” said Xenos. “That won’t work. We need to examine you now.”


“We need to examine you thoroughly,” said Zoman.


“Very thoroughly,” said Voomak. “We have to make sure. There can be no mistakes.”


“Queen’s orders,” said Sothhoz. “We need to see what’s underneath your black skin.”


“You need to shed it,” said Towkuk.


“That is the only way now. We must peel away your skin.”


“We must see you naked,” said Zedht. “For real naked… not this deception you played on us.”


“I wasn’t deceiving you,” Natasha grew nervous as the dwarves started to circle around her but she still believed that she could resolve this new ugly development without violence. “You really don’t expect me to… Oh come on… you’re kidding… right? Just pulling my leg?”


Her response was seven quiet stares.


“Come on, guys… Say April Fool or something.”


No response.


Natasha folded her arms and stood her ground. She couldn’t show that she was intimidated, and so far, it was working as the dwarves kept their distance.


“Well, forget about it!” Natasha snapped, trying to sound firm and authoritative rather than bitchy. “I’m grateful than you saved my life… but my gratitude only goes so far. I’ve indulged your sick little fantasies long enough. Now it’s time to get to business.”


“Please let us examine you,” Zehdt whined. “We won’t hurt you if you willingly cooperate. We promise.”


“No,” Natasha snapped and the dwarves who instinctively took a step back but not enough to break the circle and block her way out. “It’s time for me to call my friends and go home. Private Zedht, where is the communications room?


Zehdt was silent.


“Where is it… damn it! I don’t have time for this shit.”


Zehdt jumped when he heard her command. “Out this door… to the hallway… third room on the right. Why are you so angry all of a sudden?”


“Out of my way, you little perverts,” Natasha ordered but the dwarves who stood their ground even though they were intimidated. “Move it! Now!”


When they still didn’t move, Natasha was about to zap one or two of them with her wrist blaster but couldn’t bring herself to do it. Did she stay her hand because they were still cute and she felt sorry for them… no… it was because blasting them would be use of excessive force. She would be a laughing stock to her fellow Avengers if they learned that she couldn’t handle a bunch of pint-sized generals and their private.


“Fine!” Natasha merely walked out of the circle and roughly pushed Towkuk and Kuzan out of her way and walked toward the opening that led to the hallway.


General Xenos signaled to his fellow crewman that he would handle the situation. He concentrated on the door.


“Don’t mess with me, gentlemen,” Natasha rambled on as he walked. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. There’s only so much that I’ll put up…. Hey!”


Just when Natasha was two steps away from the opening, a sliding metal door suddenly closed off her exit. She touched the area for a few seconds looking for a door handle, lock or a control panel to open the door. She found none!


“Who’s the wise guy? Don’t test me, you little bastards. Open this door! Now!”


When Natasha turned around, the dwarves had already rushed her. She stayed her hand again as they were not violent and were playful poking, tugging and grabbing on to her.


“Let me go!” she protested to deaf ears. “I’m warning you.”


“Come on,” said Xenos.


“Be a sport!” said Zoman.


“Let us examine you,” said Voomak.


“Don’t be like this,” said Sothhoz.


“It will be fun,” said Towtuk.


“We will reward you,” said Kuzan.


“When we tired to examine Colonel Deering, we were interrupted by Captain Rogers,” said Zedht. “Nosey interfering prick!”


It was then that the touching got a little “too friendly” and started turning into fondling. Natasha was having a flashback to her personal appearance at the elementary school that morning… and it was taking all her will power not to lash out at these ignorant dwarves.


Instead of seeing the dwarves, she saw the children at the school… the very same horny kids that were rubbing up against her when posing with her for a picture… grinding against her… trying to pinch her or cope a feel.


“Stop it,” Natasha brushed their hands away like she was trying to swat away pesky flies. “Get your hands off me! Stop touching me! I’m warning you!”


“No, Black Widow,” Zedht said defiantly. “We’re warning you. We can do this the easy way… or the hard way.”


“The hard way then,” Natasha was about to give one the generals the back of her hand… but still decided that she could get out of this without violence. Instead of attacking, Natasha jumped on the wall, and using her special gloves and boots, she climbed up it and to the safety of the ceiling. Natasha laughed as the little dorks made their pathetic little jumps in the air in hopes of reaching her.


“How did she do that?” said Xenos.


“She crawled up there just like a spider,” said Zoman.


“It’s not possible,” said Voomak.


“You’re right,” said Sothhoz. “Our initial scan of her showed no super-powers.”


“Come down at once,” Towtuk demanded. “The door is still locked. You can’t get out.”


“You can’t stay up there forever,” said Kuzan.


“I don’t intend to, little creeps. I suggest you stand away from the door.” Natasha reached for her belt and pulled out one of her exploding disks. The dwarves ran for cover as she tossed it at the door and blew it open.


“That’s a nasty belt you have, Natasha,” Zedht grimaced. “We’re going to have to relieve you of it.”


“From all the way up here… I don’t like so, you little prick.” Feeling totally safe Natasha slowly crawled on the ceiling and made her way to the exit. She took her time as she didn’t want to take the chance of accidentally falling off.


“She’s getting away,” yelled Xenos. “We can’t let her escape.”


“The queen will be pissed and punish us for our failure,” said Zoman


“Come down or it will get very nasty for you, Widow,” snapped Voormak


“Come down at once!” Sothoz demanded.


“Come down or will make you come down,” Towtuk ordered.


“I’d like to see you try, asshole,” Natasha defied them as she slowly got closer to her escape.


“Blast,” screamed Kuzan. “She cheated.”


“She’s not supposed to have super-powers!” said Xenos.”


“Do something, Zebht!” ordered Voomak.”


“If she leaves this room, we’re finished,” cried Sothoz.


“We started the scan in this room, so the examination must finish in this room,” Towtuk whined.


“Please, don’t let her get away, Zehbt,” said Kuzan. “We are so close. Curse her super-powers!”


“Relax, sirs,” Zebht gave a malicious grin. “I studied the situation. She has no super-powers. It’s her gloves and boots that allow her to crawl on the wall… a series of microscopic hooks… much like a spider… but totally simulated and artificial.”


Then Zebht concentrated. “Let’s see if I can alter the molecular structure…. OffthinkOffthink.


“So long suckers,” Natasha was just about to reach the exit. “Sorry to spoil your fun.” Offthink Offthink. “You got to get up pretty early in the morning to pull one over on the Black Widoooooooh!”


Suddenly, and without any logical reason that she could think off, the adhesive power of her boots and gloves sudden gave away and Natasha fell to the floor.


Thinking quickly, she turned her body in a position to break her fall and prevent any serious injury; however, she couldn’t prevent herself from getting the wind knocked out of her.


While she was temporary stunned, the seven dwarves dragged her back into the middle of the room.



Part 5



In her disorientated position, Natasha was unable to prevent the nasty little dwarves from ripping her gloves off her hands and her boots off her feet.


“You won’t be needing these now,” Xenos tossed the gloves to the side and out of her reach.


Zebht has rendered them useless,” said Zoman as he did the same with her boots.


“Now for the rest of your uniform,” Voomak licked his lips in anticipation.


Again, Natasha was going to prove that no one should underestimate the power of a woman. The boot and gloves was all that they had time to remove as Natasha’s great physical conditioning allowed her to shake off her stun more quickly than the average woman.


She was up to a standing position before the dwarves knew it and it took a few seconds for Natasha to get use to the cold floor with her bare feet.


She smiled at the dwarves’ stupidity. They never took her wrist blasters. While she was stunned, the dummies could have taken her greatest weapon away instead of wasting their time with her gloves and boots.


Dumb dwarves! They’ll pay for their stupidity!


As the dwarves started to approach her, Natasha still managed to fight off her initial instinct to blast all the little pricks with a taste of her widow’s bite and take them all out… once and for all. Despite all their nasty mischievousness, she still didn’t want to hurt them. Instead, she fired a series of electro-blasts near their feet and caused them to back away… although they still managed to surround her from a distance.


“Back… get back, you little bastards,” Natasha fired a few more warning shots for good measure. “Stay away from me… or so help me, the next shots will hit you. I mean it!”


“Another nasty gizmo,” said Xenos. “Just like your belt.”


“I bet that blast would really hurt,” said Zoman.


“You got that right, bozo,” sneered Natasha.


“We can’t have that,” said Voomak.


“We’ll have to relieve you of those wrist blasters, too,” Sothhoz said.


“I wouldn’t recommend trying that,” she pointed her wrist blaster at the general. “You could have taken it away while I was stunned, but you didn’t. It’s not my fault you’re all a bunch of imbeciles. You should have taken away my weapons when you had the chance.”


“You wouldn’t really shoot us?” said Towluk.


“Just keep you’re distance and you’ll be fine. I don’t want to hurt you… but I will if you cross the line again.”


“You can’t shoot us,” Kuzan said bravely. “We are unarmed.”


“Then you should have armed yourselves,” Natasha grunted. “Too bad, pipsqueak. Now… I want all you little bastards to stay in front where I can see you… and then we’re all taking a little walk to the communications room.”


“Don’t be like this,” Zedht pleaded. “Surrender now and make it easier for yourself.”


“Ha! Do you forget, gentlemen, that I hold the winning hand? Do you think that all my training would allow me to fall prey to a bunch of horny little dwarves? You got to the count of three to break up this circle around me or else I’ll start blasting you little peckerheads away. I’m not bluffing. If you think I am, then you’ll find out just how nasty a bitch that the Black Widow can be.”


“Hand over your blasters,” Zehdt ordered.


“I don’t think so.”


“Very well.”


The dwarves took hold of each other hands a la ring-around-the roses.




Offthink! Offthink! The dwarves chanted in unison.




Offthink! Offthink!


“Three! You asked for it, creeps!”


Offthink! Offthink!


Click! Click! Whooosh! Whooosh!


Just as Natasha was about to fire away and take out her tormentors, the metal clasps that held her blasters to her wrists suddenly gave away and her weapons suddenly blew off her wrists leaving them bare. The blasters landed in a far corner of the room, well beyond her reach to retrieve them.


“What the….” Natasha stared in disbelief at her empty and weaponless wrists. “What happened?”


Offthink! Offthink!




Natasha suddenly felt her waist get lighter. She looked down just in time to see her buckle pop open and her belt fall off of her waist and on to the floor. She grabbed her empty waist in disbelief, hoping that her belt was still there and that she had imagined the whole thing. Like the bracelets, her belt slid into a far away corner, all by itself.


“How did you do that?” Natasha nervously touched her bare wrists and waist. She couldn’t believe that these dwarves had suddenly managed to disarm her in a matter of seconds.


Offthink! Offthink!




Natasha gasped as she suddenly saw the front zipper to her uniform suddenly being pulled down... by itself… almost by magic!


Then it dawned on her. These dwarves didn’t need weapons because… they were telepathic!


“Hey!” Natasha managed to grab her zipper and stop it before it unzip past her cleavage. “What do you think you’re doing?”


Natasha could still feel the zipper pulling but her grip managed to keep it in place. Apparently, the telepathic force wasn’t enough to overcome her physical resistance.


However, that left only one free hand to fend off the dwarves that, now that she was stripped of her weapons, were brave enough to charge at her in safety. It was difficult, at best, to fend off their touching and poking, and she every time she let go of her zip, the telepathic force kept pulling it down. It took everything she had to zip it back up, all the way to her neck, and hold it in place with her hand.


It was a stalemate and neither force was giving ground. It was Natasha hope that the little creeps would get bored and just give up… but they weren’t.


Having no other alternative, Natasha had to use more excessive force other than the harmless pushing and bumping away that she was using.


As much as she hated to do it, she let her fists and her feet fly!


In a matter of seconds, she heard a bunch of ows and ooommphs, as she punched and kicked various dwarves. In a matter of seconds, they were all laid out on the floor in front of her.


Instead of hightailing to the escape, Natasha believed that it was now safe to give them a nasty tongue lashing.


“As you can see, gentleman, the Black Widow is a formidable foe, even without weapons… enough to take out the likes off you.”


“I can’t believe you hit us,” said Xenos as he rubbed his sore head and started to get up. The rest were doing the same.


“Damn straight. Do you still want a piece of me?”


“No. No!” pleaded Zoman.


“I didn’t think so.”


“Too dangerous to engage you like that,” said Voomak.


“We better not try that again,” said Sothhoz.


“We don’t want to get clobbered again,” Towtuk.


“Very wise decision, you runts. Is it really true that you can’t examine me once I step foot out of this room.”


“Of course.” said Kuzan. “It’s the law. Now what do we do?”


“We go to the communications room. Zedht, get my boots, gloves, bracelets, and belts… right now and… huh?” Natasha then realized that Zedht was not in the bunch that she rounded up. “Where did the little prick go?”


“Stupid bitch!” Natasha heard Zedht voice behind her. “You should have ran out of here while you still had the chance.”


Natasha turned around to engage Zedht, but it was too late! While she was gloating, she had totally forgotten about him. He wisely used the distraction to pick up a rifle from the destroyed robot, set it to stun, and sneak up on the Black Widow.


“No,” pleaded Natasha. “Don’t…. ughhhhhh!”


Natasha was so blindsided that she could do nothing to avoid the stun blast. Just like when she arrived, she staggered around in disorientation.


“Quick, Generals,” shouted Zedht. “Grab her arms and force them behind her back. Cross her wrists. We must bind her helpless! Hurry, she recovers quickly.”


Natasha was too disoriented to stop Towtuk and Zoman from doing what Zedht asked. In a matter of seconds, Zedht had pulled out a coil of rope and bound her wrist together with an intricate and complication series of loops, coils, and tight inescapable knots.


Little did Natasha know that Private Zedht was a master of bondage. Since he had a lot of time on his hands, he studied and fine-crafted his art from the very best manuals and teachers across the cosmos. He had mastered his craft so well that he even knew how to bind contortionists helpless and people that could dislocate their joints. He won many wagers from professional escape artists that could not escape his bindings… even when he went back in time to secretly challenge Harry Houdini…. which meant that Natasha had no chance at all!


“Feisty bitch,” Zedht taunted her as her finished off his last knots. “Want to play hard ball? You got it, cock-teaser!” To make his point that she was now at the mercy of a bunch of “stupid dwarves”, Zedht purposely pulled on the ropes tight as her finished off his last knot.


Uhhhhhh!” Natasha’s body stiffened in pain. Unlike her binding at the hands of the killer report a strange feeling briefly surged through her body… it was euphoric sensation… she kind of liked that she was helpless.


The feeling soon passed as Zedht took his foot and pushed it against Natasha’s tight butt so that she staggered into the six other dwarves. Soon they delighted in tormenting Natasha by pushing her into a fellow dwarf who would, in turn, push her into someone else. Natasha was still to groggy to resist the pushing. They all laughed and jeered as she hapless tried to stay on her feet. She succeeded but looked like a clumsy drunken clown.


Then the dwarves started to run past her and bump into her, some off them pinching her ass as they ran past.


Natasha tried in vain to get her bound wrists free, but couldn’t. There was no slack in the rope… no leeway… no loose knots. As a matter of fact, the knots were strategically tied in areas that her finger couldn’t reach and the few that she could get to were rock hard. She realized that her hands would remain behind her back until one of the dwarves decided to untie her.


She got a knot in her stomach when she realized that this was the beginning of the end. Her captors were merely toying with her now.


Until she could free her hands that were securely bound behind her back… she was totally screwed.


“You little bastards!” She tried to kick at them in vain as they ran passed her and touched her. With her hands tied and still being disorientated, she couldn’t plant her feet properly to get off a decent kick. The dwarves laughed and ridiculed as they harmlessly avoided her clumsy kicks.


“You’ll pay for this!”


“What are you going to do?” Xenon pushed her.


“Punch our lights out?” mocked Zoman.


“That’s highly unlikely now that Zedht has tied your hands behind your back.”


Frustration set in as Natasha tired to her hands free but couldn’t. “Why can’t I get loose? My God! I can’t get loose! How did I let this happen? This can’t happen! I’m supposed to be the heroine!”


“Not in this story, bitch!” said Voomak.


“You’re sorry ass is all ours now, whore!” said Sothhoz.


“We’re going to take you apart,” said Towtuk. “Piece by piece.”


“And you can’t do jack-shit about it,” laughed Kuzan.


Arrghhhhh!” screamed in frustration as her stunned head began to clear.


Seeing that her kicks were starting to get close to their marks, the dwarves backed off a safe distance but still made sure to keep her encircled.


Ooooohh!” Natasha grimaced. Her hair was a mess now and she was more confused and disheveled than before. She didn’t know what to do except to groan at them in defiance. She knew that her upcoming and humiliating defeat was soon at hand.


“Now, then, Black Widow,” Zedht joined his generals. “Now that we have those troublesome arms at bay, we can continue.”


Offthink! Offthink!





Natasha gasped and helplessly watched in horror as she saw her zipper move down all the way down to her tummy… the full length of the zipper! With her hands securely bound behind her back, she could not grab it and stop it.


The opening of the front of her uniform forced her massive firm orb-like breasts to pop out and become partially exposed. She was thankfully she decided to always wear a bra under her costume.


“Let’s finishing peeling her,” said Xenos.


“Peel her like a banana,” said Zoman.


“No,” said Voomak as he approached Natasha. “I want to fell her bumps. Let’s all cope a feel first!”


“No, General Voomak,” said Zedht. “Don’t… wait!”


But it was too late for Voomak. Natasha saw her final opening and escape to salvation and she went for it in her desperation.


“No!” Natasha screamed as she threw out a forward kick. “I won’t let you molest me! I won’t.”


This time, her feet were planted and her head was clear and she did it properly. She caught Voomak square in the chest and the little man rolled backwards.


Seeing that the circle was broken Natasha ran through the gap much like Joe Montana finding a hole in the defensive line … except that she wasn’t running for a first down… she was running to save her pride and dignity and keep her virtue intact!


The only thing that separated her from the exit was air! She ran as fast as she could. Once she got out of the room, she knew that she was home free. It was her last chance. If she blew it now, her fate was sealed.


Now she knew how Ichabod Crane felt in The Legend of Sleepy… trying to get over the bridge to safety before the Headless Horseman got to him… a bridge that the monster couldn’t cross.


Although logic dictated otherwise, she believed the silly dwarves’ rule that they wouldn’t be able to touch her once she left the room. Once she got passed the door, she figured that she could hide somewhere until she could find something sharp to cut her ropes and then come back and take her revenge on her tormentors. However, she couldn’t do that until she reached the safety of the hallway.


Only ten feet separated her from salvation. She had too much of a head start and there was no way those dwarves and their short, stubby legs could over take her.


She was going to make it!


“You let her pass, stupid Voormak,” yelled Sothhoz.


“She’s going to get away for sure,” said Towtuk.


“We blew it,” Kuzan.


Zedht was totally prepared for this eventuality. He anticipated that the Black Widow would attack Voormak when he approached, and seeing her opening, would make a break for the exit.


The clever private reached into his utility belt and pulled a long rope with two metal balls at the end… his “special round-up” bolo. He swung the balls over his head, and when he felt that he had the right momentum, he took aim and let them fly.


Natasha was a few steps away from freedom, when she suddenly felt her legs get entangled. A split second later, the heavy balls caused the coil to tighten and her ankles where now completely tied together with rope.


Ooooofppph!” Natasha fell flat on her face With her hands tied behind her back, Natasha could not brace her fall and knocked the wind out of herself… again… her body now only a few inches away from the exit.


She was stunned again and before she could crawl over the threshold, the dwarves dragged her back into the middle of the room. Natasha heart sunk when she realized that she had blown her last chance to escape.


Zedht was quick at work. He removed the metal balls and was making sure to secure her ankles with inescapable knots much in the same way he restrained her wrists.


“It’s not going to be that easy, bimbo,” mocked Zedht. “You thought we were stupid? Thought you could trick us by lying about your black skin? You tried to make fools out of us, but now you’re the one who looks foolish. If you cooperated, we would have taken it easy on you… but you had to trick us… and you will pay for that. We are going to break you and tame your sorry ass now… whether you like it or not!”


Now that she was bound totally helpless, Natasha did the only thing that came to her mind… even though she knew that it was pointless.


“Help,” she screamed. “Help! Rape! Someone please help me!”


“Who is she calling for?” Xenos scratched his head.


“There’s no one else on this ship,” Zoman agreed.


“Please don’t do this to me,” Natasha pleaded. “This can’t happen to me. You can’t do this. You can’t!”


“She really sounds like she’s in distress,” said Voormak.


“I can’t bear to hear her in distress,” said Sothoz. “Gag the bitch, Zedht.”


“You bastards! Let me go! Untie me! You won’t get away with th…. Mmmmmppph! Mmmmmph!”


Natasha was quickly silenced when Zedht slipped a ball gag into her mouth and quickly secured it into place by buckling the strap behind her head.


“That’s much better,” said Towtuk.


“Yeah,” Kuzan agreed. “Her yelling was giving me a headache.”


Mmmppph! Mmmmph!” Natasha’s muffled objections were totally ignored, but she was still determined to go down fighting.


She squirmed, rolled and gyrated her bound and helpless body on the floor… kicking out her bound legs at any dwarf that came near her.


“This is no good,” said Xenos.


“She won’t stay still,” said Zoman.


“We won’t be able to examine her properly if she keeps doing that,” said Voomak.


“She could hurt herself,” said Sothhoz.


“As well as us,” said Towtuk.


“What do we do now?” said Kuzan.


“I got it,” Zedht motioned for the general to circle around her and join hands. “Just follow my lead, sirs.”


Offthink! Offthink! Offthink! Offthink!


Suddenly, Natasha felt her body rising off the floor… all by itself! No… they were levitating her!


They dwarves positioned Natasha so that she was in a full upright position and floating just a few feet above their heads. Even if she had the leverage to kick out at them, she would be too high up to reach them.


Mmmmmppph!” Natasha groaned in her despair as she could no longer roll around and thrash. She now knew that her captors could finish their examination without any further hindrance or interruptions. Natasha struggled haplessly in her bounds but to no avail. There was not a damn thing that she could do to stop them now!


Her fate was sealed!


“Oh, dear Lord,” Natasha thought to herself as tears started to come from her eyes. “These little bastards are going to strip me down to nothing… molest me… rape me… violate me… humiliate me… and I can’t stop them. Worst of all… I allowed this to happen.”


Natasha was totally corrected it was all her fault. She ran the scenario through her head and saw the multitude of outs that she never took to avoid her fate.


She wouldn’t be in this mess if she wasn’t in such a hurry to swing home in order to beat Cap. If only she was a little more cautious in her swinging, she would have avoided the dimensional doorway and not be trapped on a ship in which no one knew that she was here.


It was her fault that she underestimated the dwarves. She foolishly believed that because they were short and comical that they were not a threat.


It was her fault for opening her big mouth and telling them that her “black skin” was a mere costume. The old lady warned Natasha that her uniform would get her in trouble… and now it came back to bite her on the ass… big time!… but she never figured that it would be so soon!


Finally, it was all her fault for not taking out the dwarves when she had the chance. By not taking the threat seriously, she stayed her hands and let the little perverts get the drop on her.


As she spotted the dwarves encircling her to continue their “fun,” the Black Widow knew that she could only blame herself for her capture, predicament, defeat and her impending humiliation.


Part 6



The seven dwarves joined hands and continued their chanting.


Offthink! Offthink!


The sound of soft tearing followed.


Natasha could feel a pulling sensation on her uniform. It almost seemed that the pulling was in a downward motion. The faint sounds that she heard were the seams and stitches of her uniform slowly starting to give away. The literally were trying to peel her costume away like a banana peel… just like they previously boasted!


How could this be? Her uniform was heavy duty material with special reinforced threads to resist tearing… but it was tearing.


Natasha was powerless to stop her seams from getting weaker and weaker… her uniform feeling looser and looser from her body until….





Without warning, Natasha’s skin-tight black uniform was ripped off her body… separated and torn cleanly in two halves.


Mmmmmpppph!” Natasha showed her displeasure as she was now only down to her black bra and panties.


“You were right, Zedht,” Xenos pointed to Natasha’s awesome and luscious body. “She does wear garments underneath.”


“We’ll have to relieve her off those as well,” Zoman remarked.


“She’s so scrumcious,” Voormak licked his lips. “I can’t wait to lick her all over.”


“All in due time, my brother,” said Sothhoz.


“Look at those poor breasts,” Towtuk pointed to her bra. “They are trapped in that shoulder harness.”


“Let us set them free,” said Kuzan.


“This is going to be good,” said Zedht. “I’m glad we’re going to use her instead of Col. Deering. The Queen will be most pleased.”


Offthink! Offthink!




Natasha felt her left shoulder go bare and quickly saw that her left bra strap had given away… almost like it had been cut with an invisible knife.


“How did that happen, Natasha, dear?” Zedht taunted.


Offthink! Offthink!




Her right strap gave away as well.


“There it goes again,” Zedht continued to mock. “They sure don’t make underwear like they use to.”


Offthink! Offthink!




Natasha looked down at her cleavage and saw that the first hook to her bra had popped itself open. Obviously, it didn’t take long for the little perverts to figure out that her undergarment opened and closed from the front rather than the back.


“That’s one,” Zedht refused to let up.


Offthink! Offthink!




Natasha could only gasp as the second hook popped.


“Two down one to go,” Zedht laughed at her anguish and torment. “Just say the word and we’ll stop.”


Mmmmmpphhhh!” Please… don’t. I beg you.


“What did she say, Private?” Xenos asked.


“She said to keep going. Don’t stop until she’s totally bare.”


Offthink! Offthink!






When the final hook released itself and the bra flew off her body, Natasha’s awesome and nearly-perfect “all-natural-unenhanced” breasts popped out forward… grateful to be free of their restraint and proudly standing at attention for their viewing audience.


“My God!” Zoman exclaimed. “They’re even more magnificent than I ever imagined.”


“Finish her off!” said Zoman.


Offthink! Offthink!




Mmmmppphhh!” Nooooooooo!


Natasha felt her panties rip away… and with that… her dignity was stripped away along with all her clothing.


With that, Natasha dropped her head in shame and began to cry and she realized that her humiliating defeat was now absolute and total.


The deadly Black Widow, considered to be the most formidable non-super-powered female heroine in the Marvel Universe, had been humbled as she was easily disarmed, bound and gagged helpless, and stripped totally bare by a bunch of “stupid inept dwarves!”



Upon seeing the Black Widows now-totally nude body, the dwarves fell immediately in love with her!


“What an awesome bod!” said Voomak.


“What a nice rack!” said Sothoz.


“What a nice flat tummy and a finely-tuned tight ass!” said Towtuk.


“She’s so beautiful and drop-dead gorgeous!” said Kuzan.


“Let’s get to work, Generals,” said Zedht. “The sooner we finish… they sooner we can reward our prize by attending and pleasuring her.”


* * * *


For the next two hours, Natasha floated through in the air in an upright position and was rotated very slowly so each dwarf could observe her at every angle.


The slow spinning of her body made Natasha feel like a music box doll… a small ballerina that would spin around every time the top of a jewelry box was opened. Ironically, Natasha had originally studied to be a ballet dancer before she was manipulated into joining the KGB.




For over two hours, the dwarves touched, poked, pitched, and prodded their captive. They probed every inch of her fabulous body and got to know every last detail of her. They wanted to make sure that everything was right. There would be no mistakes this time!


Natasha soon realized that the ordeal was not so bad. Other than some occasional lewd comments, sexual innuendo and some “clinical” and scientific touching, the dwarves weren’t really violating or molesting her. Had she agreed to indulge them in the first place, she might have avoided most of the humiliation that she brought on herself.



When they were finished and mentally projected the template image back to their Queen, the dwarves decide to reward Natasha for her efforts by pleasuring her.


Not taking any chances, they still keep her bound and gagged as the lowered her to the floor so that she was lying on her back.


Mmmppphhh!” Natasha cried as she now realized that the “tame behavior” segment of her ordeal was had come to an end. The molesting and violating portion was about to begin!


At first, she resisted their attempts as the dwarves piled on top of her. She gyrated and bucked like a roped calf at a rodeo… but soon she stopped and gave in.


This was because, that this time, the dwarves’ touching was different than before. It was gentle and soothing… almost like a hypnotic relaxing effect. Their touch felt so comforting that Natasha felt her body go limp and succumbed to her ordeal.


She didn’t care anymore. It felt so good.


She soon discovered that the dwarves were only pleasuring her and not themselves!


Xenos was licking, suckling, and gently biting her left nipple. Zoman was doing the same with her right. Voormak was stroking her long red hair. Sothoz was whispering sweet nothings in her ear and licking her lobes as well. Towtuk was rubbing her toes and occasionally sucking on them. Kuzan was taking a soft feather and running in across various parts of her body.


Zedht, however, had them all beat. He was massaging her crotch area with his “magic fingers” trying to stimulate her. Natasha was holding back for now… trying not to allow herself to get aroused.


But the fact was… she was getting aroused! She liked being attended and pleasure by her captors. She embraced and learned to love her bondage and helplessness.


Mmmmmmm!” she moaned and cooed in delight, not wanting it to stop.


Now she understood why some people liked bondage and put them selves at the mercy of another. This was all about her. She didn’t have to do anything. As a prisoner she had no responsibilities.


“I can’t believe that I’m enjoying this… oh… what the…. Oh my God….. Ohhhhhhmmmmahhhhhh!”


Natasha was no match for the combined forces of the general’s touching and Zedht’s “magic fingers.” The pleasure over came her and they gave her an orgasm. They actually made her cum! And it felt damn good!


“By George!” Zedht exclaimed. “We finally found her happy spot. Now we can really rock her world.”


The generals took up and circled Natasha again and quickly joined hands with Zedht.


Offthink! Offthink!


Natasha slowly started to feel the tingling and sensation in her loins. The tremors were gradually getting more intense.


“It’s happening again… Oh my! OOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhhh!”


“Again,” said Zedht.


“Oh God! The spasms again? It can’t be possible! Oh, Lord! Oh! Oh! Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”


The dwarves continued to “offthink” over and over… making Natasha climax and cum… over and over again!


And again! And again!


They keep doing it until Natasha could hardly stand any more pleasure.


“Oh… God… Please stop…. I love you for what you’ve done… but I’m so tired… Please stop… you’ll end up killing me! Please… Oh, please! Oh… Oh…shit…. Ooooooaaugggghhhrrrrrooooooo!”



They finally stopped and Natasha got her reprieve… but only because of the sudden appearance of an untimely visitor.


It was a woman… a beautiful naked woman… and she looked just like Natasha!


Natasha couldn’t believe her eyes as she looked at someone that was her exact double.


“Come forward, you useless clods,” her voiced boomed. It sounded exactly like Natasha’s.


“It’s the Queen,” said Zedht as he and his generals quickly abandon Natasha to rush over to her.


“What’s she doing here?” said Xenos as they got in front of her, kneeled, took off their hats and bowed their heads.


“Your Majesty,” said Zoman. “What a surprise!”


“What brings you here?” said Voomak.


“The template worked,” said Sothhoz.


“You look so beautiful now,” said Towtuk.


“We can’t wait to attend you,” said Kuzan.


“Silence, you cretins!” the queen yelled. “I’m in no mood for your patronizing.”


Natasha lifted her head to see the expression on the Queen’s face: she was totally pissed off.


The Black Widow now had a gut feeling that she had fallen out of the pot… only to end up in the cooking flames.


Part 7


“How did you get here, my Queen?” Xenos asked.


“I can teleport, you idiot. I don’t do it often because I’m too busy laying eggs or being attended to… but since you ungrateful slobs deemed me too ugly… there have been no eggs… no attending… and I have plenty of time on my hands.”


“Why are you angry, Majesty?” Zedht was the only one with enough courage to ask. “Don’t you like your new body? We will be able to attend you now.”


“Only because you find me desirable again,” the Queen fired her venom back. “You should adore me no matter what I look like… but you forced me to play your stupid game… all on account of that blasted Colonel Wilma Deering and… Hey!” The Queen finally noticed Natasha. “Who is that? Why is she bound and gagged?”


“Because she was resisting us, Majesty,” Zoman answered.


“But she calmed down later,” said Voomak.


“But we decided to keep her tied up anyway,” said Sothoz.


“We couldn’t take any chances with her,” said Towtuk. “She kept trying to trick us and pull fast ones.”


“She almost got away on several occasions,” said Kuzan. “By we were able to keep her captured.”


“Can we keep her?” asked Zedht.


“I’ll have to think about that… hey … wait… that’s her… isn’t it? She’s the template?”


“Yes, Your Majesty,” said Zedht.


“Let’s have a closer look at her,” the Queen used her mental projection to lift up Natasha can bring her toward her. Like before, the queen levitated her a few feet off the ground and slowly spun her around. “Wait a second… this isn’t Colonel Deering….”


“It’s not, your Majesty,” said Xenos.


“She came here by accident,” said Zoman.


“It wasn’t even planned,” said Voomak.


“She swung in through a dimensional hole created by the robots that invaded our ship,” said Sothoz.


“We decide to use her instead as our template,” said Towtuk.


“She’s better than Col. Deering,” said Kuzan. “Don’t you think?”


“My God,” the Queen smiled at Natasha like the cat that swallowed the canary. “I don’t believe it. You goofs have somehow managed to get the drop on and bag the infamous Black Widow.”


“You know her, Majesty?” said Zedht.


“Of course I do, dear. I’ve read the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe from cover to cover. This is Natalia “Natasha” Alianovna Romanova… also known as Natasha Romanoff… a descendent of the last Czar of Russia. She’s supposed to be some hot shit super-heroine, member of the Avengers, secret agent, and espionage expert… but obviously this dumb bitch must be over-rated if she got defeated and captured by a bunch of losers like you.”


The Queen turned her attention back to Natasha. “At last… I have the object of my torment and misery in my clutches. Thanks for wrapping her up in a nice little package and delivering her to me. Payback is going to be a bitch! I’m going to enjoy taking my frustrations out on you. Any last words in your defense before I pass sentence on you?”


Mmmmmpppph! Mmmmmmpppphh!”


“Of course I realize that you have a gag on and can’t physically speak, you stupid whore. I’m telepathic… just think your answer.”


“Your Majesty,” answered Natasha in her mind. She thought it best to be diplomatic considering her dire situation. “Why do you refer to me as the object of your torment? Why do you hate me? What have I ever done to you?”


“You are a beautiful and lovely creature… that’s your crime. I’ve been forced to take your pathetic image so that I may pacify my fickle children and drones. I’ve had to endure long years of loneliness… all because my subject wanted a queen that looked like Wilma Deering.”


“But, Your Majesty. That’s not my fault that…. Ooooghhhhhhhooooooommmmmooooooo!”


For her insolence, the Queen stimulated Natasha’s loins much in the same way the dwarves did, but made her climax more intense. The Queen had a sadistic sense of humor. Instead of keeping people in line with pain, she would overload their senses with more physical pleasure than they could stand. The Queen saw this as the most effective way to make someone’s body weak and pacify them for a time without doing permanent irreparable damage.


“Perhaps you are not truly at fault… but I need someone to take out my frustrations. From this point on, your sweet, cute, little, tight ass belongs to me… you are my bitch… my slave… my plaything to do with as a please. You will remain as my prisoner for the rest of your life and you will never see your loved ones ever again. I will keep you young and sustain for a long time to increase your suffering. For the first fifty years, I think I will mount you outside my palace for all my subjects to gawk at your naked, bound and helpless body. You’ll serve as an example for those never to cross me or ever dare be too beautiful in my presence again.”


Please, Majesty… you made your point. I beg you… release me… Oh no… Ooooooauughghh!”




Then the Queen felt a sudden cold shiver and rubbed her hands against her bare shoulders to help warm them up.


“No wonder I’m cold. I’m standing around here butt-naked. I need some clothes. Ha! I got it!”


Wanting to add insult to injury, the Queen used her telepathic power and made Natasha’s discarded garments suddenly attach themselves to her body. First it was her bra and panties, then the black cat suit wrapped around the Queen and re-formed itself as if it had never been torn apart. Then came her boots and gloves followed by her wrist blasters and her belt that contained her explosive disks.


“Look at me, lackeys,” the Queen took a mock heroine pose but standing up straight, sticking her chest out, put her hands on her hips and holding her head up proudly. “I’m the new Black Widow.”


“My uniform… you have no right to wear it….. Uhhhhoooooohoooooooooo!”


“It’s my uniform now, slut,” the Queen released her mental orgasm blast on Natasha. “I conquered you and I’m taking the spoils of victory. Everything you own is now my property… you are my property as well.”


It didn’t take long for the Queen to start admiring her new body. “You know… I like this new look. I like this uniform. It’s starting to put me in a good mood. For that, I’m going to give you the chance to swear loyalty to me, Natasha. If you do that I’ll have mercy on you. Refuse and I’ll make your life a living Hell.”


“Do your worst then, evil queen,” Natasha got some of here confidence back. “I will never serve you willingly. I may be helpless and at your mercy, but I will not be your puppet. As long as there’s a last dying breathe in my body I will resist you… fight you… beat you.”


The Queen was about to give her another mental blast to make her cum, but decided to stay her hand. “I see that you may be stupid enough to get yourself trapped by my worthless minions, but you are no coward. You have bravery, determination and conviction in your voice. Taking you home with me would be a mistake. Lord knows how much trouble you might cause. You would be nothing more than a general pain in the ass to deal with. So be it! You have served your purpose and you of no further use to me. Generals and Private Zedht… be so kind as put this tart into the airlock and jettison her out into space.


“No,” pleaded Xenos. “Don’t do that.”


“That’s not necessary,” said Zoman.


“Have mercy, my queen,” said Voomak.


“She did do us all a great service,” said Sothoz.


“Even if she did resist,” said Towtuk. “Don’t hate her for being beautiful.”


“Yeah,” Kuzan agreed. “And it was a total blast tying her up and offthing her clothes off.”


“Then what should I do with her?” the Queen gave then all an evil sneer in order to let them know that she would punish them severely if they didn’t come up with something good.


“Send her back to Earth,” Zedht suddenly suggested. “Let her fellow Avengers see the result of her total defeat and humiliation. When they see her failure, she’ll disgrace the group and they’ll kick her out. Use her as an example to show those corny heroes that they should think twice before messing with us.”


Zedht hated himself for making that suggestion, but it was the only way that he could think of which would save Natasha’s life and still appease the Queen.


“Excellent suggestion, Zedht,” the Queen seemed satisfied.


“But how do we get her to Earth?” said Xenos.


“We can’t land this ship,” said Zoman.


“The transporter is too dangerous,” said Voomak.


“It will take too long for the Avengers to come here and pick her up,” said Towtuk.


“What do we do?” Kuzan said.


“We’ll send her back the same way that she came in,” answered the Queen. “By a dimensional hole. Have you morons forgotten that I can open one up?”

The Queen did just that. She repositioned Natasha so that her body was now in a horizontal position, parallel to the floor. She opened the dimensional hole a few feet below Natasha.


“Before we part company, dear Natasha,” the Queen said sarcastically. “I just wanted to thank you for the new body and for donating your sexy uniform to a worthy case. I’m afraid that you’ll have to return home in your birthday suit.”


“Donate? Right! Like a really had a choice.”


“Defiant until the end, huh? Well… here’s a little something to remember me by….”


Then the Queen gave her a mental climax blast like never before.



Ohhhhhhaaahhhhuuuuhhh… please stop….. Ugghhhhhhhhooooooooooooo! No more! Oh God! AHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”


The Queen let Natasha cum for a good two minutes. She only stopped when she knew that Natasha body could take no more.


Natasha collapsed from the strain and her body went totally limp and it was all that she could do to stay conscious.


“Do you still want a piece of me, bitch!”


“No,” Natasha’s thought was faint. “No more.”


“Say goodbye to the mighty Black Widow gentlemen… the most dangerous woman alive… now reduced to a tied-up and helpless typical damsel in distress. How delicious!”


“Goodbye Natasha,” the seven dwarves said in unison as they jumped up and down and waved. “We’ll miss you.”


“And be warned, Black Widow,” said the Queen. “I would put any thoughts of revenge against us to the side. If you ever cross our paths again, I will make you regret it. I have your whole humiliating ordeal on tape and if you get out of line, I will release it all over the internet for millions do see and you’ll be the new star of The only reason that you’re going back to Earth to enjoy your freedom is only because I allowed it. Do you understand?”


“Yes… I understand. I won’t interfere in your business.”


“I also took the precaution of reinforcing your bonds. You will be unable to cut them until, at least, one person sees you naked, bond and gagged. That way, I can guarantee that someone witnesses your humiliation. Only then can you be freed. Now back to Earth with the rest of the trash, you pathetic bimbo.”


With that, the Queen released the levitation on Natasha and she dropped into the hole and disappeared before the doorway closed behind her.


The Queen turned to her minions. “As for you boobs… I feel the need to breed. I’m going to the cafeteria to grab a bite and when I get back, this area better be converted to a love nest. You will attend me… and with this new body, there will be no excuses. Zedht, you’re in charge of getting this ready.”


“But, Majesty. I can’t give the generals any orders.”


“Why not?”


“Because I’m only a private.”


“Well, I now promote you to general. Get to work. I hope you all kept your peckers in shape. I’m going to put them to good use.”



Part 7


When the doorway opened, Natasha fell about four feet before she softly landing on her own bed. She didn’t relax until the dimensional doorway sealed.


Oh, Lord! Why Me!


She was glad it was over. All she wanted to do was rest. She didn’t care that she was still naked and bound and unable to get loose. She figured that sometime in the morning, Jarvis, one of the other staff, or one of the other Avengers would eventually walk in her room and free her.


Natasha didn’t even care that her uniform, weapons, and equipment had been stolen away from her by a psychotic alien queen some five hundred thousand miles above Earth.


All she wanted to do was sleep… and she fell asleep almost immediately.




Her peaceful slumber was interrupted when she heard her bathroom door open. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America had step out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel.


What the heck was Cap doing taking a shower in her tub?


Then it came to her. This wasn’t her room. It was Cap’s!


“Why Natasha,” said Cap. “I know that you boosted that ‘the day you beat me home is the day you’ll find me bound, gagged and totally naked on your bed to do with as you please’ but I never took that seriously. I know that you’re a woman of your word… but isn’t this a bit extreme?”


Mmmmpphhh!” Natasha smiled under her gag. Now that Cap saw her, she could be freed normally.


“How did you tie yourself up like this?” Cap removed her gag. “Did Wanda or Janet have to help you?”


“Cap,” Natasha was able to speak at last. “Thank goodness. I can explain. You see…. Mmmmmmm!”


Natasha’s words were interrupted when Cap kissed her flush on the mouth… passionately… tongue and all!


“You don’t have to explain, Tasha,” said Cap. “My subtle hints finally got to you. I thought you weren’t even interested there for a while.”


“Subtle hints?” Natasha was taken aback.


“Of course. Why did you think I made all those sucker bets to take you out to dinner? I was hoping that a lot a dates might start a romantic spark between us.”


“I’ve felt the same. I gave you hints, but I thought you weren’t interested either.”


“You gave me hints? Funny… I never noticed. How long have you felt this way?”


“Ever since my second stint as an Avenger, Steve. How about you?”


“Natasha, I’ve loved and wanted you the first time I saw you… when Hawkeye took you here and asked for you to be made a member.”


“Why did you want until now? Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Steve?”


“Because you were with Hawkeye. Clint is my friend and I don’t steal away girls from other people. Our timing has always sucked. After Hawkeye, you were involved with Daredevil… then you moved to California to lead the Champions and it was rumored that you and Hercules were an item. Then you rejoined the Avengers… but you went through that horrible phase where you cut your hair short and wore that ugly grey uniform. Sorry… that look never did anything for me. By the time you grew your hair back and went back to the sexy black cat suit, you had that fling with Iron Man … and after that… well I thought… I wasn’t sure… I couldn’t tell if you were playing hard to get or just wanted to be friends.”


“Does this answer your question?” Natasha leaned in and kissed him passionately.


Before she knew it, Cap was on top of her. Although he untied her legs, he still left her hands bound. One reason was because he had a secret kinky streak and the other was because he wanted to dominate the Black Widow!


He had to dominate her because he knew that Natasha vowed never to let a man to that to her… but it was the only way he could completely possess her. Cap did not want this to be a one-night stand or a fling. He wanted a soul mate. He needed to make an honest woman out of Natasha as she had a reputation for being promiscuous.


At first, Cap made love to her gently, only kissing and touching her. By the time they were ready to penetrate each other, Cap in for the kill.


He thrust his mighty manhood into her loins long and hard. He made her come over and over again and exploded inside of her a dozen times.


Since the ordeal with the Queen and the dwarves had fatigued before they even started, Natasha was putty in Cap’s hands as he relentlessly kept hammering her. He gave her more pleasure than she could possibly stand.


When she begged Cap to stop, but the Star-Spangled Avenger would not let up until Natasha agreed that she would love him and only him.


After giving her one last climax that almost took her head off, Cap got her to agree to accept his proposal of marriage. Only then did her release her from her bound hands.




At long last, Captain America accomplished what no other man before him did: her stole the heart of the “unconquerable” Black Widow.





The sound of Jarvis entering the room pushing in a wheeled tray had awoken Natasha’s peacefully sleep from Cap’s bare chest.


They both sat up, Cap making sure that the sheet was above his waist while Natasha covered her chest with her side of the sheet.


Jarvis, ever the loyal gentleman’s gentleman did not bat an eye or even question the fact that these two were in bed together. It was none of his business and Cap and Natasha were not concerned about Jarvis telling anyone what he saw because he was very discreet man.


“I thought you two would like some breakfast in bed,” said Jarvis. “So I took the liberty. I hope you don’t mind.”


“Not at all,” said Cap.


“What’s on the menu, Jarvis?” said Natasha. “I’m starving.”


“Scrambled eggs… hash browns… low fat chicken sausages that taste like pork… buttered toast… freshly squeezed orange juice… skim milk.” As Jarvis prepared their trays, he made sure that they both had a flower and a copy of the morning paper. He also sure to give Natasha a small bottle of ketchup as he knew that he loved to put it on her hash browns.


“How would you like to take your coffee this morning, sir?”


“Black, please, Jarvis. I need all the boost I can get. I didn’t get much sleep last night.”


“I can certainly see why. I know that this is not my place, sir and madam, but I was secretly hoping that you two might hook up.”


“Thank you, Jarvis,” Natasha hugged Steve.


“Coffee or tea, Miss Natasha?”


“Tea, please. Two sugars… better make that three. I need the energy.”


As Jarvis placed the trays on their laps, Cap let his faithful butler be the very first to hear the good news that he and the Black Widow were getting married.


“My most heart-felt congratulations!” Jarvis seemed more excited about it than they were. “You two will make a most splendid and compatible couple. If there is anything I can do to help prepare in your planning of the wedding, please don’t hesitant to ask.”


“There is something you can do, Jarvis,” Natasha sipped her tea. “Seeing that I’m an orphan and have no father, do you think that you could give me away at the alter?”


“I would be most honored, Miss Natasha,” Jarvis replied with all sincerity. “You will be a most beautiful bride and you will look just stunning in your white gown.”


“Well… wearing white would make me a hypocrite in my case,” Natasha joked. “Perhaps off-white or beige might suit me better… considering my past reputation.”


“Rubbish, Madam. You will wear white and if anyone says anything, I’ll personally thrash them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’ll grant you your privacy. Unless there is a dire emergency, I will see that you remain undisturbed.”


Just before Jarvis walked out the door, he turned around. “Oh, I almost forgot, Miss Natasha. There was a most unusual phone call for you last night. She left a message and a return phone number. It was a Mrs. Ferguson.”


“Mrs. Ferguson?” Natasha looked puzzled. “I don’t know any Mrs. Ferguson.”


“She said that you rescued her from a mugging last night, Madam.”


“Was that why I was able to beat you home?” said Steve.


“That’s right. I did. What did she want, Jarvis?”


“Well… she said and I quote… ‘Please tell that nice Black Dahlia that she is invited for dinner on Friday night at seven o’clock and if she wants to bring one of her little super-hero friends… that’s fine and dandy.’ She will be serving lemon chicken and mash potatoes. She also said that… her words, madam, not mine… ‘would you be so kind as to refrain from wearing the black cat suit as it might offend her pastor who will also be in attendance.”


“What do you say, Steve?” Natasha turned to her love. “In the mood for some chicken and mash?”


“I’m in,” Steve gave her a quick peck. “I can taste it already.”


“Jarvis, please call Mrs. Ferguson back and tell her that the Black Dahlia and her fiancé will be there with bells on. Also, tell her not to worry about my attire. I’m sure I can dig into my closet and find something appropriate.”


“Very good, Madam,” Jarvis walked out and closed the door behind him as the two lovebirds feed each other.




And so it came to pass that Captain America and the Black Widow became the most successful, romantic and formidable crime-fighting duo in history… although Cap thought it strange that Natasha always came down with a sudden illness every time a crisis came about involving aliens or dwarves.